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Throughout the adventure, you will be able to increase the amount of bombs, Magic Powder and arrows you can carry. The Mad Batter, who lives in three different places, will offer you to carry more of one of these items. If you disagree with his proposal, you can refuse and he will make another one. However, he won't offer you to upgrade an item that you don't own yet.
On Switch, the Mad Batter is called Li'l Devil and can even let you carry twice as much an item that you don't own yet!

The Mad Batter upgrades your gear

Here are the three locations of this creature:

  • [Power Bracelet required] In the Mysterious Forest, south of three rocks in front of the log (C6), lift the rock, go down the stairs, and throw some Magic Powder in the well
  • [Hookshoot required] To the west of Tal Tal Heights, after avoiding the rock falls (E1), lift the rock near the treasure chest, go down, and throw some Magic Powder in the well
  • [Bow or Boomerang required] In the southwest part of Martha's Bay (J16), cut the bushes with the Boomerang (or burn them using the bow and a bomb by pressing A and B together), go downstairs, go out left, and throw some Magic Power in the well

Actually, you can get the third upgrade earlier. With Roc's Feather, stand near the two holes, then jump and hit the bush with you sword. If you succeed, the first bush is cut and you will stand in its place.

The Mad Batter upgrades your equipment in Link's Awakening