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As in our hero's other quests, he can increase the size and capacity of his wallet, his bomb bags and his quiver throughout the adventure. But he will also be able to achieve certain actions way faster!

Large Wallets

  1. Buy it for 80 rupees at Stockwell's Shop in Hyrule Town, to be able to transport up to 300 rupees
  2. From the north-east part of Eastern Hills, use the Cane of Pacci on the hole, go right, to the forest, and enter the tree. Accept giving all your rupees to the Great Fairy, and she will offer it to you (for free) enough to carry up to 500 rupees
  3. After finding the Lon Lon Ranch Key and fusing the second Kinstone, go to the Ranch's meadow, go downstairs and open the chest. This wallet can hold up to 999 rupees

Note: Even if you get the third wallet upgrade before the second one, you will first get the 500 rupees upgrade, and then the 999 rupees one.

Large Bomb Bags

  1. At Mount Crenel, down the great cliff, go right and put a bomb between the two posts. Throw next a bomb into the fountain, and answer to the Great Fairy that you didn't throw any of the two bombs. She will offer you a bomb bag, able to hold up to 30 bombs
  2. In the Wind Ruins, thanks to the 67th Kinstone fusing. In the eastern part of the ruins, open the chest to get a bag able to hold up to 50 bombs
  3. Buy it for 600 rupees at Stockwell's Shop, to be able to carry up to 99 bombs
    Beware! because of a bug from Nintendo, the 99 bombs bag isn't available in the european (PAL) game version!

Note: Even if you get the third bag upgrade before the second one, you will first get the 50 bombs upgrade, and then the 99 one.

Large Quivers

  1. In the Wind Ruins, do the 33rd Kinstone fusing with a local Minish, to grow a bean. Get to the summit of this bean to find a quiver able to contain up to 50 arrows
  2. Buy it for 600 rupees at Stockwell's Shop, to be able to carry up to 70 arrows
  3. In the Royal Valley, place a bomb between the south-western pots, then enter the cave and answer correctly the Great Fairy's questions to get a quiver able to carry up to 99 arrows
    (Answers: no - no - yes - no - no)

Note: Even if you get the upgrades in a different order, you will first get the 50 arrows upgrade, then the 70 one, and finally the 99 one.

Faster actions

By fusing Kinstones with the young girls searching for a house in Hyrule Town, 3 Joy Butterflies will spawn in Hyrule. Catch them to increase your capacities:

  • Joy Butterfly in Castor Wilds: digging faster!
  • Joy Butterfly in Wind Ruins: shooting arrows faster!
  • Joy Butterfly in Royal Valley: swimming faster!
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