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Gerudo Town and Yiga Clan Hideout

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Gerudo Town

Gerudo Town Breath of the WildTake your time to visit this beautiful and big city. From the entrance, climb the first stairs on your left and find 100 rupees inside the chest. There is also an Iron Sledgehammer and a Gerudo Scimitar if you're interested. Next to the fruits seller, talk to Isha, a jewelery seller who needs 10 Flints. Talk to her again to give her 10 pieces of Flints (if you have them) and she offers you to choose an accessory. In the street on the right is the bar "The Noble Canteen". The landlady says she hasn't seen faithful customer Pokki for a long time. Close by, listen to the three Gerudos talking about a password... Enter the neighboring house. Talk to Rotana, an archeologist who studies sandstorms, and listen to her researches. You learn there's a temple near the Gerudo Desert Gateway and that the giant statues of the Seven Heroines are there. Then go to the other side of the room and listen again to the three Gerudos to know the password linked to the Gerudo Secret Club and write it down.

Gerudo Town Breath of the WildAll the way to the west of the town, talk to Kohm who runs the Sand-Seal Rental Shop. On the plaza, there's also a roasted meat seller, a clothes shop, an arrow shop, a mushroom shop and a cereals shop. Enter the house next to this one and look at the book on the pile. It's a cooking book giving you info about successful meals, monster extracts and selling your meals. Read the book next to the door as well, to get more info about meals and elixirs. In the northeast corner, notice a goddess statue and talk to a sitting old woman. She says that back in the days she was looking for the Lover's Pond. Enter the house on her left and give the password to get in. A Gerudo is selling special outfits. If you're rich enough, you can buy the Desert Voe outfit, which protects from the heat. Finally, climb the stairs facing the main entrance. Talk to Traysi, the reporter who writes the Rumor Mill books.

Cité Gerudo Breath of the WildEnter the throne room where you're greeted by Riju, the Gerudos chief, and her guards. She notices the Sheikah Slate and guesses you're a man. Then her guard Buliara suggests you go find the Thunder Helm to prove your worth. This relic which protects from thunder was stolen by thieves. The guard captain Teake may tell you more. Go down the stairs on your left and talk to Padda who introduces you to Patricia, chief Riju's sand seal. Give an apple or another fruit to the seal to get a prediction ^^ Enter the next room and take a Gerudo Spear. Go through the throne room, then talk to the captain who tells you that the Yiga Clan, whose hideout is at the bottom of Karusa Valley, has stolen the relic. Talk to the three Gerudos soldiers to learn that Barta hasn't come back. Now aim for the Sand Seals rental shop in the northeast corner and rent a seal for 20 rupees. If it's night time, wait for the day to come or cook a meal against the cold.

Gerudo Town Breath of the WildAim your seal towards northwest, to the yellow dot pointing the Yiga Clan in Karusa Valley. Once in the valley, look out for the falling rocks, then stop in front of the wall. Keep climbing by foot, then attack the Yiga and grab his Duplex Bow if you want to. Always stay on the move and hit him as soon as he's shot his arrow. Fight another Yiga, then three other Yigas come in. Pick up the fruits and rupees they drop, then go northeast until you enter a round room in which are torches, as well as another Duplex Bow on an altar. On the south side, pick up a Vicious Sickle on a crate. Use the torch to put the white tapestries on fire. Pick up the purple rupee and the Sapphire in the chests, and get rid of the bats. One of the tapestries was hiding some stairs. Climb them to reach the...

Yiga Clan Hideout

Yiga Clan Hideout Breath of the WildGo ahead until you reach the jail and talk to Barta, the missing Gerudo, who suggests to distract them, but it would be best to avoid them unless you're very strong. Take the Mighty Bananas on the crate and wait for a Yiga to come and go left. Then quickly jump, run straight ahead and turn left. Then, hide behind the big crate, take the bananas out and throw them in the Yiga's sight. When he's drawing near, run behind the crates, then go left and climb some steps. Go right and hide behind the first crate. Look at the tapestries on the right and shoot a Fire Arrow at the one in the middle to reveal a passage. Hide behind the crates further to the right, then when the Yiga goes away turning his back against you, run quickly to this passage and climb the steps. Open the two chests containing each a golden rupee, then climb the small steps, jump further to avoid the spikes, then climb the ladder. Jump on the little rooftop and open the chest behind for a Topaz. You can also open the chest at this level which contains 100 rupees and take some bananas, then come back to the roof under which a Yiga is standing.

Repaire des Yigas Breath of the WildThrow some bananas near the crates to lure him (but not on the crates), then rush into the corridor behind him. In the following room, find some bananas into the chest, break the pots for some arrows, and use Magnesis to take some other chests out of the ground which contain two Topazes and a Ruby. Then, use Magnesis again to rotate the right wall and go ahead...

You end up in a big arena where the great Kohga arrives, very happy to fight you! Ready your bow and shoot an arrow at him as soon as his protective barrier vanishes, then dash and give him three-four sword blows. Repeat this again once or twice, then he changes his strategy. He makes rocks circle around and throws them at you. Again, aim at him with your bow, then when a rock is above his head, shoot an arrow, then hit him. After one or two hits, new strategy. This time, you have to use Magnesis to grab the big rock he's throwing and throw it back at him. Eventually he'll take out an enormous rock... way too big for him! Pick up the Thunder Helm from the chest, then travel to the shrine next to... (You can also go back into the hideout and take all the remaining treasures - precious stones and bananas -, the Yigas being gone).

Gerudo Town

Gerudo Town Breath of the WildGo to the palace, talk to Buliara, then go upstairs. Talk to Riju and give her the Helm. You then have a memory of Lady Urbosa taking care of Princess Zelda and telling you about what your friend was going through at that moment. Then, Riju says that the Beast doesn't wander in the same spot anymore and asks you to meet her at the lookout post southeast of town. Go rent another seal, then meet her southeast of the town inside a house. Inside, take a Golden Bow if you want to, then climb the big ladder and talk to Riju. She suggests to guide you to get near the Divine Beast, then you'll have to wait for opportunities to shoot Bomb Arrows at its legs, while staying close to the Gerudo chief. She gives you 20 Bomb Arrows.

Gerudo Desert Breath of the WildAfter activating the Thunder Helm's power, you go towards Vah Naboris. First, stay in the helm's radius, and speed up when you need to. When the Beast is in sight, get ready to shoot Bomb Arrows at the end of its legs, two arrows per leg. Stay within or not too far from the circle to avoid getting shocked. If you get thrown down the seal, grab it again to go on. When the four legs are free of the pink substance, Vah Naboris stops and leans down. Riju asks you to seize this opportunity to climb aboard. After activating the terminal, you hear the voice of Lady Urbosa. She suggests you reach the "Guidance Stone" which holds the Beast's map.

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