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Differences between standard and hero modes

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When you win the final battle, you have the possibility to save the game and start a new one, in the hero mode. Here are the differences between these two modes:

The difficulty!

The main difference is of course the difficulty which means that the hits you get are much more painful... four times more!

Ravio's diary

In Lorule's empty house, an empty bottle can be found if we break the back wall with bombs (as in the normal mode). But in the hero mode, besides the empty bottle, you have access to Ravio's diary which tells us more about Hilda and Yuga, and the reasons why she left her kingdom:

"Three days to go... She wants to do the right thing. I wish I could help her. But leaving is my only option.

Two days to go... She's being duped. Doesn't she realize that? He is just a leech. There's no choice but to go.
One day to go... I have so little magic. Enough to go there, maybe not to come back. But tomorrow must be the day. I may never see her again, but I vow to save her from all of this."

Final cut scene

During the final cut scene (after the credits) we can see Link, who is replacing the Master Sword on its pedestal before leaving. In the normal mode, we keep the sword with the animals all around as the final screen, whereas in the hero mode, the camera follows Link who joins Zelda and the seven sages, letting us with this image.

fin du mode difficile

Additional music in the Milk Bar

In the hero mode, an additional music can be heard in the Milk Bar: the "ballad of the goddesses".
Furthermore, the flute-player's music notes can be better heard.

Thanks to Harlemsheik, Tv715, Fullmetal, and to Kyle Hilliard for the picture!