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The Champions' Ballad

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The Champions' Ballad Breath of the WildAs Zelda told you to, warp to the Shrine of Resurrection and place the Sheikah Slate on its terminal. Four new objectives appear on the map on the Great Plateau, and then a weapon appears in the room. Grab this weapon which leaves you with only a quarter heart left, then a mysterious spirit explains you that this One-Hit Obliterator allows you to instantly defeat your enemies with one hit, but makes you lose your life as soon as you're hit. Leave the shrine and choose your first objective. The closest one is in the Forest of Spirits.

Go to the Forest of Spirits and get rid of all of the Bokoblins. You can also use your bows and shields. If it's night time, be careful not to get hit by the bats. Then, a different-looking shrine emerges from the ground. Get close to the Yowaka Ita Shrine and get in.

Yowaka Ita Shrine - Collected Soul

The Champions' Ballad Breath of the WildCarefully go forward, notice a container and go across on one of the footbridges all the way to the left or the right to reach the centre of the room. Use Magnesis on the huge "bowl", use it to catch a great orb and place it into the container, which lifts the bars. Find a Phrenic Bow inside the chest, then use the bowl again to catch a small orb. Make it fall down next to you, then lift it and bring it to the first container, which lifts the bars in front of the monk. Touch the altar to get a Spirit Orb.

You can then go east, next to the Eastern Abbey. There you have to get rid of all of the Lizalfos which are as quick as ever. Once it's done, a shrine appears more to the north. Go to the Rohta Chigah Shrine and get in.

Rohta Chigah Shrine - Stop to Start

The Champions' Ballad Breath of the WildGo to the spikes, use Magnesis on the metal plate to the left and place it in front of the great plate on the spikes. Jump on it, jump on the great plate, then move the first plate to the other side. Place the crate on the same line as well, then jump to the next room. Before you go on, you can move the plates and the crate to reach an elevated chest containing a Forest Dweller's Bow. Use Stasis to freeze the furthest cogwheel, then quickly jump onto the first cogwheel, jump on the second one and go behind. Carefully go forward on the treadmill while avoiding some other spikes to reach the third room. There you just have to fly across while avoiding the three spiked boulders, then jump below and step on the switch, which causes a spiked block to move forward! While staying calm and careful, keep going along the corridor by walking next to the spikes and sometimes going over them. Finally, touch the monk's altar to get another Spirit Orb.

Upon going out, you see the Rito Kass. Talk to him and ask him to sing. This song speaks about another Divine Beast which is waiting for the true hero and about a sound which bothers horses. Now aim south where some Bokoblins, some Lizalfos and a Moblin are awaiting you. Get rid of that little lot, then tackle the Ruvo Korbah Shrine.

Ruvo Korbah Shrine - A Major Test of Strenght

The Champions' Ballad Breath of the WildGo to the centre of the room, shoot an Shock Arrow at the Guardian, then run and hit it with the One-Hit Obliterator to defeat it. Pick its ancient parts, as well as its Guardian Spear++, Ancient Battle Axe++ and Guardian Shield++ if you want to. Go ahead, get the 10 Bomb Arrows from the chest, then step on the switch, which lowers the centre of the room. Get close, jump with the Paraglider, then turn left. Get rid of the Guardian, climb the steps, then get rid of another Guardian, as well as a stronger one further. Pick its materials as well, then go down the steps and get rid of two more Guardians to the left, on two different levels. Climb the ladder behind you, then open the chest on the other side which contains a small key. Jump below to the left, and unlock the door to the right. Go ahead, quickly shoot a Shock Arrow at the Guardian in front, then take shelter behind the pillar. Then, while staying there, get rid of another Guardian lower to the right, another lower to the left, as well as one on higher grounds. For the latter, you can use an Ancient Arrow if you have one. Then, fly left or right, climb the steps, then fly to the monk who will give you a new Spirit Orb.

The Champions' Ballad Breath of the WildLast objective: Mount Hylia. Put on at least one warm piece of clothing, the Snow Boots if you have them, then go northwest and cross the mountain. Beware the snow balls and the bats and go to the objective from the south. Shoot an arrow at the Ice Chuchu, get rid of the two Black Moblins and the Lizalfos either with some arrows, or with the One-Hit Obliterator. Then, shoot a Fire Arrow at the ice wizard, then there are two Moblins left, one of them being a silver one. Try to lure them one by one to defeat them, then tackle the silver Lizalfos a bit below. Finally the Etsu Korima Shrine emerges from the ground.

Etsu Korima Shrine - Path of Light

The Champions' Ballad Breath of the WildGo forward, go up the steps, then crouch and go forward without touching the light beams. Go forward, turn right, then go round the obstacles to reach the next room. Turn left, then here as well, you have to carefully go on while avoiding the flames. In the back left corner of this room, shoot a fire arrow at the vines to make a chest fall down and pick up a golden rupee. Then, three small Guardians are waiting for you in the dark, get rid of them with some Shock Arrows. Finally, climb the slope, then look at the monk's altar to get another Spirit Orb.

As you go out - if this shrine was the fourth one - the spirit of Maz Koshia congratulates you for passing these trials and tells you that the Obliterator will show you what's next. The Obliterator then splits into four lights which rise and make four new shrines appear in the Divine Beasts' areas. And you finally get all your hearts back!

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