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Shops (Gear & Medicines)

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Here are the shops and other houses where you will get supplies throughout your quest.

Town Tool Shop

This shop is located in Mabe Village and sells odds and ends, which change throughout the game (D10).

Town Tool Shop in Link's AwakeningTown Tool Shop in Link's Awakening

Trendy Game

This game of "miraculous fishing" can be found in Mabe Village and proposes various items (D12).

For the items located on the moving platforms: For the one on the left, move up till the end, wait for the platform to be at the furthest right then give just a jolt for the side in order to have the clamp go down. For the right one, move up till the end, wait for the platform to be almost at the furthest right and move to the far right. - thanks to LordKrow

Trendy Game in Link's AwakeningTrendy Game in Link's Awakening

Witch's Hut

Located to the east of the Mysterious Forest, the witch prepares Magic Powder (F7).

Witch's Hut in Link's AwakeningWitch's Hut in Link's Awakening

Crazy Tracy's Health Spa

Crazy Tracy's Health Spa is located to the northeast of the witch and sells Secret Medicine (F5).

Crazy Tracy's Health Spa dans Link's AwakeningCrazy Tracy's Health Spa in Link's Awakening

One of Old Man Ulrira's telephone booths

Stuck? need a hint? Don't hesitate to call Old Man Ulrira in one of his telephone booths.

Grandpa Ulrira's telephone booth in Link's AwakeningOld man Ulrira's telephone booth in Link's Awakening