The Minish Cap tips and tricks

Lots of rupees

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Here are the places where you can find rupees worth 50 rupees and over, outside of the dungeons:

Mt Crenel

  • 50 rupees: Inside a cave all the way to the southwest, that you can reach from the northwest of Mt Crenel's Base, inside the right chest
  • 100 rupees: [Cloning Power required] Inside Master Grayblade's cave in the eastern part of this region, right above the Business Scrub's cave

Cave of Flames

Lon Lon Ranch

  • 50 rupees: Inside the ranch's field, enter the cave to the west and use the cloning power to reach the chest

Wind Ruins

  • 100 rupees: In the eastern part, inside a chest

Fortress of Wind

Hyrule Town

  • 100 rupees: As a "Minish", get in the bakery from behind and climb behind Wheaton
  • 100 rupees: [Mole Mitts required] Inside a sand cave, south of the mayor's house
  • 100 rupees: In the school's basement, by blowing up a dozen of bombs on the right (after the Temple of Droplets)
  • 100 rupees: [Flippers required] Inside the well
  • 200 rupees: [Flippers required] Behind the fountain, as a Minish, go north and swim to the west
  • 200 rupees: [Once you are able to create 2 clones] In the school's basement. You have to go there from 3 entrances: the sand cave, Hyrule Town's well and the mayor's basement. Each time, you have to push a rock into a hole to then be able to pull the chest inside the hole to the south
  • infinite - Anju the chicken girl asks for your help, gives you rupees and shells, then rupees and Kinstone Pieces and eventually 110 rupees + 1 Piece of Heart. Once you've gotten this last reward, you'll be able to retry the last trial to get infinite rupees, 110 by 110...

Minish Woods

  • 50 rupees: Inside a sand cave in the middle

Temple of Droplets

Hyrule Castle Garden

  • 200 rupees: Inside a chest in the southwest part of the area (reach it from the sea)

Veil Falls

  • 50 rupees: [Flippers required] Inside a sand cave in the southeast part of the area
  • 100 rupees: Inside a cave, after the first great wall and right before the second great wall

Western Wood

  • 50 rupees: Inside Percy's house by lighting the two torches thanks to the Lantern

Several hundreds of rupees can also be won thanks to the Kinstone Fusions.