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Lots of rupees

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You will need a lot of rupees in order to buy important items such as the Deluxe Shovel and the Bow. Here are the locations of rupees worth 50 or more, besides dungeons.
Rupees shown in italics are only available on Switch.

Mabe Village

  • 50: Purple rupees can be won at the Trendy Game, in Mabe Village (from the start)
  • [Pegasus Boots required] 100: In the Dream Shrine in Mabe Village, open the right chest (D9)
  • 100: A silver rupee is your reward when you fish an "Ol' Baron" (big blue fish) at the Fishing Pond

rupee Mabe Village

Mysterious Forest (and around)

  • 50: In a cave in the eastern part of the Mysterious Forest (C7)
  • [Power Bracelet required] 50: North of the Mysterious Forest, behind Mr Write's house, get in the cave and lift the skull near the chest (B3)
  • [Hookshot required] 50: In a cave behind three rocks in the northern part of the Mysterious Forest (C5)

rupee Mysterious Forestrupee 4rupee Mysterious Forest

Goponga Swamp

  • 50: In Goponga Swamp, open the chest when accompanied by BowWow (E4)
  • [Power Bracelet required] 50: In Bottle Grotto's entrance hall, open the chest (E3)

rupee Goponga Swamprupee Bottle Grotto

Toronbo Shores

  • [Power Bracelet required] 50: In the eastern part of Toronbo Shores, open the chest (F15)

rupee Toronbo Shores

Ukuku Prairie

  • [Power Bracelet required] 50: In the cave located north as soon as you get in the prairie through Mabe Village (E9)
  • [Pegasus Boots required] 50: East of Mabe Village, just right of a row of trees, blow up the wall, destroy the stones thanks to the boots, bypass the rocks and push the last one (G9)
  • Dampé gives you a golden rupee (300 rupee) everytime you complete one of his challenges after suceeding the first 12 ones

rupee 5rupee 7

golden rupee in Link's Awakening

Tal Tal Heights and Tal Tal Mountain Range

  • [Hookshot required] 50: In Tal Tal Heights, west part (I2), by going through an underground tunnel behind three rocks north of Dampé's Shack
  • [Flippers required] 100: In Tal Tal Mountain Range, east part, get in the cave to the right of the large waterfall, blow up the north wall, cross the room with 5 chests, then get back in and open the 5 chests to find a silver rupee in the 5th one - thanks to Samchi
  • [Hookshot or rooster required] 50: In the first cave of Tal Tal Heights, grab the treasure chest with the Hookshot, or when the Flying Rooster is with you, lift it to fly across the gap (H2)
  • [Hookshot required] 50: In Tal Tal Mountain Range, west part, after the falling rocks, open the chest higher (E1)

rupee Tal Tal Heightsrupee Tal Tal Heightsrupee Tal Tal Mountain Range

It's also possible to win plenty of rupees by taking part in the Rapids Ride in the east part of Koholint. This place is accessible when you own the Hookshot, a game costs 100 rupees. On Switch, you can get 400 rupees, or even more.