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Creating a shortcut

When you have bombs, go to the Eastern Palace's area. To the west of the palace (same "line"), two levels below, blow up the cracked wall. Cross the cave while paying attention to the monsters that can eat your shield, and get out of the cave near the Witch's house.

Lots of rupees thanks to the Bee guy

As already indicated, each time you bring a bee to the Bee guy in Kakariko Village, he gives you 50 rupees. To win a lot of rupees thanks to this, make sure you have, in addition to the net and a bottle, the Master Sword, full health (so you can shoot beams) and if possible, others bottles.
A good spot to get bees is to the right of the cucco ranch game: there is a "field" of grass that you can cut with the Master Sword beams. To make the grass grow again, just go left and come back, it's not far from the Bee guy's house, and the bees appears often. With some luck, you can even find a golden bee!

An apple tree in your garden

In Kakariko Village, talk to the StreetPass guy located south of the shop. When he asks you whether you are interested in StreetPass, say "I'm listening". After the explanations, choose "parameter", then "confirmed", and when he offers you to save the game, say "yeah, okay". Then he says: "It's something we can celebrate! I even offer you a gift! You ready? I'll offer you... an apple tree!!!". From now on, you have a beautiful apple tree to the left of your house which will drop 3 apples when you run into it! Sometimes, you can find green apples (which fill 3 hearts)!

Spot Like Like which steal rupees

To locate these Like Like, look at the rupees' shadow. If it's bigger than usual, it's a Like Like!

Small easy rupees

In Lorule, in front of the Dark Palace's entrance, when you leave after defeating the boss, there will be two red rupees and one blue rupee. You just have to get in and out of the palace again and again to make these rupees appear! It also works for the other rupees in the area.

Link in disguise

In the game, when you merge into certain walls, Link appears "disguised". For instance:

  • Hyrule: In Link's house, you can stand behind Majora's Mask
  • Hyrule: In the Bee guy's house, on the right wall, you'll be disguised as a bee, like him
  • Hyrule: In the stylish woman's house (just left of the one above), on the right wall, Link can be seen with a fabulous red lipstick!
  • Hyrule: In the cucco girl's house, on the back wall, you can have a hen head :-) Same thing in the chest house
  • Hyrule: In the Milk Bar in Kakariko, on the back wall (left), you can have an owl head: a tribute to Kaepora Gaebora?
  • Hyrule: In the house of the woman who has troubles to sleep (northeast part of Kakariko), on the right wall, Link can be disguised as a "leaf guy"!
  • Lorule: In the house more or less in the centre of Thieves' Town, you can have a skull head!

Moldorm in Lorule Castle

To easily defeat Moldorm in Lorule Castle, you just have NOT to climb down the ledge where you come from. Then fight him with the Fire Rod, without being hurt at all. The rod is so powerful (especially the upgraded version) that it's not necessary to target his tail as the fire vortex touches him almost every time!

Just for fun

  • Starting an Octoball derby game with one of the four rods (fire, ice, sand, tornado) assigned to the X button will replace the branch, that you're used to use as a baseball bat, by this rod. They make a different sound when you hit a ball.
  • When playing the Octoball derby game, if you throw a ball by mistake (or not ^^) on the Octorock, he will get angry and launch you a second ball really quickly!
  • In the desert, you can make the enemies get out of the sand (those with two arms in the air) with the Sand Rod. If you succeed, they get out of the sand in a red swimming trunks and run off! And if you hit them, they let a green rupee each time you do so!
  • Use the Hint Glasses then turn into a painting: Link will make a weird face and have a small Mario moustache ^^ You can do the same with the Lamp.
  • In Hyrule's graveyard, go in front of the grave to Igor's right and push it to make a ghost appear. The gravedigger is scared to death and his teeth are chattering!
  • After you buy all Ravio's items, he will close his shop. If you come back inside, you will find him laying back on the side having a rest... ^^
  • Go through fissures wearing the Hint Glasses to see Link with huge eyes ^^
  • In the Desert Palace, on the second floor, in the most top right room on the dungeon map (the one with the rolling balls), stand in the southwest corner of the room, merge into the south wall and go left. While collecting hearts and rupees, you can hear the Jingle Bells song ^^
  • In the Hyrule's smithy, if you use the Hammer anywhere, the employee says:
    "HEY! What makes you think you can just barge in here and hammer away? I'm the designated hammerer here!
    And if you do it again, he says:
    "Hey! No hammerin', unless you're me! That's a privilege you'll have to earn!"
  • If we use the Tornado Rod in the stylish lady's house, she says:
    "Please don't! I don't want even one ruffle on my dress out of place!"
    If you do this again, she says:
    "Now that is quite enough. You're going to ruin my hair."
  • The fortune teller in Hyrule says: "Néandertal, néandertal", whereas the one in Lorule says "Cro-magnon, cro-magnon" (after you paid them) ^^
  • In the bomb seller's house, if you use the lamp, bombs or the Fire Rod, the first time he says: "No, oh no. Oh, no no. That's a no go! No fire no... But I'm impressed. You've got courage that shows! ho!"
    The next time he may say: "Oh hey man! Watch it with those flames! Accidental explosions are just so lame!"
    or: "Don't bring that heat! You're gonna ruin my beat, by burning my seat!"
    or: "Knock it off with the fire! You're making me perspire! Less you wanna get everyone fried, you really should take it all outside!!!"
  • If you try to go in the Thieves' Hideout with a big Bomb Flower, the salesman arrives and tells you not to go!

Just for info

  • Use the Fire Rod on a bomb on the ground to make it explode instantaneously!
  • enemy from ALTTPThe mask worn by the thief girl with pink hair actually represents an enemy in A Link to the Past.
  • In Kakariko Village, at the Milk Bar, the two paintings on the north wall (on the right) represent the Goddess's harp and Makar's violin.
    Still at the same place, but on the left wall, a painting with a small robot from Skyward Sword can be seen.
  • In Sahasrahla's house, on the right wall, you can notice a big painting collection of Princess Zelda, Osfala is obviously in love! If you have trouble to see this, merge into the wall to the right of the door.
  • Brandishing the sword (holding the A button) towards the crows allows you to kill them more easily (or not ^^)
  • In Turtle's Rock area, talk twice to the salesman in the shop left of the lake, he says "Yub em gnihtemos". If you read that in reverse, "Buy me something" can be read.
  • The stylish lady in Kakariko Village is a big reference to the fat fairy in the Pyramid of Power from A Link to the Past. They look alike, have the same flowers in their hair. Their only differences are in the dress colours: green for the fairy, blue for the stylish lady, and in their hair colours, chestnut brown for the fairy, blond for the pretty lady.
  • In the stylish lady's house a fairy from Ocarina of Time can be found on the right wall.
  • Paintings showing rupees can be found everywhere in houses, and when you merge into walls to go behind them, you can get rupees that reappear all the time!
  • Just as in "A Link to the Past" we can make apples and rupees fall, or rarely fairies and bombs when bumping into trees with the Pegasus Boots!
  • In the Lorule's sanctuary, if you put fire to a torch, the priest says:
    "Ah light! How long has it been since I knew such a comfort? Three years? Or an eternity? The world outside has long darkened with the menace of the masked. *sigh* What is a little light against the rising dark? No one honors the gods anymore. So beware, child. The ends is at hand."
  • In Kakariko Village, after you found a maiamai on a roof, get in the house. The woman will offer you a certain number of rupees and say she misses the small noises. There you can also see a painting showing the drawing on the shield from Phantom Hourglass: a lobster!
  • A cucco can be hit indefinitely in the cucco's house or in treasure hunter mini-dungeons, these ones won't call their fellows.
  • In the Hyrule's sanctuary, the painting of the Captain can be seen on the north wall, on the left.
  • When merging into a wall, the music changes, when wearing the Hint Glasses too (but it's yet another version). And merging while wearing the Hint Glasses combines the effects.
  • During the credits, there is a scene with Mother Maiamai. If she leaves for another trip (meaning you found her 100 maimai), only one maimai can be seen (the 72th one - that's what he says), otherwise the number of maimai you found is indicated. (If you never met Mother Maimai, you still can see her in her pond).
  • After you saved Irene, the witch fills up your hearts each time you talk to her.

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