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Bottles and their contents

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Small fairies are always welcomedFirst of all, here are the locations of the four bottles:

Bottles' locations

Dragon Roost Island (F2)
Medli gives you the first bottle after you helped her entering Dragon Roost Cavern.

Bomb Island (F5)
In a submarine located south from the island. Get inside, slay all Bokoblins and collect the bottle in the chest.

Rock Spire Isle (B3)
A special Terry shop is moving around the island. Get onboard and purchase the bottle for 500 rupees.

Windfall Island (D2)
At night, enter the city and speak to Mila, the little girl near the pharmacy. Move to the stairs and she will run. You can choose to follow her but the simpliest way would be to place yourself near the windmill's ladder (just in front of Zunari's shop). Look to your right (while setting your back against the ladder) and wait for her arrival. Once she gets behind Zunari's stall, jump and run to catch her red-handed. Talk to her and make sure you always choose the first answer.

Bottles' contents

Water bottle Water Grows the vegetation In a pound or in the sea
Forest water bottle Forest water Heals withered Deku Tree sprouts planted by the Koroks In the Forest Haven (its effects will last 20 minutes)
Small fairy bottle Small fairy Restores your life gauge (hearts) In the fairy fountains or inside a pot
Red potion bottle Red Potion Restores your life gauge completely (hearts) You can buy it for 10 rupees at Windfall Island's pharmacy
Green potion bottle Green Potion Restores your magic gauge completely You can buy it for 20 rupees at Windfall Island's pharmacy or trade it for 5 Green Chu Jellies (after bringing him 5 Green Chu Jellies the first time)
Blue potion bottle Blue Potion Restores both your life and magic gauge completely You can buy it for 60 rupees at Windfall Island's pharmacy (once you've brought him 15 Blue Chu Jellies) or you can acquire one in Forest Haven after giving four Boko Baba Seeds to Hollo
Forest Firefly bottle Forest Firefly Grants some light to a specific item In Forest Haven
Elixir Soup bottle Elixir Soup Restores both your life and magic gauge completely, doubles your attack power until your next damage After Aryll's kidnapping, Link's Grandma got sick. Use a fairy right in front of her to heal her and you will receive her soup