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Goron City and Death Mountain

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Goron City

Goron City Breath of the WildTalk to the first Goron you meet for him to take you to the clothes shop "Ripped and Shredded". Look at the clothes and their prices, then talk to the shopkeeper and sell him some materials, such as ores. Buy the Flamebreaker Armor for 600 rupees and the Flamebreaker Boots for 700 rupees. If you're rich enough, you can also buy the Flamebreaker Helm for 2000 rupees! There are also an inn "Rollin' Inn" and two shops, a general store and some kind of grill restaurant. Go directly at the other end of the village and talk to the chief Bludo who is mad at Rudania, the creature you saw earlier. They've been trying to chase it away with cannon shots but in vain. He also tells you about Yunobo who went to the Abandoned North Mine to get him some painkillers for his back. Keep following the path until you reach a shrine, which will create a much useful warping point.

Shae Mo'sah Shrine - Swinging Flames

Shae Mo'sah Shrine Breath of the WildIn this first room, you need some wood and a flint, or a Fire Arrow. Use some Wood and a Flint, put them on the ground, then give a hammer shot (or any other metallic weapon) to the Flint to start a fire. Put an arrow into the fire and set the wooden support on fire to make the barrel fall down. Place the barrel on the switch, then go ahead and to the left. Pick up the Stone Smasher from the chest, then go on and get rid of three small Guardians. Pick up their Ancient materials, then open the chest in a corner for a Ruby. Go upstairs, climb the steps and notice a magnetic ball. Grab it and place it on the switch, which makes a lantern fall down. Jump behind the switch and open the chest for some Ice Arrows, then go back near the switch. Shoot an arrow through the lantern to put the wooden support on fire, then take back the ball and place it under the pipe where it was. It will roll until it reaches some bars. Go straight ahead, to the left and step on another switch which lifts these bars and allows the ball to fall down on a gear which lifts other bars. Run quickly in that direction (or else try again) and grab a Small Key from the chest. Climb the slope, jump, go right and unlock the door. Climb the steps and stand on the switch to make two lanterns fall down. Cut the rope of one of them, then shoot another arrow at the fallen lantern to set the leaves on fire and burn the wooden support (or simply shoot a Fire arrow). Place the barrel on the nearby switch, which lifts the bars and go forward. Look at the Sheikah Symbol and the monk Shae Mo'sah gives you another Spirit Orb.

When you go out, keep going towards north, avoid or destroy (by having them suck a bomb up to be detonated just before they swallow it) the two Octoroks which can destroy the equipment you're wearing, and you reach the...

Abandonned North Mine Breath of the WildAbandoned North Mine

Talk to the Goron Drak and ask him if he knows where Yunobo is. The young Goron went to the vault. Take the Iron Sledgehammer if you need one, then go behind him and get close to the cannon. Place a bomb inside, hit the lever with a hammer or cobble crusher swing then make the bomb explode to destroy an enemy campsite. Then go towards north and use the Paraglider to reach the upper part of a platform. Look east, and fly by going through the various wind currents, in such a way you avoid the enemies from the east side to reach a platform with a Lizalfos on a watchtower. Keep going by foot towards north, then glide towards north, and climb a bit to reach the top of a big platform with a cannon.

Abandonned North Mine Breath of the WildPlace a bomb inside the cannon, hit the lever and shoot at a skull-shaped enemy campsite. Glide towards west, quickly climb a watchtower and attack the two Lizalfos. Glide west again, place a bomb into the cannon and shoot at a huge watchtower. Now glide northwest, climb to the top of the rock and find a Knight's Bow inside the chest. Look below to the northeast, there is a reddish rock which stands out a little. Go back on the previous platform, load the cannon, pull the lever and shoot at this rock which sets an air current free. Now glide towards north by going through two currents, then go left. Load the cannon, hit the lever, then when the cannon is pointing at the rock with a symbol at its top, shoot! The Goron trapped inside the cave is free. Fly towards him and talk to him, he's Yunobo, who goes back to the city. Pick up the Ice Arrows and the purple rupee in the chests, as well as the Cobble Crusher. Then, travel to the Shae Mo'sah Shrine and go back to the city.

Goron City

Goron City Breath of the WildNotice the goddess statue behind the boss, and talk to him. Bludo gives you three Fireproof Elixirs as a reward. Then he tells you about Daruk, the goron prodigy. By looking at his statue, you remember him a hundred years ago when you were fighting Ganon together. The boss says that Yunobo can use Daruk's Protection and tells you how he can send him to hit Rudania. But because of his back aches, he asks you to meet him at Eldin Bridge.

Go to the southeast side of the city and climb the rocks to reach a bridge going over the city, then head eastwards. Notice the railtracks and the carts. Further, read the sign pointing to the Goron Hot Springs and talk to Grapp the bathing Goron who warns you against Rudania. Keep going east, beware of the Octoroks and the Lizalfos. When you reach a crossing, go left to find a shrine.

Goron City Breath of the WildDaqa Koh Shrine - Stalled Flight

Go forward on the big square platform going up and down, and when you're thrown into the air, take out your Paraglider and hover onto the cube. Locate the chest in the southeast corner, glide to it and take the silver rupee. Turn around and notice the bars going up when the cube's pod touches the ceiling. Go back on the cube, then as soon as it touches the ceiling, use the Stasis Rune on the cube to freeze it, then quickly glide to the monk. Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Daqa Koh gives you another Spirit Orb.

Death Mountain

Death Mountain Breath of the WildGo back on the path going up, then fight off the two Moblins that attacked Yunobo. Talk to him after that and tell him that you want to board Rudania. The young Goron suggests you take care of the cannon in the boss' place. Place a bomb into the cannon, pull the lever, then fire at the bridge that falls down. Go to Yunobo, then cross the Bridge of Eldin. At this moment, some sentries come out of the Beast's body. The Goron says you mustn't get spotted and that you have to help him go forward. Choose to whistle.

Finish crossing the bridge, then follow the path. To avoid the first sentry, you have to stand in the rock's shadow and keep going as soon as it's done going over you. Go ahead until you reach the next sentry, then whistle so Yunobo stays put. Climb the wall, go up the path, then make one of the rocks fall on the sentry to destroy it. Go back to the Goron, pick up the sentry's Ancient Material and keep going together until you reach the cannon.

Death Mountain Breath of the WildLoad the cannon, pull the lever and fire at Rudania who goes away. Go forward, tell Yunobo to stop, then climb the wall to the left, use Magnesis on one of the two crates and hit the sentry with it. Keep going a little and do the same with the next sentry, then call the Goron, and go ahead until you reach the next sentry. Grab the plate on the left, and place it above the rocks and under the sentry. Keep going together, turn left, then fight the Moblin. Again, load the cannon, pull the lever and fire at the Beast.

Go on, then climb the rock on the left and throw some bombs at the two sentries. Get down, break the ores for some nice stones, take the Ancient Materials, then call Yunobo and go ahead until the two following ones. Climb on the left, grab one of the crates and throw it at the two sentries, then go forward a little and take care of the third one. Go back down, call the Goron and go forward. Fight the two Moblins, then once on the 8th level, load the cannon, pull the lever and fire at Rudania, who takes cover at the top of the crater. It is now time to do a leap of faith! After activating a travel gate, you hear a voice, probably Daruk's, telling you to start by finding the map from the Guidance Stone.

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