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Fairy Fountains

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There are two different types of fairy fountains in this game:

  • The Great Fairy Fountains, where a great fairy fills up all your hearts each time you visit her, and
  • the Fairy Fountains, where you can find some small fairies who each fills up five hearts, but you can also capture them in an empty bottle and release them later. If you die with a fairy in one of your bottles, she will automatically heal you.

Great Fairy Fountains

Great fairy fountainHyrule

  • In the Eastern Palace area, to the southwest of the enclosure, enter the cave located north of a row of five trees.
  • West of the Swamp area, get into the cave located to the left of a ladder.
  • In Death Mountain - east part -, enter the cave located in the southeast part of this area.


  • In the area southeast of the Dark Palace, climb the ladder, then merge into the wall and go left up to the green rupees. Jump below and enter the cave.

Fairy Fountains

Fairy fountainsHyrule

  • [Bombs required] In the Swamp area, south of Link's house, go right when you arrive in the region, and place a bomb against the wall between the two small rocks.
  • [Bombs required] In a zone, to the south of the Eastern Palace, go southeast towards the 10 stakes in a circle, then place a bomb against the cracked wall.
  • In the mountain, from the "Death Mountain" weather vane, merge into the wall to the east, go right and exit near the cave.
  • To the west of the Tower of Hera, from the first cave entrance, jump to another cave entrance, located a little bit below. Get in, cross it (take the piece of heart if you haven't done it already) and enter the next cave to find small fairies to the east.
  • [Titan's Mitt required] Northwest of the Fortune Teller's tent, pick up the big rock to access it.
  • [Sand Rod required] In the desert area, climb the two stairs to the southeast, then wave the rod to the west, go on, then north, move on the platform with a stake, use the rod again to go on the platform on the right, and once again to go right again. Finally, get into the cave!
  • [Ice Rod required] In the big lake area, go northeast (near the Racing Bros). Enter the cave, use the Ice Rod to make the flames disappear and move on.

small fairy fountainsLorule

  • In the south part of the Dark Palace region, go east and place a bomb next to the cracked wall.
  • In Death Mountain - west part -, get into the cave located below the fissure.
  • In the big lake area, go northeast and enter the cave to the left of the fissure.
  • After giving a certain number of rupees to the Great Rupee Fairy, her fountain is full of little fairies!
  • In all Lorule's temples, except for the Thieves' Hideout, a room with small fairies can be found.