The Minish Cap tips and tricks

Fairy Fountains, Wind Crests and Minish Portals

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Fairy Fountains

Here are the locations of the Fairy Fountains, where you can refill your hearts.

Fairy Fountains in The Minish CapSouth Hyrule Field

  • [Bomb required] In the north of this area, blow up the wall near the river

Mt Crenel's Base

  • In the north of this area, blow up the wall to reveal a grotto

Mt Crenel

  • In the southwest of this area, blow up the wall right on the right of the great wall

North Hyrule Field

Trilby Highlands

  • [Cloning power required] In the south of this area, right to the south of the stairs, blow up the wall between the two blocks
  • In the north of this area, after the 18th Kinstone fusion and getting the Flippers, swim towards the new patch of land, enter the cave thanks to the Mole Mitts and dig the sand to go down the ladder

Hyrule Castle Garden

  • In the left part of the garden, thanks to the 20th Kinstone fusion (after the Temple of Droplets)


Wind Crests

Wind Crests in The Minish CapBelow are the locations of the steles you have to look at to create a Wind Crest. Once you've found the Ocarina of Wind, you will be able to fast-travel across Hyrule by using these steles as warp points:

  • Near a tree stump, in the southwest of the Minish Woods
  • Behind Link's house, in South Hyrule Field
  • Near the school, in the north part of Hyrule Town
  • Near the Cave of Flames, in the middle of Mt Crenel
  • All the way to the south of Castor Wilds
  • In the middle of Lake Hylia (in this case there is no stele)
  • In the middle of Veil Falls
  • In front of the house of the Wind Tribe, in Cloud Tops

Minish Portals

Minish Portals in The Minish Cap
You can tell the Minish Portals by their sparkling. Thanks to the Pegasus Boots, dash at them to reveal a shrinking pedestal.

  • In the eastern part of Hyrule Castle Garden
  • In the southeast of North Hyrule Field
  • In the middle of Lon Lon Ranch
  • In the southwest of South Hyrule Field
  • In the southeast of Lake Hylia