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Death Mountain

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Death Mountain walkthroughOutside, talk to the Zora, who is sad to have been left behind by the Zora Queen. If you haven't rented the Hammer yet, do it now. Next, head north of Kakariko Village. To the north of a pond, enter a cave on the right after throwing away the small rocks in front. (If you don't have the Power Glove yet, click on the link to get it.) Follow the long and dark hallway while paying attention to the caterpillars, and go out at the other end.

Death Mountain

Death Mountain walkthroughHead east while watching out for falling rocks and the small stone enemies. Cross the bridge, then go north, climb the ladder and touch the weather vane to activate it. Enter the cave just on the right, climb the steps up, then go up along the way while avoiding the big rolling rocks. Cross the pits using the power of Ravio's Bracelet and use the Hammer to take refuge in the recesses and open the chest containing some monster guts. After the third recess, cross the bridge and go out. Continue west and enter the cave. Walk up the stairs and head right at the same time to reach another exit. Go left and enter the cave. Walk up the stairs and head to the far right to find a chest with more monster guts. Next go to the far left and exit. Turn into a painting and go right to cross the pit and get two hearts. Continue east and activate the weather vane. Pound down the pegs using the Hammer, cross the bridge and enter the...

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