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Hebra and Tabantha

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Great Hyrule Forest Breath of the WildLet's go west now. To do so, travel to the Woodland Tower and glide westwards, or travel to the Woodland Stable, take a horse and head west. Go a long way in this direction until you reach a path on your map, as well as a stable.

Serenne Stable

Talk to the group of travelers talking about disappeared leviathans. Some fossils should be in Eldin to the northeast, in Hebra to the northwest and some others in the Gerudo region to the southwest. As usual, you can meet the merchant Beedle and the painter Pikango. Talk to Nazbi the traveler riding a horse who tells you about a "forest where a master lives" to the south, as well as to Zumi who says that at Mount Drena (northeast of the stable) it's dark even during the day. If you need weapons, there is an Iron Sledgehammer, a Soldier's Shield and a Soldier's Bow in the vicinity. Leave the stable and go south where you can see a shrine in the distance.

Monya Toma Shrine - Drawing Parabolas

Monya Toma Shrine Breath of the WildLift the orb near you, climb the slope and place it in front of the mechanism. The orb will fly to the following one, then again to the following one. Go down the slope, go right and notice some wooden crates above. Shoot a Fire Arrow to burn them down, then go back on the slope. Stand in front of the mechanism to be sent off, then do the same with the following one and fly towards the luminous thingie. Hit it three times, then if the orb fell down, go get it and place it back into the first mechanism so it reaches the third one again. Then, go to it and place it in front of the third mechanism so it flies into the container inside the cage, which will lift the bars near the monk. To open the chest, hit the thingie again so the chest is near the second mechanism, then do the circuit again to fly to it. After getting a Thunderblade, enter the cage, look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Monya Toma gives you another Spirit Orb.

Snowfield Stable Breath of the WildTo the west, on the other side of the road, a Moblin campsite has settled on the Maritta Exchange Ruins. Once you've gotten rid of the Moblins (or not), arrange some stairs with the metallic crates to reach the second floor of the campsite where you can find 100 rupees inside a chest and 5 Shock Arrows in another one.

Go back to the stable and since you have a long way to go, you can go there by horse. Go north by following the road, then when you reach a crossing, go left into a new region. Keep going south where it soon will be cold and stop at the...

Snowfield Stable

Snowfield Stable Breath of the WildTalk to old Monkton who remembers Mary and Harry, an enormous maze to the north and some ancient ruins to the southeast. Talk to a traveler who talks about a prayer to summon a dragon. Speak with Falmark talking about surfing on a shield in the Hebra Mountains. Juannelle would like to see a Stalhorse, there is supposed to be one in North Tabantha Snowfield or to the east in front of the bizarre ruins. If you need it, there is a Soldier's Shield, a Soldier's Spear and a Double Axe in the vicinity. Get in the nearby shrine.

Rin Oyaa Shrine - Directing the Wind

Rin Oyaa Shrine Breath of the WildLift the orb, jump and place it into the container, which rises a platform granting access to the monk. So the goal is to be on this platform at the moment the orb falls into the container. Take it back, jump, place it down, then look at the fans. Use Magnesis to grab one of the magnetic blocks and place it in front of the fan left of the container (the entrance being in your back). Then grab the second block and place it in front of the fan north of the container. Now lift the orb, go to the northeast corner and climb the slope. Place the orb at the top of the slope, push it a little bit if needed, and it will roll down to the container, which will make you go up. For an additional ancient core, glide to the orb, take it again, jump down and put it in front of the northwest fan. Next run to the slope, grab the north block with Magnesis, bring it near the slope and go to the top. Once you went up, seize the block and place it between you and the platform holding the chest. Jump to the chest thanks to the block and find an Ancient Core, then cross back, look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Rin Oyaa gives you another Spirit Orb.

Go back to the stable to cook a meal against the cold (level 2 or 3) if you don't have one. Then, aim for the region's big tower to the southwest by following the path.

Hebra Tower Breath of the WildHebra Tower

Once you've arrived, shoot a Fire Arrow at the top of an ice cube to make it thaw a little. Repeat this until you can go through, then climb the tower to the top. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map of the region.

As the Hebra region is cold and you are not equipped (unless you have already visited Tabantha), let's head south to another region, but before that, there is a shrine quite easy to reach from here. So glide to the west towards Hebra Plunge. Follow the shrine sensor and go to a narrow body of water as you can see on the map. Look under the rocks, the shrine is there. Swim while speeding up to reach it quickly.

Hebra region Breath of the WildLanno Kooh Shrine - Lanno Kooh's Blessing

Take the golden rupee from the chest, look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Lanno Kooh gives you another Spirit Orb.

Rito Stable Breath of the WildGoing out, push the log into the water, jump on it and let yourself drift out of the cave. Quickly swim to the south bank, then you see an enemy campsite. Start by shooting a Bomb or Fire Arrow at the red barrel, then attack the Lizalfos and the Moblin. Next open the chest for a Sapphire. Keep going south to reach the path, then head west. Attack or avoid a huge Lizalfos campsite, then keep following the path to reach a new region and a new stable.

Rito Stable

Talk to Ariane and ask her where you are to learn that the Rito Village is to the west. Talk to the Rito Kass who tells you about a promise. If you need one, there is a Woodcutter Axe in the vicinity.

Keep going west and talk to the Rito Gesane on the hanging bridge. Cross the following bridges then you're caught by the sound of a gigantic mechanical bird flying over a village. Keep going a little more to enter the village.

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