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Here are some tips sent by the Zelda's Palace fans.

Losing the Mirror Shield

If you ever lose the Mirror Shield, buy a Small Shield in Hyrule Town and go back to see Biggoron who will be delighted to eat it and turn it into a new Mirror Shield.

The Minish language

You don't understand the Minish language? Nothing easier! Read the sentences backwards!

Hidden small fairies

Thanks to the Pegasus Boots, dash into the trees and with a little luck, a small fairy will come out of it. This works especially well in the Minish Woods

Avoiding the blasts

When you have to face explosive enemies like the bombs, know that you can stop them and protect yourself all at once simply by using the shield. You can also stop them with the sword.

Avoiding the electric balls

When you're cornered and an electric ball is coming at you, roll to go through it. Even better, you can also get rid of them with the boomerang to loot small fairies!

Destroying the hands

To defeat the hands quickly and without risking to be taken back, simply use the bow and get rid of them with a single arrow!

Getting rid of the grey slimes

You just have to perform the spin attack to stun them or defeat them even if they're curled up!

Winning lots of shells and rupees

- First of all you need to have the Great Spin Attack Upgrade and the faster charge upgrade
- Then you have to buy some green and yellow Picolyte
- Buy as many lots of 30 shells as you can before you start.
- Go to the south of Trilby Highlands right on the right of the little recess in the middle of the grass on the left when you come in from the south of Trilby Highlands
- Firstly drink the yellow Picolyte
- Charge the sword as soon as you've drunk the Picolyte and spin for as long as you can while slashing the bunch of grass on the left. It's possible to repeat this step 3 times.

Do the same with the green Picolyte for the shells. You just have to leave and enter again Trilby Highlands.
That way, if the job was done well you can earn an average of 600 rupees and 30 shells. These steps are to be repeated after you've bought green and yellow Picolyte again (300 rupees) and bought another 30 shells at the shop (300 rupees).
Total: 60 shells in 2 minutes + possibility to quickly reach 999 rupees.
If you can keep that pace and you earn 600 rupees for each "lawn mower" round, you quickly reach 999 shells. But you have to start with the yellow Picolyte because you get less rupees during the second lawn mower round.

Getting all the figurines with roughly 300 shells

1. Go to the figurine shop
2. Save your game
3. Bet 1 shell
4. If you don't have the figurine yet, save and go back to step 3.
    If you already have it:
1. Switch the console off and switch it on again
2. Go back to the figurine shop
3. Bet 1 shell again
This works up to a probability of 25%. Later this gets too frustrating, so instead of betting 1 shell, bet 30 to 40. Here it is!

Tricking the Like Like

To get the rupees from these enemies while being sure you won't wake them up and get robbed, just use the Gust Jar to vacuum them!

Against the Gibdos

You can easily kill the Gibdos by burning them with the lantern: they turn back into Stalfos!

Tricks to get rid of the Darknut knights

  • There is a way to defeat the Darknut knights rather easily. You can parry their blows with the shield, and take advantage of this moment to immediatly strike back with the sword, but it only works for the slashes (with the edge of the sword) and not for the thrusts (with the tip of the sword). (Doesn't work against the black Darknuts.)
  • Take out a remote bomb and throw it at the Darknut knights: it's just like a sword hit! then make it explode to stun them for 5 seconds for the grey ones, 2 seconds for the red ones and 1 second for the black ones.
  • Put the Roc's Cape on and jump above the Darknuts to end up behind them and hit them.

Going back to the graveyard and finding 200 mysterious shells

There are 2 ways to cross the Lost Woods in the Royal Valley: the first is to follow the signs. But, after you've met the ghost of the King, no matter how many signs you follow, you'll always end up back at the starting point. To go back to the graveyard, it's easy: go left three times, then up three times. You will find a chest with 200 mysterious shells. Go up to get in the graveyard.
Note: you can only open the chest once. But the path can be taken as many times as you want.

Infinite rupees

  • In Link's house, go upstairs, precisely in the left corner, in front of the table. Ezlo will then ask Link if he's hiding interesting stuff. And that's the case! Just dig in front of the house, against the wall, left of the door. There are 20 rupees every time! Sometimes there is also a shell with them but it can also be a green rupee. In rarer occasions, a second red rupee making it a total of 40 rupees! How do you get rich in Hyrule? By just digging in front of your own house.
  • First of all warp to Mt Crenel with the Ocarina of Wind. Then turn into a Minish, enter Melari's Mine and go through it until you reach the other rock to turn back into a human. Then take the entrance that leads inside the mountain and keep going until you are on a "balcony" with a Peahat. Take the other entrance that leads inside the mountain. Inside, there are three red slimes and three rocks, go straight ahead toward the two pots. The right one holds a red rupee. Leave and re-enter to earn infinite red rupees!
  • With the Pegasus Boots, go to the mayor's house (in Hyrule Town) where there are 4 masks on the wall. Dash at the wall so they fall down and repeat this as many times as you want to get blue or red rupees! This trick also works after the Fortress of Winds, when the library is open, because there are 4 masks inside and you can do the same thing, by leaving and re-entering each time.

Remote Bombs are awesome

When you think about the remote bombs, the obvious only way for them to blow up a wall or inflict damage is to blow it up yourself... Well no, before you blow it up you can have fun killing enemies with it, you just have to use it as a rock you're throwing at enemies; the big thing is that you can perform this indeed a bit silly but still funny action as many times as you want!

Avoiding the attacks!

To avoid certain enemies' attacks (i.e. snakes, archer and spear moblins, octoroks, etc.), when one of these enemies is coming at you, just roll toward it. Link must be midway through his roll when the enemy touches him. That way, they will go through eachother without dealing any damage!

Golden (or orange) Link!

Firstly take two charms, no matter the color. Then enter the cafe, turn into a Minish and go upstairs. Use a charm then the second one, and here is a golden Link! If it doesn't work, wait for the charm's effect to stop. Beware, if you leave, Link won't be golden anymore.

Small trick against the Tektites

To avoid getting hit by a Tektite (a kind of jumping spider) if you're right next to it, just turn your back at it. The enemy will then jump above you, and you just have to run away!

Locate the turtles under the grass

To locate the turtles, look at the ground right above it. The ground under a regular patch of grass is different from a ground with a turtle on it. This trick doesn't work with the rocks.

Small trick against the masked enemies

There is a way to defeat the masked enemies more easily. Just vacuum their masks with the Gust Jar!

A bunch of Kinstones

To get a lot of Kinstones, go to the field in the Eastern Hill and there, use the Mole Mitts on the ground and TADAH! Even if you've done it once, you can do it again, there will still be at least one Kinstone!

Small trick against the ice wizards

You can easily defeat the ice wizards by going at them with the lantern!

Just so you know

  • Colored Link: If you save your game while Link has red, blue or purple clothes, Link will have the same clothes in the menu when you start the game.
  • Link from every angle in the game menu: when you're about to choose your save file, if you hold the L button down and you input a direction, you can make Link's sprite walk into the chosen direction, allowing you to see him from sideways and behind! ... and he stops walking when you press the B button!
  • Skip the intro sequence: you're bored to wait for the end of the opening sequence to start your game? Press A and B to skip it!
  • You can open the wardrobes by dashing at them with the Pegasus Boots, and even sometimes you can get something out of it, such as rupees.
  • If you stay long enough in Lon Lon Ranch's pen, Ezlo says that it feels good there and that the cows must be making some good milk
  • Once you've got the remote bombs, you can go back to the Minish to ask him to have the regular bombs back
  • While you're fleeing to the Sanctuary, after destroying Vaati's second form, use your Roc's Cape and Zelda will fly away with you!

Stopping Link on ice

When Link is running on ice, if you press the R button the hero will stop automatically. This must be repeated several times so he stops completly.
But there's even better: just turn to the direction opposing your slide and roll to immediatly stop.
And there's an even more efficient way: play the ocarina. This stops Link immediatly, thus completly preventing him to fall into a hole.

About the Roll Attack

Instead of using items like the Bow or the Gust Jar, you can simply perform a Roll Attack against the Peahats (the flying creatures). If you master it, this attack will end them in a single blow.

To perform a quicker Roll Attack, simply roll and press B right after that. (Usually, roll and press B right before Link gets up.)

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