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Lorule Lake / Big lake region

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Lorule lake region

Lorule lake region walkthroughReturn to Hyrule next, then go in the region with a large lake. Enter the water and swim eastward. Get back to dry land, continue to the far north and enter the fissure.

When arriving in Lorule, Hilda calls you and informs you that a temple dominated by flames can be found here and that you must find a way to overcome fire. So go back to Hyrule, go to Ravio's Shop and buy or rent the Ice Rod. Head back to the lake, then to the shop and continue south. Merge into the wall, go left and enter the fissure. Back in Lorule, jump and walk eastward.

You notice a small turtle on its back. Lift it to send it back into water, then it thanks you and says it will catch up to its mother up. Jump in the water, swim eastward and go near Mama Turtle who thanks you and tells you that two more children got lost. Swim towards northwest, to the west of the building standing at the centre of the lake. Go near the small turtle and fight the four enemies which mistreat it. The little one thanks you and leaves.

Lorule lake region walkthroughContinue swimming towards northwest, get back to dry land, merge into the wall, go right, then exit under the small turtle (which suffers from vertigo) to make it fall. The three small turtles have re-joined their mummy, and the latter thanks you and proposes to hop on if you need a ride. From then on, the turtle swims in the south part of the lake.

Climb onto her back from the rear, then when she approaches the dungeon surrounded by fire, get off on the platform. Touch the weather vane to add it to your map. Go near the edge, then when the lava geyser is up, wave the Ice Rod to turn these flames into stone. Turn into a painting on this stone block to go on the other side and enter the...

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