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Rito Village and Tabantha Tower

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Rito Village

Rito Village Breath of the WildTalk to Mazli who's not that talkative, then climb the stairs and notice a statue of the Goddess. Further, talk to Fyson who would like to open a shop. In the "Swallow's Roost" which is the village's inn, talk to Jogo who needs a flint to cook some apples. If you have one, he'll give you 100 rupees. Further, Huck and Verla are talking about the Beast. The shop "The Slippery Falcon" sells arrows and materials, you can also find there a cooking book by Misa. The shop "Brazen Beak" sells warm clothes. If you can afford it, buy the Snowquill Set made of the Snowquill Trousers, the Snowquill Tunic and the Snowquill Headdress.

Keep on visiting the village and climb the stairs. Little Molli tells you about her grandpa who saw a big white bird from a tree. Talk to the great owl, Kaneli, who is the village chief. He notices your Sheikah Slate and asks for your help. He would like you to stop Vah Medoh the Beast flying over the village. Teba, a young Rito, is ready to help you. Ask him about the other subjects to know more, then talk to Saki in the next house, who says that her husband Teba is at Dronoc's Pass, at the base of the Hebra Mountains. Looking at Revali's Landing, you have a memory of this Champion and friend, where he used to boast about his flying techniques and his ability to create wind currents. Talk to Harth as well who is now ready to tell you more about Vah Medoh mostly. Go back down a little and go to the shrine which will generate a travel point.

Akh Va'quot Shrine - Windmills

Akh Va'quot Shrine Breath of the WildLook at the many fans and many windmills, some being activated and others not, but let's take care of the chests first. Climb the slope in the southeast corner, then generate an ice pillar next to the opening in the wall on your right. Climb on the pillar and jump to the chest containing a Sapphire. Go back on the pillar and use the same method to reach the next chest containing a Feathered Lance. Generate a pillar to get close to the switch and hit it, which will activate the windmill on the other side and lift the bars. Go across by swimming or using the pillars and find an Ancient Core into the chest before going back next to the entrance. The goal being that all the windmills are turned on, stand next to the fan in the southwest corner (the entrance being in your back) and hit it three times. Then, hit the fan in the northwest corner three times, and the one in the southeast corner once. You only have to hit the three remaining fans once to activate the other windmills and lift the bars to the monk. Go ahead, look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Akh Va'quot gives you another Spirit Orb.

Tabantha Tower Breath of the WildBefore going on with the main quest, you can do a little sidetracking to get the map of the region, which is always very useful. From the back of the shrine, glide towards south, then climb the hills towards the very visible tower. Near the tower, blow up a pile of rocks against the wall and pick up some Rubies and Sapphires if you're lucky.

Tabantha Tower

While avoiding the pink substance, climb the pillar southwest of the tower, then shoot an arrow at the eye in the middle of the gooey substance. A part of this substance vanishes causing another pillar to fall on the tower. Climb this pillar, then climb the tower to the top. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map of the region. Looking around you, you notice two shrines, as well as a Great Fairy Fountain. Travel to the Rito Village's shrine. Put on your warm clothes or cook meals against the cold, then go on the platform pointing towards north (where the little pink Rito girl is). Fly towards north, then keep going northwest where a shrine is.

Sha Warvo Shrine - Path of Hidden Winds

Sha Warvo Shrine Breath of the WildGo forward, stand on the fan, then jump and take out the Paraglider to take off and land on a big platform. Do the same to reach a platform on your left and, still flying, shoot an arrow at the Guardian. Open the chest for 50 rupees, then fly in the same air current and land on the platform on the other side. Fly further above and land on a moving platform. Climb the ladder, stand on the following fan, look towards the very high tower, then fly and turn right where a hidden fan is. Take off again and there you can reach a chest on a small platform for a Knight's Bow. Go back to the fan in sight, use again the hidden one, and this time fly towards the monk. Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Sha Warvo gives you another Spirit Orb.

Flight Range Breath of the WildKeep going north and you'll soon reach the Flight Range. Enter the house and you meet a very busy Teba. Talk to him to offer your help because he's pretty determined to face Vah Medoh again. He asks you to destroy five targets in three minutes to test you. Take off and shoot at five targets of your choice, while reactivating your Paraglider each time. Then, take the Falcon Bow in the chest and the Wooden Arrows lying on a cabinet next to a Swallow Bow. If you're ready, talk to Teba again who says you have to shoot Bomb Arrows at the Beast's four cannons and he gives you twenty of them.

Flight Range Breath of the WildIn the air, get close to a cannon (but not that close) and shoot a Bomb Arrow at the cannon. If the cannon is hit, you should see its lifebar decreasing. Two or three arrows per cannon should be enough to destroy it. If you're too high, put off your Paraglider (with B) for two-three seconds to get lower then get ready to shoot again. As Teba is making diversions, you shouldn't get hit too much during this attack. When you've succeeded, the shield vanishes, Teba goes back to Rito Village to get healed and you land on the Beast. A travel gate is created, then you hear Revali's voice who's not surprised to see you here. He suggests you go find the "Guidance Stone" which contains Vah Medoh's map.

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