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Hyrule Kingdom and Dueling Peaks Stable

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Warp to the Ja Baij Shrine, then go behind the building, climb at the top of the wall and find another Soldier's Broadsword. Then face north-east, jump and take out the Paraglider to hover straight ahead. You arrive in the...

Hyrule Kingdom (West Necluda region)

Go on north a bit, until you reach some ruins.

Outpost Ruins

West Necluda Breath of the WildVisit them, fight the blue Bokoblin and pick up its Bokoblin Guts, its Horn, Fang and gear. Open the chest in a corner which contains 20 rupees! In a chest atop some stairs you can find a Traveler's Bow. In these ruins, you can also find Rusty Halberds and Rusty Broadswords. [If you own the DLC pack, look for a book on a bookshelf.] Around midnight, you hear Zelda's voice talking about the night of the blood moon during which the souls of the monsters awaken. Not so far away, to the northeast of these ruins, some signs point to Lake Hylia and the Dueling Peaks / Hateno Village. Keep going to the east to reach the...

East Post Ruins

Beware of the many Moblins. There, you can find a chest containing a Traveler's Bow. Further to the east, a little hidden by a hill, you can find a shrine. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to open the door, and get in...

Bosh Kala Shrine - The Wind Guides You

Bosh Kala Shrine Breath of the WildClimb the steps to the left, stand on the slab and look into the wind's direction. When the wind is blowing, run, jump and quickly take out the Paraglider to reach the other side. Open the chest containing some Amber, then go to the next room. Turn left and do the same to go across thanks to the wind. Climb the steps in the middle, do the same to glide, but let go when you're above the slab. Look right, fly to the chest and take a Traveler's Claymore inside it. Fly to the platform nearby, walk up the steps and reuse the technique again to come back where you were. Climb the steps, take a look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Bosh Kala will give you another Spirit Orb.

Keep going east and cross the Proxim Bridge. Talk to Brigo, a traveler, who's watching over a Guardian. Keep going east and read the signs pointing towards the Dueling Peaks Stable. Keep going towards the trees where you can see a rolling rock next to a hole. Push the rock into the hole, a Korok shows up and gives you a Korok Seed. Now, go back a bit and where a rock is standing close to the water, cross the river. Go on on your right (eastwards) and get close to the large rock. Make a bomb explode on the cracked part then open the chest which holds 50 rupees. Continue towards south-east up to the tower.

Dueling Peaks Tower

Dueling Peaks Tower Breath of the WildClimb it up to the top, then place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map of the area. You also get the Sheikah Sensor functionality helping you finding shrines. Fly south, then go east to reach an abandoned campsite. There you can cook and find a Flint in a chest. Another traveler could be around. Talk to Agus who is actually a materials seller. Follow the path going between the Dueling Peaks and climb the great ladder next to the Big Twin Bridge to take a look at the surroundings. Jump to climb on the crate, look at the shrine, then jump and quickly take out your Paraglider to reach it and cross the brambles. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and get in...

Ha Dahamar Shrine - The Water Guides

Ha Dahamar Shrine Breath of the WildGo ahead, use the Cryonis Rune to create a water pillar, and climb it. Then, you have to generate two blocks side by side like stairs to cross the hole. Turn around, look above, then create two other blocks as stairs to reach the chest containing 50 rupees! Go back down, then climb the steps. On the right, take note of a container, then climb all the stairs, look on the right and look at the falling rock. Create an ice block above the triangle-shaped piece, then another one under the left side of the seesaw, as well as a third block down the seesaw so the rock falls on the seesaw and goes a bit more to the container! The bars are lifted. Go back down, go through the bars and go right. Look at the Sheikah Symbol and the monk Ha Dahamar gives you another Spirit Orb.

The brambles in front of the shrine are now gone. Go towards the big tent.

Dueling Peaks Stable

Dueling Peaks Stable Breath of the WildTalk to the man outside, Rensa, and ask him about all the available topics. There is a research centre in Hateno Village, the Sheikah are living in Kakariko Village, and his brother Tasseren is taming wild horses. Next to him, talk to Tasseren who will tell you about horses and how to catch them. Enter the tent and talk to everyone inside. Outside talk to Hino who's studying the Blood Moon mystery and to Sagessa a medicine expert. She gives you a Hasty Elixir which boosts up your speed. Talk to the two boys near the horses as well. A merchant with a donkey may arrive from Hateno. You also should meet Beedle (and old acquaintance for some of you), an ammo and other materials seller.

Go westwards (on the north side of the river), climb the rock and hit the black rocks with your hammer to find some Flint, some Amber and/or some Rock Salt. Attack the bokoblin campsite which treasure is a Boomerang, for example by shooting a fire arrow at one of the red barrels. Further, blow up the rocks hiding a chest containing a Traveler's Bow and climb the rock to reach another shrine. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to open the door, and enter...

Ree Dahee Shrine - Timing is Critical

Ree Dahee Shrine Breath of the WildGo forward and stand on the switch. A platform tilts and makes a ball fall into a container, which activates a moving platform. Go on this platform to go across. Stand on the next switch, which tilts two platforms and makes a ball fall off. When this ball reaches the right side, step down from the switch so it falls on the platform below and into a container, which will activate another moving platform. Step on this platform to go across and go down the steps. There, stand on the switch which tilts a platform with a ball. When the ball is about to fall down, jump on the switch so the ball jumps into the container! Stand on the activated moving platform, go right and notice two barrels below. Use the Magnesis rune to bring one of them close to you, then carry it and come back onto the moving platform. Drop the barrel on the switch, then cross again, jump left and open the chest holding a Climbing Bandanna! Go down the slope, go left and climb up the ladder. Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Ree Dahee gives you another Spirit Orb.

West Necluda Breath of the WildGo back towards the Dueling Peaks Stable. You can now try to catch a horse. Look for some in the north, crouch and get near one from behind, then quickly ride it and try to get it to Tasseren by calming it down and slowing down when needed. Talk to the man from your horse and ask him to register it. To do so, pay 20 rupees, then give it a name.

Now head north, cross the Kakariko Bridge, then keep going right. Along the way, you may meet the explosive expert Brokka, who tells you about ore to extract with explosions. On your right, you notice a rather strange tree... It's Hestu whom the first Korok told you about, some monsters have hidden his beloved maracas. Get off your horse (B button), then go to these rocks and attack the three blue Bokoblins. Open the chest which contains Hestu's Maracas, then backtrack and talk to Hestu. Give him his maracas back, but he needs some seeds. If you own at least one, talk to him again and give him a Korok Seed. As a reward he expands one of your Pouch's stashes at your will (weapons, bows or shields). Make your choice, and if you have two more seeds, you can expand your Pouch again. Then go back on your mount and go on your way towards the village.

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