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Photographs are game bonuses. When you go to certain places somtimes at certain times, the photographer arrives and takes a picture of you. You can then see them again going to his Camera Shop. Photograph #1 is required to get the other ones.

Photograph 1 in Link's Awakening
Go to the Camera Shop and talk to the mouse (H4)
Photograph 2 in Link's Awakening
Look through the window right of Old Man Ulrira's House (B12)
Photograph 3 in Link's Awakening
Go near BowWow's doghouse when it's tied (B11)
Photograph 4 in Link's Awakening
After Richard entrusted you with a mission, go in front of Kanalet Castle's gate (before getting in) (J8)
Photograph 5 in Link's Awakening
While Marin is following you, stop at the cliff edge west of Toronbo Shores (A16)
Photograph 6 in Link's Awakening
While Marin is following you, jump into the well and don't move! (A11)
Photograph 7 in Link's Awakening
While Marin is following you, go in front of Mabe Village's weathercock (C10)
Photograph 8 in Link's Awakening
While you're taking the ghost back to its grave, touch the grave after it leaves (E7)
Photograph 9 in Link's Awakening
From Cucco Keeper's house in Tal Tal Heights, go three times right and cross the bridge (N1)
Photograph 10 in Link's Awakening
Once you got the Magnifying Lens, swim below Martha Bay's bridge to meet the fisherman and talk to him (J15)
Photograph 11 in Link's Awakening
Once you got the Magnifying Lens, go to the Animal Village and enter the house northeast (N13)
Photograph 12 in Link's Awakening
To be done rather at the end of the game: Get in the Town Tool Shop, take any item, quickly walk behind the shopkeeper and get out without paying! Beware, next time you get in, you'll be struck down! (D10). Besides, you don't see the mouse taking the picture!

Photograph 1

Note from Maitre Incontesté de Ganondorf: One photograph is missing. The first one can actually be different. While talking to the mouse, just refuse to be photographed. The mouse will push you and repeat the question. Keep saying "no" until it pushes you in the middle of the carpet. Say "no" one last time and it will hit you. The result is... amusing.

Thanks to Damidame for this picture!

Note from Manoscrito: Instead of the third photograph, if BowWow isn't tied in front of Madame MeowMeow's, you will get the one below (left). On the right is the other picture of Marin and Link falling!

Photograph 3Photograph 6