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Oman Au Shrine and Ja Baij Shrine

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Oman Au Shrine - Magnetic power

Oman Au's Shrine Breath of the WildGo left, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and the "Magnesis" Rune is activated. Use this Rune to take hold of one of the two slabs in the middle and move it aside. Do the same with the other one, then go down the ladder, go ahead and climb the steps. Use the Magnesis Rune to grab this cube and use it to make the pile of cubes fall. Then, jump over the cubes to go to the other side, but beware of the enemy! Attack it with the sword or the axe, then pick up Ancient Screws or Springs. Go over the big slab, then use the Rune to move it and place it between the next two blocks. Go across on the slab, then use Magnesis again on the elevated chest on the left to bring it to you. It holds a Traveler's Bow. Open the two great doors using the Rune, then go ahead, climb the steps and take a look at the symbol. Oman Au, this shrine's founder monk, obeying Goddess Hylia, says you are the true hero and gives you the Spirit Orb, then he disappears.

Breath of the WildOutside, the old man congratulates you, then tells you about the Sheikah civilization symbolized by those "eyes" who used to reign here. He says that three other shrines are located on this plateau and that you have to complete them all to get his Paraglider. The old man advises to get on higher grounds to locate them and adds that the Sheikah Slate allows you to warp to the blue dots on your map. Open your map and warp to the Great Plateau Tower. Then, talk to him again and use the slate's zoom to locate the three other shrines. One of them is located all the way to the east of the area, in the ruins of the Eastern Abbey, another is all the way to the west, left of the River of the Dead, and the last one is all the way to the south of the area, on higher grounds. After marking those three spots, go down along the tower like you did last time, then go towards the closest dot, to the east.

Breath of the WildTake note of a bokoblin campsite in a skull-looking cave. Get close really slowly so you don't get noticed and shoot three to four arrows at the Bokoblin on the watchtower to get rid of it. Pick up the arrows on the ground, its Boko Bow, Horn and Fang. Hit the bat and pick up a Keese Wing. Carefully go to the cave, quickly get rid of the brown Bokoblin, then choose a strong weapon and fight the blue Bokoblin. If it drops its Spiked Boko Shield or its Spiked Moblin Club, pick them up quickly. Finally enter the cave, pick up everything you can find, climb the ladder and open the chest containing some Fire Arrows.

Resume your walk towards the next shrine, go across some ruins and beware of the monsters ("guardians") which can wake up! Go to the far east, climb the wall to reach the shrine and place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to open the door...

Ja Baij Shrine - Bomb Trial

Ja Baji Shrine Breath of the WildOnce inside the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal on the left. The "Remote Bomb" Rune is activated. Select a square bomb, place it next to the wall down the steps, step back, then make it explode. Go forward, blow up the wall on the right, then open the chest holding a Traveler's Claymore. Go to the other side, blow up the wall, then climb the ladder further. Step on the moving slab, drop a bomb at the end of it, go back on solid ground, then make the bomb explode when it's next to the wall. Go across on the slab, then notice the cannons and the cannonball going from one side to another. Climb the steps, select a round bomb and place it inside the pipe on the right. Once it's on the other side, blow it up to set a ladder free. Go to the far left, climb on the cannon and let yourself propel to reach a chest containing some Amber. Go down, go across the room, climb the ladder and get close to the altar. Look at the symbol to awaken the monk who will give you another Spirit Orb, then he'll vanish.

Take note: At this point of the game, your pouch may already be full or close to be. When you find a weapon or a shield and your pouch is full, throw away a weapon about to break or a weak weapon to keep a new or more powerful weapon.

Breath of the Wild walkthroughOutside, make a bomb explode next to the pile of rocks to create a path. Go back south and now aim for the next dot. You will soon see two Bokoblins next to a rock. Get closer slowly, go behind the rock and shoot an arrow at the beehive in the tree. The bees will attack one of the Bokoblins and you'll just have to hit the second one ^^ Pick up the Horns, the Fangs, a Boko Club and a Boko Shield against the tree trunk. A little further in the grass, pick up some Courser Bee Honey. Carry on your way, get close to a very big rock, climb and pick a Rushroom. Climb at the top to look at the surroundings, go to the shining green object and pick an Endura Shroom. Pick some more mushrooms if you want to, then go to the house.

Breath of the Wild walkthroughUpon entering, you find the old man again who leaves to cut a tree. Inside, take another Baked Apple, another Woodcutter's Axe, some Spicy Peppers on the table, then read the diary. It tells about a Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry which gives stamina, and about a Warm Doublet. Get out and get close to the fire. For example, you can throw one or many Apples in it to get a Simmered Fruit. Go right to the barrel and pick up the Farmer's Pitchfork. More to the right, look at the Bokoblins below. First shoot 2-3 arrows on the one on the tower, then get down, hit the other Bokoblins and pick up their Horns, Fangs, arrows and weapons if you want to. Open the chest at the top of the tower, which contains a Throwing Spear. Pick up the Seared Steak on the skewer, then make a bomb explode next to the planks at the back. Pick the mushrooms, take the honey and open the chest to get some Bomb Arrows.

Breath of the Wild walkthroughGo back to the woodcutter's house, go next to the old man and talk to him to get some info about cutting trees. Equip the axe and chop this tree to see in which direction it will fall down. The goal is then to chop one of the trees next to the pit so it falls across it. Stand rather in front of the tree facing the right, and give it 2 or 3 axe blows. If you didn't succeed, try again with another tree by adjusting your posture. Then carefully cross on the log. If it's night time and the Bokoblins are asleep, you can ambush them and defeat them with a single blow for each one! Keep going left, blow up the cracked rocks, then pick up some Fire Arrows in the chest. Backtrack a little, then climb the very high cliff while picking some Rushrooms along the way. When you can't see any more of them, go rather to the right. Once you're at the top, the shrine is in front of you... Go ahead, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to unlock the entrance, and go in...

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