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Owa Daim Shrine and Keh Namut Shrine

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Owa Daim Shrine - Stop the time

Owa Daim Shrine Breath of the WildInside the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to the left. The "Stasis" Rune is activated. Use the Rune to stop the gear when the slab on the right is horizontal. Go across on the slab, then go right. Stand next to the corridor with the rolling rocks, then as soon as one of them went by, rush up the slope and turn left or right. Do the same thing to cross the second part of the slope, then open the chest and pick up the Traveler's Shield in the chest. Go down the second half, go right and pick up the Iron Sledgehammer at the back. Then, get close to the rock on the narrow path, use the Stasis Rune on it, then quickly hit it several times with the hammer, to send it several feet away. Go ahead, take a look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Owa Daim will give you another Spirit Orb.

Outside, get close to the huge rock, use the Stasis Rune on it, then give it a few hammer hits to send it away. You can then open the chest which contains another Traveler's Bow.

Note: The next paragraphs give you the most logical walkthrough, but there is another way to reach the last shrine : Go back to the woodcutter by going down the cliff very cautiously or by warping to the Ja Baji shrine, and cook the recipe in his book composed of a spicy pepper, a piece of meat (raw meat or raw bird you get by hunting an animal) and a Hyrule bass (found in the lake near the temple). Talk to the old man again who gives you his Warm Doublet, then with this garment on, you can head north towards the temple, then northwest to a snowy area, then go round the River of the Dead from the south, and go on peacefully up to the next shrine.

Breath of the Wild walkthroughWarp to the Shrine of Resurrection. Go back to the place where you met the old man who is there again. If it's night time, wait by the fire and select morning. Then, head for the north in the "Forest of Spirits". At the north of this area, attack the Bokoblin campsite, then open the chest and find an Opal. Go westwards and climb a tree with a rather large trunk. Pick up two Bird Eggs. Keep going west in the area called "Hopper Pond". Attack another Bokoblin campsite with two watchtowers, then open the chest containing another Opal. Pick up the arrows, horns and weapons if you need some, as well as the Seared Steak on the skewer. In the surroundings, you can find some Apples, some Hyrule Herbs, some Blue Nightshades, some mushrooms, and if it's dark, some Sunset Fireflies. Keep going towards north, and follow the path going up leading west.

Great Plateau Breath of the WildOnce at the top, keep going forward, then climb on the ruins to the right, then higher, to reach another flat area. Go to an enemy campsite to the south and attack the Bokoblins on the platform by shooting arrows at them. If you can't reach some of them, shoot an arrow at the two ropes holding the footbridge, then climb on the platform and fight the others. Open the two chests containing some Amber and Wooden Arrows, then pick up what you feel like, as well as the Blue Bokoblin's Soldier's Broadsword! You now need to cook a meal to stand the cold for a few minutes. Use a torch from your Pouch or the one close to you to light the fire, throw an Apple and a Spicy Pepper to get a Spicy Simmered Fruit. Now keep going until you reach the broken bridge, eat your Simmered Fruit, use the Magnetis Rune on the vertical slab and put it on the poles in the water (no need for it to be perfectly done). Jump on the slab, then cross the bridge. Now go up the path in front of you. Once you're on a flat area, you can go right, climb and find a chest containing some Bomb Arrows. Go back on the path and keep going up round the mountain, avoid the Bokoblins and keep going until you reach the shrine. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to open the door, and get in...

Keh Namut Shrine - Ice pillars

Keh Namut Shrine Breath of the WildInside the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to the left. The "Cryonis" Rune is activated. Get close to the water and use the Rune to create an ice pillar next to the wall. Then climb this pillar and go down the steps a bit further. Now create another pillar right next to the barrier, to lift it up thus allowing you to go through. Beware of the Guardian, raise your bow with a Bomb Arrow if you can and shoot at its eye to defeat it. Pick up an Ancient Spring, then go ahead and look above on the left. Create a water pillar, climb it, then open the chest holding a Traveler's Spear. Jump down and climb on the great stone slab. Stand at one of its edges to make it tip over, then go on the small pedestal. Create an ice pillar under the risen part of the slab, then climb it to reach the upper level. You then only have to walk to the monk. Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Keh Namut will give you another Spirit Orb.

Great Plateau Breath of the WildOutside, the old man says that you have found all the orbs of all the Plateau's shrines and that you now have to go on the cross which links the four shrines. Warp to the Shrine of Resurrection. Then go back to the Temple of Time, enter the building where the statue is now lighted. Go close to it and pray to read its message. It notices your four Spirit Orbs and suggests to trade them for either another heart container or more stamina. Make your choice. Then, the old man asks you to meet him on the roof. Go right, notice the ladder on the right and climb. Climb carefully on the roof, until you reach the tower and get in.

Great Plateau Breath of the WildThe old man reveals he's the ancient king of Hyrule Rhoam Bosphoramus Nohansen and now decides to tell you what happened a century ago! Calamity Ganon was born in this very kingdom, his legend was passed down through generations, but one day everything changed. The people started to search the land of Hyrule to find the ancestors' old technologies. Four divine beasts, war machines, and Guardians, machines able to fight on their own, were discovered. The legend tells about a princess able to defeat evil and about a knight with a purifying blade. A hundred years ago also existed a princess and a knight, so four people were chosen to operate these creatures, under the princess' command, and were named Champions. But when Ganon rose again, he took control of the four divine creatures and of the Guardians, and used them against the people of Hyrule. The Champions and the people died, the knight fought until the end, but the princess survived. This princess is the King's daughter, Zelda, and the knight was Link, you. It took a hundred years to bring you back to life, while Zelda is fighting to keep Ganon trapped inside the castle.

The late king asks you to save his kingdom because you are the only hope. The four creatures are still under Ganon's influence and the castle is still under the Guardians' control. So he advises you to go to Kakariko Village to the east, where a woman named Impa will be able to help you. As he promised, he gives you his Paraglider then he disappears. Open the chest which contains a Soldier's Bow.

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