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Hyrule Castle

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Hyrule Castle

A few remarks:
The goal of my walkthrough of the castle is to go in all the important places while avoiding the two towers hiding very strong Lynels.
- You ought to know that when you go back into the castle (after leaving the area), the eyes are there again, so the paths they opened are closed again. On the other hand the blown-up walls are still open.
- There are many entrances and shortcuts inside the castle that are one-way through.
- There are also several ways to enter the castle. I chose to enter from the docks to the north, but you can enter from the west, northeast and south as well (see the bottom of the page).

Hyrule Castle Breath of the WildDocks

Run to the left, jump into the water and swim into the passage under the castle. Once you've reached the underground pier, swim left to avoid the Lizalfos, change your outfit and climb the steps. Get rid of the bats, then climb the great stairs. You can break the crates to your left for different sorts of arrows and fruits. Then, shoot a Fire Arrow (or a regular arrow that you put on fire) into the big bowl, which will make a shrine appear!

Saas Ko'sah Shrine Breath of the WildSaas Ko'sah Shrine - A Major Test of Strength

Go forward and get ready to fight a tough Guardian. Perform some jump attacks, avoid its attacks, hit it with Ancient weapons if you can and shoot some Shock Arrows. Once it's defeated, pick up its Guardian Spear++, its Ancient Battle Axe++, its Guardian Sword++ as well as its Ancient materials. Go ahead, find a Flameblade into the chest, then the monk gives you another Spirit Orb.

Now climb the following stairs until you see a metallic crate. Pull this crate, as well as the bookshelf behind, then carefully enter the library.


Hyrule Castle Library Breath of the WildFight the two Lizalfos on the ground, f.ex. starting by shooting a few Ice Arrows, then pick up their weapons if you want to. Take the 100 rupees from the chest on the south side. On a table in the middle, read the "Castle Library Book 1" that gives out the recipe for the Fruitcake. There is a secret room behind a bookshelf facing the entrance, where you can find 100 rupees inside a chest as well as some ores (Ruby, Topaz, etc.). Pull as well a bookshelf to the north to enter the King's Study, where you'll find 300 rupees inside a chest, a Royal Guard's Shield as well as the King's Journal on his desk. Upstairs, there are three other Lizalfos. Use Magnesis to grab a door on the ground and place it on the destroyed ground to go across the hole. Right after that, read the "Castle Library Book 2" giving out the Monster Cake's recipe. Keep going straight ahead, then find a Great Frostblade into a pile of rocks.

Hyrule Castle Breath of the WildFollow the corridor, fight another Lizalfos, pick up its Steel Lizal Bow if you want to, then keep going and attack another Lizalfos, that drops a Lizal Spear. Before you go through the door, look inside: there's a Moblin and some weapons on the left. Dash at the Moblin, attack it, then pick up the weapons to your liking, such as a Royal Guard's Shield, a Royal Claymore, a Knight's Bow, a Knight's Halberd or a Royal Guard's Bow. Make good use of this plenty of weapons to break the crates and barrels containing all sorts of arrows and fruits. Climb the steps, then climb the wall to the left to reach the upper floor.

Enter the new corridor, place a bomb next to the cracked wall, then get in and shoot an arrow at the hanging acorn to find another Korok. At the next crossroad, go left. On your right, you can blow up the wall, but there is a Lizalfos behind. Blow up the wall on your left and take the Royal Guard's Sword. If you own the DLC, open the chest holding the Royal Guard Uniform. Go back into the corridor, go the other way, then turn left (or right) and enter the room.

Dining Hall

Hyrule Castle Breath of the WildFight the two Moblins by staying on this side or by luring them into the corridor, then without getting spotted by the others, pick up the fruits and the meat on the table, as well as a Molduga Fin. The Moblins dropped a Silverscale Spear and a Dragonbone Moblin Club. Behind the fireplace's grating, pick up a Royal Guard's Spear thanks to Magnesis. Next, attack the two other Moblins, which left a Dragonbone Moblin Spear and a Stone Smasher, then pick up the mushrooms and raw meats on the tables. There is a Royal Bow on the chandelier on the ceiling! You can use the fire and the cooking pot to cook some meals, notably to refill your hearts and boost your attack level. Get out into the corridor, go left and enter another room. Fight the Moblin, shoot an arrow at the eye, then climb the steps on the left. Hit another Moblin, pick up its Royal Halberd, then enter another room.

Observation Room

Hyrule Castle Breath of the WildShoot an arrow at the eye, which makes the pink substance vanish and grants you access to the outside. Climb the steps, and take the Thunderblade if you want to. On the balcony, pick up the three Ancient Arrows from the chest, a Royal Bow, as well as some Wooden Arrows. Get close to the windmill and shoot at the balloon that appears very far away ahead of you to get another Korok Seed. Go to the right of the balcony, then glide to the right while staying close to the castle and land next to a waterfall.

Get into the passage on the right of the waterfall, then a door closes behind you. Use Cryonis to open the following door, climb the steps, then fight a Lizalfos. Go down the steps on the left, then blow up the wall behind the crates to find three Ancient Arrows inside a chest, as well as a hanging Korok Acorn. Keep going down to reach the...

Guards' Chamber

Hyrule Castle Breath of the WildOn your left, there is a switch enabling you to get out, but stay here. From the stairs, shoot a Bomb Arrow at a barrel higher, then hit the two Lizalfos. Go down to the right, drop a bomb next to the barrel and the vines, then find a Shard of Naydra's Fang inside a chest. Behind the targets there is a Knight's Halberd and a Knight's Claymore. If you own the DLC, open the chest holding the Royal Guard Boots. Go down even lower, get rid of the Moblin, then pick up its Royal Guard's Claymore. Blow up the three barrels side by side to find a Savage Lynel Shield inside a hidden chest. The suits of armour are also holding weapons.

Go back into the corridor, climb the steps and go north. Go through between the heaps of substance, shoot an arrow at the eye on the ceiling, then keep going forward to the end of the corridor and then turn left. You reach a corridor with a way out, but don't go outside.

Hyrule Castle Armory Breath of the WildGet close to the broken fence and go down along the wall and a bit to the right to get on some planks. Lift the stone to find a Korok, then go along the wall to the left, glide over the pink substance to find a ladder and reach a study. Blow up the cracked wall, fight the Lizalfos and get a Shard of Dinraal's Fang from the chest, as well as a Knight's Broadsword and a Knight's Shield if you want to. Backtrack and hit the lever, which generates a wind current next to the Moblin at the bottom. Go down the ladder, then with your back against the ladder, fly straight ahead and get out into a corridor.

Go left, blow up the cracked wall, then go forward to reach a passage.

West Passage

Keep going left until you reach a room, and go down the slope. Get in the warm water and stay there until all your hearts are refilled. Notice the three small statues, place a Bird's Egg into the empty bowl for it to become a Hard-Boiled Egg into the warm water and a Korok appears. (If you don't have any Bird's Egg, there are two hidden behind a Guardian's shell.) If you keep following the passage, you end up outside, so climb up the slope, go back into the corridor and keep going left to enter the...

Hyrule Castle Lockup Breath of the WildLockup

At the bottom of the corridor, blow up the cracked wall and go ahead. Shoot an arrow at the eye through the bars, then fight the Lizalfos and the Moblin. If you want to, pick up the Blizzard Rod inside the cell in front of you. Then, go left, enter the cell in front of you and notice a heap of big bones. It's a Stalnox getting back together! Attack it by shooting arrows at its eye and by hitting its legs, and when its eye falls off, hit it relentlessly. Once it's defeated, it drops a Royal Halberd, a Royal Broadsword and a Great Thunderblade, as well as a chest. Open it to get the Hylian Shield! Look at the stele behind saying that this place is the Training Ground as well as the final test of the royal guard! Go back into the corridor, get a Topaz into the chest to the right, then go to the second lever. Hit it to open a few cells, then fight the enemies to open some chests. There is a silver rupee inside one of them after blowing up a wall between two cells. After you got rid of a Moblin with a spear, blow up the wall inside its cell to reach another cell with an opening going outside. From there, shoot an arrow at an eye on the other side of the corridor, which lifts the bars and causes the pink substance to vanish. There is a Royal Guard's Claymore where the eye was. If you keep going up to a grilled fence that you can lift with Cryonis, you reach the outside on the north side.

Hyrule Castle Breath of the WildIn order to keep on exploring the castle, backtrack to exit the Lockup, and once in the corridor, go straight ahead to get back to the very tall room with a Moblin in it. Fight or avoid it, then use the previously created wind current to fly while looking south (Korok side), and climb a little more to reach the upper floor. Go left, go through the corridor, turn left and at the crossing, go right.

Destroy another eye, then climb the spiral stairs to end up outside where a Guardian is waiting for you! Put on some Ancient clothes, then shoot one or two Ancient Arrows at its eye or use Daruk's Protection to get rid of it, and pick up its Ancient materials. Then, go right (west) and climb three sets of steps. Destroy another Guardian the same way you did, then climb the steps next to it until you reach a room in ruins.

Zelda's Room Breath of the WildZelda's Room

Fight a Moblin and pick up its Edge of Duality if you want to. Above the fireplace there is a Royal Guard's Bow. On the desk, you can read Zelda's diary in which she talks about you and her will to know everything about the relics, among other things. Behind a divider is a chest containing 100 rupees and on the balcony, a Korok is hidden under a rock. Then, go back into the room, climb the wall to reach the upper floor, then run across the little bridge to the west. However there was a cloud of a memory. When the flying Guardian goes away, get close to live this memory again.

Zelda's Study Breath of the WildZelda's Study

On the desk, read Zelda's notes in which she talks about the Sheikah Slate, the Guidance Stone and her links with Impa and Purah. Pick the Silent Princess, then get out. There are now two ways to reach the castle's heart:
- From the south, more direct but more dangerous: Fly to your right towards a pool, then fly some more to your left to get next to a river. Put on your Zora armor, jump into the river and go up the waterfalls towards the castle's main entrance, where Ganon is.
- From the north, longer but safer: Go back into Zelda's Room, climb on the roof, then glide north while staying close to the castle and land near a covered passage with some pink substance. Follow this tunnel, then when you're in the open, climb higher. Blow up the cracked rocks, find a Korok, then keep climbing until you reach the highest floor.

Before you enter the central room by one of the openings, you can get - if you have the DLC - a piece of the Royal Guard's uniform: Climb the walls until reaching the level above this room where you can walk around the tower. On the southeast or northwest side, go down some small stairs, then go down a ladder to reach the throne room. An armour is standing to the north with a chest at its feet holding the Royal Guard Cap!

Other ways in:
Enter the castle from the west: From the island west of the castle's island, look at the castle and notice some kind of railtracks along the rocks. Swim to these tracks, then you see a tunnel going to your right and to your left. Climb the wall and go left until you reach the tunnel. Go ahead and reach the "West Passage".
Enter the castle from the northeast: Northeast of the castle's island, look southwest and notice some waterfalls. Put on your Zora armor and swim towards the left of these waterfalls (don't climb them). Climb the rock wall, get rid or avoid the Guardian Turret, then enter the tunnel: the "East Passage". Find a Royal Guard's Sword and a cooking pot, as well as four ice blocks into some water. Thaw the second block from the left, then look at the sparkles to find a Korok. Keep going into the passage and notice a huge heap of rocks. It's a rare Stone Talus! which releases an updraft after its destruction. Use this updraft or climb the wall behind it, then find a chest on the north side containing a Shard of Farosh's Fang. Shoot an arrow at the eye a bit further to create a shortcut to the "Library".

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