Link's Awakening - Maps

Nicolas, a big Zelda fan, sent me all the maps that he created himself by making lots of screen captures! Thank you Nicolas!

Map of Koholint Island

Tail Cave
Bottle Grotto
Key Cavern
Angler's Tunnel
Catfish's Maw
Face Shrine
Eagle's Tower: before the explosion - after the explosion
Turtle Rock
Color Dungeon

Map of Koholint Island

Koholint map

PC/Mac users: Click on the picture to enlarge it.

A big thank you to the ZeldaGames webmaster for this map.

Regions of Koholint

1. Western Tal Tal Mountains  •  2. Eastern Tal Tal Mountains  •  3. Goponga Swamp  •  4. Mysterious Forest  •  5. Kanalet Castle  •  6. Mabe Village  •  7. Ukuku Prairie  •  8. Southern Face Shrine ruins  •  9. Toronbo Shores  •   10. Martha's Bay  •  11. Animal Village  •  12. Yarna Desert

Map of Rapids Ride

Map of Rapids Ride Link's Awakening

Thanks to Kwill for this map!

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