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Bottles and their contents

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In this adventure there are four bottles to find:

Bottles' locations

Trilby Highlands

Buy it from a Business Scrub (see the walkthrough)

Eastern Hills

Thanks to a Kinstone Fusion with Grandpa Smith

Hyrule Town

Go to the cafe and push the cupboard to the left. Shrink, then climb the small ladder and go through the hole. Go down, then right, and go across on the plank. Go right while getting rid of or avoiding the enemies, then go up to end up behind Stockwell. Go back to your size and lift the Bottle. Backtrack to exit the cafe, then play the Ocarina and select Lake Hylia. Go north to Stockwell's house and get in. Look at the dog's food bowl to keep the Bottle.

Lon Lon Ranch

Thanks to 6 Kinstone Fusions and the Gorons' strenght (see the Gorons sidequest)

Bottles' contents

Water Makes the plants grow or puts out fires In the sea!
Crenel Hot Spring Water Makes the plants grow In Mt Crenel's springs
Small Fairy Fills up a part of or all your hearts (depending on how many hearts you have acquired) In the Fairy Fountains, in treasure chests or in some pots
Blue Potion Refills your hearts Buy it for 60 rupees from the Witch Syrup in the Minish Woods
Lon Lon Milk Makes the forest's Pico Blooms grow, and fills up a part of your hearts (2x 5-6 hearts) Buy it for 100 rupees from Malon in Hyrule Town (once you've found the Lon Lon Ranch Key)
Farore's Charm Raises your power and strenght for a few moments (clothes turn purple) Given to you by Farore in her new house
Din's Charm Raises your attack for a few moments (clothes turn red) Given to you by Din in her new house
Nayru's Charm Raises your defense for a few moments (clothes turn blue) Given to you by Nayru in her new house
Red Potion Fills up all your hearts Buy it for 150 rupees from the Witch Syrup in the Minish Woods (after the 42nd Kinstone fusion)