Link's Awakening - Maps

Nicolas, a big Zelda fan, sent me all the maps that he created himself by making lots of screen captures! Thank you Nicolas!

Map of Koholint Island - GameBoy

Map of Koholint Island - Switch

Map of Pieces of heart
Map of Secret seashells

Tail Cave
Bottle Grotto
Key Cavern
Angler's Tunnel
Catfish's Maw
Face Shrine
Eagle's Tower: before the explosion - after the explosion
Turtle Rock
Color Dungeon

Map of Koholint Island

Koholint map

PC/Mac users: Click on the picture to enlarge it.

A big thank you to the ZeldaGames webmaster for this map.

Regions of Koholint

1. Western Tal Tal Mountains  •  2. Eastern Tal Tal Mountains  •  3. Goponga Swamp  •  4. Mysterious Forest  •  5. Kanalet Castle  •  6. Mabe Village  •  7. Ukuku Prairie  •  8. Southern Face Shrine ruins  •  9. Toronbo Shores  •   10. Martha's Bay  •  11. Animal Village  •  12. Yarna Desert

Map of Rapids Ride

Map of Rapids Ride Link's Awakening

Thanks to Kwill for this map!