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Dragon Roost Cavern

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Dragon Roost Cavern

Dragon Roost Cavern The Wind WakerStart by pulling the block on the left, then pull the middle one behind the first one and go on. Get rid of the enemies, pick up one of the sticks and light the torches (if necessary, use the already lightened torch). Pick up the Small Key from the chest and open the door. Break the planks to go through, go ahead and cross the wooden bridge on the left. Jump, pull the block on the left, climb on it, cling to the last part of the bridge and climb up. Go ahead, jump right and get on the bridge. Take the Bomb Flower, throw it at the rock and open the door. Pick up one or two pots on the right and throw them into the lava on the left to create a new way. Pick up the Map from the chest, then throw a pot to the left, go ahead, climb the ladder and open the door. Go ahead, get rid of the enemy, pick up its weapon and break the planks. Go ahead, then left, clear out the Chuchus and grab the jelly they leave behind. Get rid of the planks by swinging the enemy's weapon, pick up the Small Key from the chest, and open the next door. Throw a rock at the Bomb Flowers on the left, so they can blow up the other rock, go ahead and unlock the south-west door. Go straight ahead, hit the enemy on the left and pick up its stick. Light it, burn down the planks on the right, walk on the switch and open the door.

Dragon Roost Cavern The Wind WakerGet rid of the enemy on the bridge, then climb the ladder while avoiding the fire stream. Attack the bird to get the Golden Feather. Get past the ledge while avoiding the flames, go ahead, then cling to the ledge and make your way to the left. Climb back up, grab a Bomb Flower, throw it on the rock, jump and open the door.

Dragon Roost Cavern The Wind WakerPull the left block, then the middle one, climb on them and go ahead. Pull the left block, climb on it and get the Compass from the chest to the right. Pick up a stick from the vase, then light it and, from the chest, throw the stick at the planks to burn them down. Climb the ladder, pick up the Small Key from the chest and unlock the door.

Take the stairs, get rid of the bird, pick up the Small Key from its nest and unlock the door. Go ahead to the left, beware of the Keeses and pick up the Joy Pendant from the chest. Backtrack a little, light a stick, burn the planks right of the chest and go ahead. Light the two torches and open the door. Blow up the rock using the Bomb Flower (which will clear the way to a warp pot), then cross the bridge and open the door. Hit the enemy, climb the ladder, pick up a stick and light the second torch. Open the chest to find a Treasure Chart. Break the pot on the shelf by performing a rolling attack against the wall and pick up another Joy Pendant. Do the same with the other pots to free enemies, then fight them and open the door. Throw a pot into the lava, jump on the platform, get rid of the enemy, then go backwards, pick up another pot and bring it with you to throw it towards the flames eruption. Jump on this newly created platform and wait for the next eruption to occur so you're propelled upwards, then jump on the bridge and open the next door. Pick up a Bomb Flower, throw it at the rock in front of you to clear the way to a warp pot, then grab another Bomb Flower, throw it at the rock on the left and open the door.

Dragon Roost Cavern The Wind WakerClimb all the way up the stairs, get in the room on the right, and clear out the three guards. If one of them drops a Skull Necklace, take it and talk to Medli. She will reward you with the Grappling Hook! Climb the stairs, aim the Grappling Hook at the bar, swing across the gap, then use it again on the next bar and break the planks. Jump left, use the Grappling Hook three more times to go forward and open the door.

Get rid of the enemy, cross the bridge and fight another enemy. Go back on the bridge, cut the ropes with your sword, and stand in the middle so the bridge collapses on the path right under it. Pick up the Joy Pendant from the chest and open the next door. Climb on the moving platform on the right, stand in the middle and use the spin attack to cut all three ropes at the same time. Quickly jump on the path when the platform has collapsed. Then jump on the two platforms and climb the ladder. Use the Grappling Hook on the ceiling bar, which will unlock the door, and fall backwards. Open the door, use the Hook on the bar once more, then turn around and jump towards the right passageway. Jump on the platforms, use the Grappling Hook again and open the door. Fight your enemy until he curls up in a ball, then carry it and drop it on the switch. Quickly open the chest and pick up the Big Key.

Dragon Roost Cavern The Wind WakerNow if you have unlocked the two warp pots, the easiest way is to save, leave the game and start back from the entrance of the dungeon. In that case, go to the next room, jump into the green pot to emerge from the blue pot located on the second floor, then enter the blue pot to emerge from the yellow pot on the third floor. However, if you didn't find the two warp pots, you will have to backtrack: leave the room, use the Grappling Hook, get past the three platforms, use the Grappling Hook to leave the room from the left, climb down the ladder, get past the platforms, and use the lift to go back up. Open the door on the left, pick one of the two pots at the entrance, throw it at the lava eruption right of the chest and jump on this platform to get lifted up. Then open the door, outside use three times the Grappling Hook and get inside to the right.

Then, in both cases, use the Grappling Hook to swing across the lava and open the chests to find rupees and a Knight's Crest. You can also shatter the pots to find a fairy and refill your hearts. When you're ready, open the door leading to the boss.


Dragon Roost Cavern The Wind WakerFYI: If you ever die during this boss fight, you can use the warp pots to come back in no time!
Use the Grappling Hook to aim at Valoo's tail and let go so the ceiling falls and breaks Gohma's armour. Repeat these steps twice more to completely shatter the boss' armour, then aim several times at Gohma's armour with the Grappling Hook (L lock). When the boss lies down, quickly get close to it and swing your sword at its eye. Do this once or twice more to defeat the boss. Once it's down, pick up the Heart Container and get into the light.

On the beach, Komali will thank you by giving you Din's Pearl.

If you only found one Treasure Chart in the dungeon, you can go back there. Go back to the south-west room on the first floor, clear out the enemy to get its stick, light it, backtrack a little and throw it at the planks, then use the Grappling Hook and pick up the Treasure Chart from the chest.

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