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Gerudo Canyon and Gerudo Desert

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Jee Noh Shrine Breath of the WildIt is now time to go to the last region hiding a Divine Beast, so let's go to southwest Hyrule. It is strongly advised to have at least two stamina containers at this moment to climb some tall walls easily. Travel to the Keh Namut Shrine in the Great Plateau, look southwest and spot a shrine. Glide in this direction and cover the remaining distance by foot if needed. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and enter the...

Jee Noh Shrine - On the move

Go ahead and choose Stasis. Stand in front of the container, then freeze the orb when it goes in front of you. Shoot an arrow at it, then it should fall into the container, which opens a door. In the next room, do the same, while getting rid of (or avoiding) the two Guardians. In the third room, grab the orb on the right, go forward on the treadmill and go beyond the first laser when a block goes by in front of it. Stop to the left, put down the orb, then use Magnesis to grab the chest on the other side, draw it to you and pick up an Opal inside. Use Stasis on the following "laser blower", then quickly, lift the orb, go ahead, then go beyond the third laser when another block goes by it. Place the orb into the container, then go ahead, look at the Sheikah symbol, and the monk Jee Noh gives you another Spirit Orb.

west Hyrule Breath of the WildOutside, notice the planks along the great walls. Look for a place where the planks touch the wall, then climb, go under the planks and let go where the planks touch the wall. Then, follow the planks making a path to the west, then climb the four ladders. Shoot an arrow at the Bokoblin to make it fall down, then go on westwards. Pick a Big Hearty Truffle, then climb some more. Aim for the tower on the west while keeping on climbing.

Wasteland Tower

Wasteland Tower Breath of the WildNotice the many metallic crates on the edge of the mud pond, but also into the mud. Stand on the south side of the tower and start by firing a Bomb Arrow at the upper part of the stone block, which will fall onto the other two stone blocks and the tower. Then place some crates in such a way that you can jump from one to another, sometimes by stacking them, but you can also use Cryonis to create pillars onto the mud. So, jump from one crate/pillar to another, then jump on the stone pillars to reach the tower and climb to its top. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map of the area. Look southwest to spot a moving giant camel.

Now fly northwest where three Moblins are standing. Shoot some arrows at the electric Chuchus to zap the Moblins, then attack them and pick up their weapons, their Moblin Horns and Fangs, as well as some Yellow Chuchu Jelly. Open the chest to find a Topaz. Keep going southwest while catching some Cold Darners and Winterwing Butterflies if you want to. Cross a bridge, fight the Moblin on the other side, then cross another bridge and look below to the right. Drop some bombs at the Moblin to get rid of it, then go down two ladders. Do the same with the Lizalfos, then jump down and pick up its Yellow Lizalfos Claw, Horn and Tail. Fly below to another shrine.

Kay Noh Shrine - Power of Electricity

Kay Noh Shrine Breath of the WildLift the electric orb in front of you and place it into the container on the right, which lifts the bars. Climb the steps, turn right and shoot an arrow at the Guardian. Pick up its Ancient Spring, then shoot an arrow at the rope which holds another electric orb. Then, carry it, turn round and place it into another container, which sets a treadmill into motion. Go forward, open the chest holding a Small Key, then go back over the treadmill and open the door to the left. Fight another Guardian, pick up its Ancient components, as well as its Guardian Sword if you want to, then go into the next room. To light the lantern on the right (and lift the bars), use the Magnesis Rune on the non electric block and move it a bit closer to the chain dipping into the pool. Climb the steps, turn around and use Magnesis on the chest above to put it next to you. Pick up the Moonlight Scimitar, then go to the terminal, look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Kay Noh gives you another Spirit Orb.

Gerudo Desert Gateway Breath of the WildUpon leaving, go left and notice a stable below. Glide to the tall pillar, pick up some Rushrooms, then lift the stone to find another Korok who gives you a Korok Seed.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

Once you're at the bottom, talk to Sesami who lost his friends at Koukot Plateau. Pirou wants to trade a Diamond for 55 Rushrooms. The bird Piaffe can sing you a song about the hero from a hundred years ago that you may have already heard, and you also meet the painter Pikango again as well as the merchant Beedle. The man next to the donkey sells some insects. Before you go on your way, if it's day time, cook a meal with some chilly ingredients (e.g. a Chillfin Trout, a Winterwing Butterfly and a Cold Darner) to stand the heat, and if it's night time, cook a meal with some spicy ingredients to stand the cold, then aim for the southwest.

Gerudo Desert Gateway

Gerudo Desert Gateway Breath of the WildYou may meet a Gerudo woman who tells you about giant whales fossils or the Yiga Clan. On your right, pick up two Hydromelons. Further on the path, you see a giant creature looking like a camel. Talk to Ripp the Gerudo guard who tells you that Gerudo Town is forbidden to voes and ask her some more. Then touch the bright cloud on the left to remember another moment spent with Zelda while she was being attacked.

Kara Kara Bazaar

Drop by at Kara Kara Bazaar, there is notably a shop selling all kinds of arrows. Talk to Nobiro above a tent who's on the lookout and he tells you about a treasure in the storm. Talk to Robsten, a traveller trying to go to Gerudo Town, and to the Goron Strade who's watching a sandstorm calming down for a few hours each day. If it's night time or soon to be, cook a meal with peppers before going. Keep going southwest and pick some Voltfruits on the cacti. On your left, there is a small Sand Lizalfos campsite with a chest holding 10 Wooden Arrows. Keep going towards the town and the shrine on the right.

Daqo Chisay Shrine - The Whole Picture

Daqo Chisay Shrine Breath of the WildLook at the conducting lines on the ground and notice a barrel and a metallic block. Use Magnesis to place the barrel between two lines on the left to conduct the electricity further towards the two barred doors, then place the block between two other lines to lift the bars on the left door. Grab another barrel inside and place it between two other lines next to the first barrel. Then move the first barrel and the block in such a way that the electricity is carried to the second door, and find a Thunderblade inside the chest. Now for the right part! Place the metallic block between the two blocks next to the wall, place a barrel between two lines next to the electric source and place the second barrel between the two lines. For the missing connection, go grab the chest and place it between the two remaining lines to lift the bars. Grab the block and place it on the left to light the bulb on the right of the steps, then take the first block back and place it on the other side, which grants you access to the monk. Clmb the steps, look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Daqo Chisay gives you another Spirit Orb.

Gerudo Desert Breath of the WildOutside, talk to the merchant Benja who knows that a man managed to enter the town. Talk to the Gerudo Frelly as well, who owns a sand-seal rental shop in town, then go back to the Kara Kara Bazaar. Talk to Robsten again and tell him that a man managed to get in. He noticed a cute Hylian girl dressed like a Gerudo at the shop. Enter the shop-inn and talk about a sneaky guy to the selling girl so she tells you that there's someone on the roof. Climb the two ladders, talk to Vilia, look at her face and tell her she's pretty. She suggests you buy some clothes for 600 rupees. If you're not rich enough, sell some materials, then buy them. You are now dressed as a pretty Gerudo! But at least this way, you can stand the heat better. Warp to the Daqo Chisay Shrine, then enter the...

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