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Mysterious Shells

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Mysterious Shells are a currency to purchase figurines at the Figurine Shop. Here are some of their locations:

Deepwood Shrine

Mysterious Shells in The Minish CapEastern Hills

  • [Bomb required] 20 : Just under the stairs, to the right, throw a bomb at the wall and get in the cave

Castor Wilds

  • 50 : In a chest, in a sand cave in the north part

Wind Ruins

  • In a chest, on the eastern side of the region

Fortress of Winds

Western Wood

  • 100 : In Percy's House, by lighting the two torches with the Lantern

Hyrule Town

  • 100 : In the small Water Temple. As a Minish, get in through the pipe left of the library, then swim westwards, and melt the ice around the chest with the Lantern

Hyrule Castle Garden

  • 100 : In a chest, in the southwest part of the area (access by the sea)
  • 2 x 50 : In each tiny passage above the right and left underground tunnels

North Hyrule Field

  • [Three-clone ability and 3rd Kinstone Fusion required] 200 : In a chest, in the northwest part of the area

Veil Falls

  • [Flippers required] 50 : In a sand cave, in the southeast part of the region
  • 50 : From the Source of the Flow, enter the cave, go upstairs, blow up the wall between the two pillars, and open the chest
  • 100 : From the room above, walk up the next two staircases, create 2 clones on the slabs, push the block and go outside (to get back, push the small blocks)
  • 50 : From the summit of the first great wall, get in the north cave, and blow up the wall to the right

Cloud Tops

  • There are many chests in this region, you can get a total of 200 shells

Lake Hylia

  • [Roc's Cape required] 2 x 50 : In a sand cave, in the north part of the region

Royal Valley

  • 200 : After meeting the ghost in the Royal Crypt, get back to the graveyard by going three times left, then three times up

Several hundreds of shells can also be earned thanks to Kinstone Fusions.

You can also found Mysterious Shells in bushes all around Hyrule.