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More time in dungeons

To beat a dungeon at 100%, play the Inverted Song of Time from the Dawn of the first day. This way you should have time to find all the Stray Fairies and beat the dungeon within three days.

Blast Mask safely

No more damage with the Blast Mask, simply raise your shield while triggering the explosion!

Deku Palace by night

In the Deku Palace, wait for the night to come to visit the inner gardens. The guards' field of vision will be visible and so you can sneak past them more easily.

Other Magic Beans on sale

If you need Magic Beans and you don't want to go back to the Deku Palace, go to the Swamp Tourist Centre (with the Song of Soaring) and talk to the Deku Scrub with the Deku Mask. They also cost 10 rupees.

Need bugs?

If so, it's crawling with bugs in a hole just facing the Astral Observatory (in the east of Termina Field).

Free milk

To get free milk (one portion fills five hearts), stand in front of a cow and play Epona's Song to fill a bottle!
Apart from Romani Ranch there are also cows on Great Bay Coast: In the north-east part, throw the Hookshot at the left pillar, then drop through the hole on the next platform.
You can also find some in Termina Field, near the road leading to the Southern Swamp is a huge hollow trunk. Place a bomb in the middle of the trunk, jump through the hole and play Epona's Song!

Unlimited fairies

Near each Owl Statue is a pot or a bush hiding a fairy. Put it in a bottle, leave the place and come back to find another one. Repeat this as many times as you wish.

Still need a fairy? Play a song in front of a Gossip Stone to make one appear.

Win at the lottery

On the first day go to the Lottery Shop in West Clock Town and buy a ticket, choosing any numbers. At night, go see the winning number. Remember it and play the Song of Time to come back to the first day, then, play the game again choosing the winning number you saw. It's the same one, since it's the first day again!

Need Powder Kegs?

From the moment you can buy Powder Kegs from the Goron in the mountain, you can also buy some from the Goron at the Bomb Shop in Clock Town. Wear the Goron Mask and pay 50 rupees.

Free and/or easy Blue Potions

  • Free: To get a blue potion (energy+magic), you have to bring a Magic Mushroom to the witch. Thanks to the Mask of Scents, go to Woodfall near the Spider House, jump through the hole to the far northwest of the map and wear the mask to see the mushrooms' purple exhalation. Put it in a bottle and go take it to the witch. Come back later, choose the blue potion and the hag will offer it to you!
  • Easy: With 100 rupees in your pocket, soar to Ikana Canyon and buy it from the Deku Scrub to the east on the map.
  • Easy and free: You just have to go to Stock Pot Inn, on the second floor, in the last room on the left. Wear the Mask of Scents and smell the boxer shorts on the bed at the back! Next take it to the witch as mentioned above.

Defend the barn in slow-motion

If you have trouble defending Romani's barn, play the Inverted Song of Time at 2:30. You will have to defend it longer, but the ghosts will get close more slowly.

Me cursed? never!

When you are cursed (you cannot use your sword), play the Song of Storms to cure right away!

If you own the Great Fairy's Sword, you can use it anyway, as it doesn't use the B button!

Sell items at the Curiosity Shop

purple rupee in a chestAny item in a bottle can be sold 20 rupees at the Curiosity Shop, except for Magic Mushrooms which are only worth 5 rupees, whereas Poes and Gold Dust are worth 200 rupees!

Buy stolen things

If your sword or a bottle get stolen from the bird near the path to the Milk Road, you can play the Song of Time to get them back but you can also buy them at the Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town!

How not to be noticed from "skeleton fishes"?

When you are in the water and there are skeleton fishes, stop moving and they won't attack you!

Turn Gibdos into ReDead!

Go down into the Empty Well (for example), wear the Gibdo Mask, get close to a mummy and shoot a fire arrow at it to turn it into a ReDead!

Invincible on Epona

When you mount Epona, enemies cannot hurt you. Rush at them without fear, not only will they be defeated, but you will also collect rupees, bombs, arrows, etc.!

Fierce Diety's Mask even more powerful!

With lock-targeting activated, Link can automatically use a powerful attack at a distance. You just need to press the B button and Link will throw a kind of blue beam, which creates great damage, to the Majora's Mask for example. Even if the beam hits the front of the mask, Majora will fall.

Free cruise

With the Pictograph Box, go in front of the Swamp Tourist Centre. Climb the ladder, take a picture of the Deku Scrub selling Magic Beans, then enter the house. Talk to the man and show him the picture. He says it's ordinary but proposes two prizes: 5 rupees or a free ride. Choose the ride and that's it!

Super jump

To perform a jump worthy of the Bunny Hood, just roll before jumping. With the Bunny Hood, you jump even further!

Treasure Chest Shop in Clock Town

To play this game where you have to find a chest while running past walls, you can save rupees: As Link, it costs 20 rupees, as Deku Link: 10 rupees, as Goron Link: 30 rupees and as Zora Link 5 rupees! (Then you can change mask and run!)

Beat the Garo Master more easily!

Lock him then when he runs at you, dodge his attack. He will stay still looking everywhere. At this moment throw your Hookshot at him, he will "freeze" (turn blue). Take advantage of this moment to do a jump attack. Repeat this twice to defeat him.
Note: a jump attack (when you press "A") equals two normal strikes (when you only press "B"). With two jump attacks and a normal one you beat him in three hits!

Sword Master not very courageous

When there are less than 6 hours left before the moon falls, go to the Sword Master's Dojo. There will be a sign saying that he went on holiday for a short while and please don't look for him. If you climb on the platform and strike the wooden door, you will be in a secret room with pots and the Sword Master hiding in a corner. Talk to him to see he's really scared!

If you go there at about 7:30pm on the third day, he Sword Master says: "Rumors are spreading that suggest the moon is falling, but you can breathe easier as long as I'm in town. Tonight I shall cut the moon into pieces! If one does not have such skill, he cannot teach the way of the sword to others.

Easy pocket money!

  • In East Clock Town, go in front of Honey and Darling's Shop (to the right of the way to Termina Field). Shoot arrows at one of the targets above the door to win three green rupees. You can also throw a bomb in the basket just above the door to get three more rupees.
  • In South Clock Town, fire an arrow in the middle of the clock tower face to make three additional rupees appear!
  • At the Sword Master's place in West Clock Town, strike the gong while wearing the Goron Mask and you will get a few more rupees!
  • In North Clock Town, prepare to do a spin attack, then move to the middle of the bushes and cut all the plants in one hit. You will get eight green rupees and one red rupee which makes 28 rupees. Leave this place, come back and do it again. In one minute you can collect more than a 100 rupees! This works with all circles of bushes of this type.
  • At the Clock Town Laundry Pool, there is a wooden crate in the corner near the bench (and Guru-Guru). It ALWAYS holds a blue rupee (5 rupees). Break it, leave the place and come back, the crate will be there again holding another blue rupee. So you can get as many as you want!

Jumping further as Deku Link

To jump further on the water as Deku Link, you need to attack with the "A" button just before going on the water! PS: It looks like rolling before jumping to go further as normal Link.

Avoid the fight against Gekko in Great Bay Temple

When you arrive in the room with the big yellow chest holding the Boss Key, you just need to shoot an ice arrow at the water to create a block, turn into a Zora, then jump on to this block, then to the opening in front of the big chest and the key is yours!

Play an instrument for real!

Like in Ocarina of Time, it is possible to play notes like on a real instrument, but here you can play the ocarina, drums, pipes and the guitar! Hold the L button pressed and play a note. You can also move the joystick to change the intonation.
When you play the guitar, you can see Zora Link striking different poses for the show!

Free Red Potion

After talking with the injured witch in the Lost Woords and then with her sister, you get a red potion for her. However you can use it as you like! You can keep it for yourself or use it to help Shiro at the Pirates' Fortress and get the Stone Mask free of charge^^

Reactions of characters and enemies with masks

  • When you meet the king at the Ikana Castle, before fighting his two minions, put on the Captain's Hat and talk to King Igos, seated on his throne. He will take you for Captain Skull Keeta (the giant skeleton who gives you the mask) and will ask you why you are so small!
  • When you are facing the Ikana King's two servants, put on the Bremen Mask and use its power: the two guards will start dancing! Get close to them wearing this mask and you will be able to strike them without problem. Repeat this several times and just use the Mirror Shield to get rid of them.
  • To make the ReDead dance (and so avoid their attacks), it's very easy: wear the Garo's Mask in front of them. This tip works only in the Ancient Castle of Ikana.
  • Are you afraid of ReDead or Mummies? So turn into a Goron or Deku, ReDead and Mummies won't be able to hit you, quite simply because they cannot see you!
  • At Gormans' Horsetrack, when you wear the Troupe Leader's Mask, you can see that the Gorman brothers are sad, and if you talk to them, they have a discussion and say that the mask reminds them of their brother.
  • At the Ikana Graveyard, when talking to Igor with the Captain's Hat, he takes fright and flees to his house after running everywhere in the graveyard.
  • In the Ikana Canyon, when wearing the Deku, Goron or Zora Mask, Sakon is afraid of us and runs away.
  • At Stock Pot Inn on the second day, when a woman a bit fat replaces Anju at the desk, put on Kafei's Mask and talk to her. She will be angry because she doesn't like to be talked to with a mask.
  • In Clock Town, when you are close to the dog as Link, it doesn't care. When wearing the Deku Mask, the dog attacks, with the Goron Mask, it is afraid and with the Zora Mask, it likes you and follows you everywhere.

Other technique for Gomess

A less dangerous technique allows you to keep almost all your hearts: you have to aim at the enemy while staying a bit away, fire a light arrow and right away throw a bomb at him, always having him locked. This takes about ten bombs or more to defeat him (knowing that you won't hit him each time).

Fighting as Oni-Link

Oni-Link's form can be used against the final boss but also against the ones in the previous temples.

Just for info / for fun

  • If you get rid of a red ChuChu and have all your hearts, the red ChuChu leaves a green rupee instead.
  • Get into the monkey's cage to learn the song, then come back to the Royal Chamber to see the monkey being punished. Talk to him to see him being soaked into boiling water...
  • To make the Clock Town bell ring, you have to go on the Stock Pot Inn terrace, stand close to the bell, wear the Goron Mask and punch it to make it ring. After two or three hits, the bell will knock you :-)
  • If you throw the Hookshot at a large enemy, like a Dodongo, the Hookshot will hitch it up and attract you to it!
  • Break a sign, play the Song of Healing and the sign will be repaired.
  • In the room of Anju's granny there is a small toy of a cow on the chest of drawers to the left of the door. Roll into this chest of drawers so that the cow's head moves like if it was on a spring. Also works with other similar cows.
  • At the Astral Observatory, while looking through the telescope towards southwest (in the grass), you can see a giant drawing of Skull Kid (like the ones you can see on a tree not far from the Swamp and on a wall between Clock Town and Snowhead)
  • If you play the Inverted Song of Time while the flow of time has been slowed down, it will return to normal.
  • When Sakon steals the bomb bag in North Clock Town, if you shoot an arrow at it, it explodes! Next, the old woman says something like "One thinks that it only happens to others. Let that teach you a lesson!" and then, she complains she can't sell bombs at the shop.
  • The music played at the Zora Hall remind of other Zelda games. Japas' one is the music of The Legend of Zelda dungeons. Evan's one is the Game Over music from The Legend of Zelda too. Whereas Tijo's one is a kind of percussion remix of part of the cave music from A Link to the Past.
  • Normally it is possible to deposit 5000 rupees max. However you can have up to 5499 rupees. Just put 4999 rupees at the bank, then deposit up to 500 rupees (max) which will be accepted without problem.
  • At Ikana, when you shoot a fire arrow at a Stalfos, he loses his head but doesn't die! And he can still talk if you wear the Captain's Hat!
  • When you go onto the moon from the second time, Tatl and Taya's words change. Tatl's long discussion to defend Skull Kid is shorter because Taya cuts him short using the original words and adding "and blah blah blah".

Thanks to everyone who send tips!