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Welcome to Zelda's Palace the new website of the Legend of Zelda fans!

More games and more pages will come in a few weeks. Please come back soon!

fan artFan arts: Here are a few new drawings representing Link, Ganondorf, and a Guardian. Thanks to the artists!
wallpapers Breath of the WildWallpapers: Here are some new Breath of the Wild official wallpapers for computers, tablets and mobiles published by Nintendo! Not to be missed: Link on his Master Cycle!
Breath of the Wild walkthroughThe Breath of the Wild tips and tricks sections still keep on growing... Check out the rupees' page and the full list of the Korok Seeds!
Breath of the WildThe end of the Champions' Ballad walkthrough of Breath of the Wild is available including the final trial!
mini-boss guide Breath of the WildAfter the mini-boss guide and the boss guide of Breath of the Wild, here is the Guardians guide! A big thank you to Sarah!
music compositionsCompositions: Here are two new "dubstep-style" music titles from Breath of the Wild and A Link to the Past! Thanks to FraT29!
The Minish Cap walkthroughNow it's time for The Minish Cap to be on the site with the The Minish Cap complete walkthrough and all sorts of detailed lists like the Pieces of heart, Kinstone Pieces, Tiger Scrolls and many more.
Breath of the Wild artworksNew Breath of the Wild drawings show that donkeys will be carry items and goods, and that Koroks are back!
Music quizzes are now on Zelda's Palace to test your auditory memory. Thanks to Luyan!

You can contact Zelda's Palace at: zp@pal aisze lda.com (without spaces of course). Thanks!

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