A Link Between Worlds walkthrough

Originally written by Ariane, translated by Le Pourpre and checked by Charles-Elliott
- version 1.1 -

This text doesn't contain all the optional actions of the game. Checklists like the Pieces of Heart and Lost Maiamais, can be found in the Tips and Tricks pages. Also check the Hyrule and Lorule maps!

As you surely know it, after the first dungeon, it is possible to visit the next two ones in the order you wish, then the next seven ones in any order as well. After playing the game once, I'm proposing you now this sequence. My reasoning is at the bottom of this page.

What do we learn with Zelda's Palace walkthrough?


I'm looking for help to propose a complete and detailed boss guide. More details here. Thanks!

I'm looking for good quality screen captures to illustrate the walkthrough. If you have pictures to send me, please write at: hel p1@ze ldaspalace.com (without spaces of course) to discuss. Thanks!

Pictures come from www.primagames.com/ZeldaALBW.

My choice for the order of Lorule dungeons: (Careful, you may learn things if you haven't finished the game!)
We start with the Swamp Palace where the Blue Mail is, which reduces damages by half (very useful). Next the Thieves' Hideout as it's easy to find, we can find a piece of master ore and the Sand Rod is freed. Then the Dark Palace and the Skull Woods which each hold a piece of ore and which are not too difficult. The three "dungeons with rods" remain, longer to complete. First the Desert Palace where the Titan's Mitt is, which lets you get another piece of ore, then the Ice Ruins which hold the Stamina Scroll and finally the Turtle Rock where the Hylian Shield is, the less useful item.