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Vah Medoh, Divine Beast of Wind

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Vah Medoh, Divine Beast of Wind

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildTurn around, go forward and shoot an arrow at the eye on the right to make the pink substance vanish. Open the chest which contains a Sapphire, then turn around and enter the Beast's body. Shoot an arrow at the eye on the right to free the way, then go down left and do the same with the eye on the ceiling. Go to the centre, use Magnesis on the metallic block to draw it to you, then go forward on it, jump to the right, then to the left and fight the Guardian. Pick up its Guardian Spear if you want to, as well as its Ancient materials, then go ahead again and place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the Beast's map. You hear Revali's voice again telling you to activate all the control terminals marked on the map.

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildGo back where the Guardian was, then fly to the right towards a chest below. Open it for some Bomb Arrows, then go near the edge and shoot an arrow at the eye on the left. Jump and open the chest containing an Ancient Shaft. On this level is a fan generating an updraft that can make you go back up or even go on the Beast's back. Get out on the side of the bird's right wing, go into the small "cabin" and shoot again at another eye far in front of you. Take out the map, select the pink dot at the bottom and press A then B to tilt Vah Medoh to the right, causing the cabin to slide to the right. Climb the slope and activate the first terminal. The bars next to it are lifted.

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildGo ahead, turn around quickly and shoot an arrow at the eye on the ceiling which sends out some skulls. Open the chest it dropped for some Ice Arrows. Hit the switch which lets the wind in, but which also lifts bars on the other side. Notice the two rotating windmills on the ceiling. Now tilt Vah Medoh to the left (top dot), then straightaway grab the right windmill's metallic block and hold it into the wind so the kind of shell on railtracks on the left slides all the way to the right and hits the button, which lifts some other bars. Let go, go on your right and activate another terminal. Now stand next to the switch and glide to the back on the left (to the centre of the creature) to land next to an elevated chest containing a Knight's Bow.

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildEnter the Beast's body, then go down and exit on the right side again. Go forward on the left (towards the head) and get rid of another eye, which frees an updraft. Vah Medoh being still tilted to the left, stand in the updraft and glide to the opening under the wing where you can spot a terminal. Activate it, then tilt the Beast to the right. Glide straight ahead, then shoot an arrow at the eye and enter the bird's body. Go right and use the fan to go up a level (the starting one). Go left, fly towards the vine wall that you can now grab and climb up. Open the chest containing an Ancient Core, then fly towards the left wing.

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildGo down the slope and quickly shoot an arrow at the other skull-sending eye. Then, tilt the Beast to the left and hit the switch which also creates openings and lets the wind go through. Climb the slope next to it, look on the other side and fly towards another terminal that you can activate. Only one to go. Then, place a bomb in the pipe right of the bars, then blow it up when it's not rolling anymore, which blows up a rock. Place in another bomb which will roll in front, then to the left and make it explode when you can't see it anymore, which destroys another rock which was hiding a metallic ball. Tilt Vah Medoh to the right, which makes the ball roll next to you, then grab it, and move it to the right in front of the pipe. Hit the switch to stop the wind, then tilt the bird again to the left, and this time the ball rolls to the back and presses the button which lifts the bars. Go ahead and activate the last terminal on the left. Turn around, go up the slope on your left up to the end and stand in the corner the furthest away from the chest above. Thanks to the incline, you can glide to it and find a Knight's Claymore inside.

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildMake the Beast horizontal, then go back inside its body, jump all the way to the bottom and stand in the fan on the left. Take out your Paraglider and fly to the back of the animal. Before going to the main control unit in front of you, you can find one more chest. Go ahead up to the Beast's beak and be careful not to fall. (If you slipped, glide to an updraft and go back onto the bird's neck). Open the chest holding a Giant Ancient Core, then fly to an updraft to go back on the bird's back. Get close to the control unit, place the Sheikah Slate on it and then Windblight Ganon materializes!

Windblight Ganon

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildIn the first phase, he fires at you with his cannon-arm and also sends out whirlwinds that you have to avoid the best you can. Try to keep him in sight to avoid his attacks. You can either shoot arrows at his eye (Wooden, Bomb or Shock ones), or hit him when he nearly touches the ground. But the best is to use the updrafts to fly away and take advantage of the slow motion moments to aim at his eye and fire arrows. When he's lost over half of his life bar, the second phase begins.
Now the cannon is replaced by missiles. Always do your best to avoid his projectiles, be ready to rush at him when he's close to the ground or again, use the updrafts to aim at his eye and shoot arrows. When he falls or is near the ground, deal as many sword or another strong weapon blows as you can. Stay focussed and hit him until you're done with him.

Vah Medoh Breath of the WildNow take the well-deserved Heart Container, then get to the terminal. If you think you've found everything within the Beast, activate it. Revali then appears, he congratulates you and thanks you for setting his soul free. He entrusts you with his power, Revali's Gale. Vah Medoh then goes to settle at the top of the village and it sends its beam at Hyrule Castle, ready to help you when you'll face Ganon. You end up in Rito Village, on Revali's Landing.

Talk to Bedoli next to you, she forgot the rest of her song. Then, go back to see the elder Kaneli and talk to him. He rewards you with the Great Eagle Bow and says that if you break it, Harth will be able to repair it.

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