Musical Zelda quizzes

You can now test your auditory memory by trying to recognise music titles from the Zelda games!

Quiz "Field themes" proposed by Luyan

1. Ocean theme - TWW Train theme - ST Ocean theme - PH
2. Hyrule theme - ALTTP Hyrule theme - ALBW Hyrule theme - TMC
3. Hyrule Field - TP Hyrule Field - OOT Twilight theme - TP
4. Hyrule Field - OOT Termina Field - MM Sky theme - SS
5. Hyrule Field - LOZ Hyrule Field - ALTTP Hyrule Field - AOL
6. Dark World - ALTTP Lorule theme - ALBW Twilight theme - TP
7. Hyrule Field - OOT Termina Field - MM Hyrule theme - ALBW
8. Kokolint theme - LA Labrynna theme - OOA Holodrum theme - OOS
9. Ocean theme - PH Train theme - ST Ocean theme - TWW
10. Hyrule Field - TP Sky theme - SS Hyrule Field - ALBW

Quiz "Title screens and intros" proposed by Luyan

1. Spirit Tracks Phantom Hourglass Skyward Sword
2. The Wind Waker Spirit Tracks Tri Force Heroes
3. Phantom Hourglass A Link Between Worlds The Wind Waker
4. Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess Majora's Mask
5. A Link to the Past The Minish Cap A Link Between Worlds
6. Phantom Hourglass Four Sword The Minish Cap
7. Link's Awakening Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages-Seasons
8. Legend of Zelda Adventure of Link Link's Awakening
9. Ocarina of Time Oracle of Ages-Seasons Majora's Mask
10. The Minish Cap Spirit Tracks Four Swords Adventures