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Strange world

Lorule Field walkthroughGo back on the balcony plunged into total darkness. Head east, then north and go inside the castle. You meet Yuga again surrounded by the portraits where are sealed away the Seven Sages and the Princess. The sorcerer starts reviving Ganon, who appears above him! Afterwards they merge together to create a big Ganon who looks like Yuga, and head for you! This is when a girl suddenly appears and stands between Yuga-Ganon and you to protect you! This is Hilda, who explains that Yuga took over Ganon's power to conquer this world before coming to Hyrule. According to her, in order to defeat the Demon King, you have to awake your full potential. To do that, you have to rescue the Seven Sages and gather their powers...

You wake up in the blacksmith's house. The angry blacksmith's wife says she found you passed out in the middle of a road. Go out to find yourself in a world at the same time different and similar to Hyrule. Hilda calls you and tells you that she is the princess of this world called Lorule. The two worlds were to stay apart, but because of Yuga, they are now connected. The Seven Sages are locked away in the dungeons of the different regions of Lorule, but to reach them, you will first have to return to Hyrule. Touch the weather vane to add it to your map.

Lorule Field walkthroughHead east, then south. When getting rid of some enemies, you can possibly get a monster tail. Go back to the location of your house in Hyrule and touch another weather vane. Enter the house to find the place upside down and get out. Notice a slit in the wall just below the house, but for the time being, go west and follow the path until you arrive in front of a house, the "Bomb Shop". Go inside and talk to the salesman who says that he can lend you a big Bomb Flower for 200 rupees. Ask him for more information, then talk to him again and accept. Go right, approach the Bomb Flower and ask it to follow you. Lead the Bomb Flower next to the large rock and strike it so that the flower blows up and destroys this rock. Head west, always with the Bomb Flower, bring it next to the large rock and make it explode to discover the entrance of a cave. Inside, the Great Rupee Fairy proposes throwing rupees into her fountain. Throw some rupees, or don't...

Southern Ruins walkthroughSouthern Ruins

Go and get the Bomb Flower again, head east while making sure that enemies don't touch it, then once arrived near the location of your house in Hyrule, go south, cross the swamp region to the south and bring the Bomb Flower in front of the large cracked rock. Strike it to make it blow up and water drainout. You notice two pegs that you can hook on to to reach the northern building. Then go back north and enter the fissure below the empty house...

Hyrule Field walkthroughHyrule

You arrive in Hyrule and Sahasrahla tells you that there has been an earthquake and that fissures appeared in many places around Hyrule. Talk to him again to learn that there is a fissure in his house, then enter your place. Ravio announces that his items can now be bought and that your first purchase will be half-price. Take the Hookshot for 400 rupees. If you have a large amount of rupees, you can also buy the Bombs and the Boomerang. Go back to the Southern Ruins using the slit.


Go back to the building to the south, use the Hookshot to hook onto a peg, then touch the weather vane to add it to the map. Next, enter the temple, climb the steps down and go north.

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