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Link The Wind WakerLink
As always, the hero! Link celebrates his 12th birthday in a fisherman village on Outset Island, with his sister Aryll and his grandmother
 then by alphabetical order...
Aryll The Wind WakerAryll
Link's little sister, who gets abducted by a giant bird
Beedle The Wind WakerBeedle
He's a merchant sailing the seas
Carlov from Nintendo Gallery The Wind WakerCarlov
His passion is to craft figurines from photographs
Cyclos The Wind WakerCyclos
Wind God, Zephos' brother
Doc Bandam The Wind WakerDoc Bandam
A researcher who owns the Potion Shop
Fado The Wind WakerFado
A Kokiri descendant, he is the former Sage of Wind
Goron Traveling Merchant The Wind WakerGoron Traveling Merchant
They are three on different islands and they aim to establish business relations
Grandma The Wind WakerGrandma
She is Link's and Aryll's grandmother and takes care of them
Great Deku Tree The Wind WakerGreat Deku Tree
"Earth Spirit" and protector of the forest
Great Fairy The Wind WakerGreat Fairy
She has great powers
King of Hyrule The Wind WakerKing Hyrule
He is the famous King of Hyrule!
King of Red Lions The Wind WakerKing of Red Lions
Your boat and adventure companion, he knows the islands like the back of his hand!
Komali The Wind WakerKomali
The son of the Rito Chieftain, he has lost all self-confidence
Koroks The Wind WakerKoroks
This people is in charge of feeding the forest
Laruto The Wind WakerLaruto
A Zora descendant, she is the former Sage of Earth
Lenzo The Wind WakerLenzo
A famous professor, his passion is photography and he is popular with women!
Maggie and her father The Wind WakerMaggie and her father
Maggie lives on Windfall Island and gets abducted by the giant bird
Makar The Wind WakerMakar
The most adventurous of all Koroks, he plays the violin
Medli The Wind WakerMedli
Valoo's assistant who always tries to be useful!
Mila and her father The Wind WakerMila and her father
Quite wealthy, Mila lives on Windfall Island as well and gets abducted by the giant bird
Mrs Marie The Wind WakerMrs Marie
Windfall Island's school teacher
Orca The Wind WakerOrca
Sturgeon's brother, he is Outset Island's swordmaster
Outset Island's Inhabitants The Wind WakerOutset Island's Inhabitants
Pirates (and Tetra) The Wind WakerPirates (and Tetra)
They sail the seas looking for treasures
Queen of Fairies The Wind WakerQueen of Fairies
Even if her appearance is the one of a child, she will bestow great powers upon you
Quill The Wind WakerQuill
Of the Rito people, he can fly and helps Link throughout his quest
Rito Chieftain The Wind WakerRito Chieftain
Leader of the Rito people, who are in charge of delivering the mail
Salvatore The Wind WakerSalvatore
Living inside Windfall Island's windmill, he runs the battleships game
Seaman The Wind WakerSeaman
He lives in the ocean he knows by heart and helps you complete your Sea Chart
Sturgeon The Wind WakerSturgeon
He is kind of the wise man of the country. He lives on Outset Island
Tetra The Wind WakerTetra
A young girl captain of a pirate crew. Link meets her in the forest and asks her to help him find his sister
Tott The Wind WakerTott
A dance lover, he lives on Windfall Island and has great rhythm
Valoo The Wind WakerValoo
He's the "Sky Spirit" who protects the Ritos on Dragon Roost Island
Windfall's Gang of Boys The Wind WakerWindfall's Gang of Boys
Also known as the "Killer Bees", they live on Windfall Island
Zephos The Wind WakerZephos
Wind God whose stele is on Dragon Roost Island
Zunari The Wind WakerZunari
He comes from a faraway country and opens a shop on Windfall Island
Princess Zelda The Wind WakerPrincess Zelda
Do we have to introduce her?