The Minish Cap walkthrough

North Hyrule Field, Minish Woods and Minish Village

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North Hyrule Field

Go southeast, fight off the enemies and cut down the bushes to pick up a few rupees. Go through the Lon Lon Ranch and go south, towards the Eastern Hills. Keep going south and cross the bridge on the right.

Minish Woods The Minish CapMinish Woods

Go east, cross the narrow bridge, go south, west and north. Someone needs help! Go on left to find your first Piece of Heart! Then backtrack until you meet the person in danger. Get rid of the monsters, then speak to Ezlo. Go back south, he will end up settling on your head, and go on until you reach a stump. Ezlo explains you how to change your size. Get on the stump and shrink. Go left, go through the log and use the water lily to get past the pond. Go on north.

Minish Village

Minish Village The Minish CapWander around in the village. Up north, get in a house with blue rooftops to talk to the priest Festari, who will tell you about the existence of a magical nut. Get out, go southeast and go down the ladder. Push the crate left or right and look at the Jabber Nut to the left to eat it! Leave from the south and speak to the Minishs in their house. Pay a visit to the elder to the northwest, who will tell you about the four elements required to forge the new sword. Go back to the priest and get in the passage. Go north and get in the...

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