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Daruk's Song

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Revali's song Breath of the WildNow let's go to Eldin! Travel to the Shae Mo'sah Shrine, then go through Goron City, cross the lava river and keep going south. There you meet Kass next to another stone monument. Upon approaching it, the pillars reveal three other locations that you have to find and the Rito sings the verse written by his master:
"Crawling flame on a mighty peak. Rudania's champion, never weak.
The hero's power shall grow. Seek trials monuments show.
One, stop a titan of molten stone. Two, follow rings of light alone.
Three, survive lava's fiery fate. Champion, trials await!"

Revali's song Breath of the WildThen Kass tells you that he went to Goron City and spoke to young Yunobo and chief Bludo. Look closely at the places shown by the pillars to recognize Death Mountain's crater, the vicinity of Lake Darman and the vicinity of Darb Pond. Go back to Goron City, talk to Bludo in front of his house and ask him about Daruk. He tells you about his Boulder Breaker and the valley that Daruk dug. He tells you that Yunobo is at the city's entrance standing on the gate. Go back to the entrance and get on the bridge going over it. Talk to Yunobo who says he recently found Daruk's diary in the Abandoned North Mine and that he brought it back home. Go east, enter the second house and read Daruk's diary to learn more about your meetings, about Zelda's plan to defeat Ganon and about the fact that Daruk will pilot Rudania.

Next, travel to the Divine Beast, then go southeast where you can immediatley spot a blue ring. Go through this ring, then go through the following rings by climbing, flying, sometimes falling a bit, until you reach the last two ones. Then the Sharo Lun Shrine emerges from the ground.

Sharo Lun Shrine - Blind Spots

Revali's song Breath of the WildFirst of all, put on the whole set of the Flamebreaker Armor if you can. Go to the moving stone blocks and look at the flames on your right. Jump on one of those blocks and remain that way to go through the first flames. As soon as you're away, move to the other side of the block to avoid the following flames, then climb the block to go over the last ones. Jump to the right and look at the next step. Jump onto a block, go under the spikes, then quickly climb onto the block and shoot some arrows at the three Guardians. Then, go back down to avoid the spikes, then jump to the right. Jump onto the next block, climb on it, then when you're in front of a water wall, generate an ice pillar at your level and climb on it. Jump on the small platform, then generate two ice pillars next to each other where the chests are falling to be able to open one holding a Great Flameblade. Jump on the following platform, then glide to another block. When you reach the following water wall, use Cryonis to generate some ice pillars to form a staircase to make you reach the monk's altar. Touch the altar to receive a Rudania's Emblem.

For the following shrine, travel to the Shora Hah Shrine, use Magnesis to place the cart on the rails (the right way), then make two bombs explode to reach a place where you can jump on solid ground. Keep going east along Lake Darman, then climb to go round a peak and there you'll spot a Goron. Talk to Krane, who says he's walking in the great Daruk's footsteps who fought a gigantic monster. Keep going southeast and you'll spot a huge bunch of molten stones in the lake. Get close to wake up an Igneo Talus Titan! There the twice-enhanced full Flamebreaker Armor set is strongly advised. Get close to the lake's bank, take off thanks to the wind current, then shoot some Ice (or regular) arrows at the talus' ore deposit. Repeat this technique as much as you need to defeat it. Then the Kamia Omuna Shrine emerges from the ground.

Kamia Omuna Shrine - Moving Targets

Revali's song Breath of the WildGo left, place a bomb inside the cannon, hit the switch, then make the bomb explode when the cannon is nearly in front of the target. Then a moving target appears. When the target starts to go up or down again, hit the switch and make another bomb explode at the right moment. To reach the chest, you have to make a bomb explode when it touches the chest's holding platform, which causes it to fall into a container. Then, get close, use Magnesis on the chest to bring it at your feet and find a Diamond inside. Climb the ladder, climb the steps, then go right. Look at the mechanism, then rotate your controller to place the target on the left at the end of the track, it especially has to be at the right height. Place a bomb, hit the switch, then make the bomb explode at the target. Another target appears behind the moving platform. This time, you have to make it so the open side of the platform faces you so you can reach the target on the wall. Then, make a bomb explode so it goes through the platform and hits the target, which lifts the bars! Look at the monk's altar to receive another Rudania's Emblem.

Now, travel to the Kayra Mah Shrine, then go east towards Darb Pond and notice three Gorons on a rock south of the lava lake. If you own the Travel Medallion, place it there, then go talk to them so they tell you about the trial. You have to get close to the glowing ring in the lava and stand on the lava! Go west of the pond and notice two metal crates. Thanks to these crates and Magnesis, you have to build a path to this circle by moving the small rocks in the lava, and you can also jump on these crates. Once you're next to the circle, a shrine emerges from the ground. Travel to the Medallion, then go to the shrine southwest of the pond.

Rinu Honika Shrine - Block the Blaze

Revali's song Breath of the WildIn this shrine, the twice-enhanced and full Flamebreaker Armor set will make your task way easier. Go to the flames and crouch to go under them. If you have the enhanced armor, you can simply go forward to go through the two following series of flames. If you don't have it, use Magnesis on the metal block located inside a pillar to the right, then use it to go across while shielding you from the flames, then place it further. Jump on the metal block in the lava and jump futher. Then, grab the first block, place it under the curtain of flames, then grab the block in the lava and place it above the other slightly to the right (or the left) to create a path through the curtain. Go through the flames, grab one of the blocks again, place it into the lava next to the ladder, then fly, climb the ladder and get a Stone Smasher from the chest. From there, glide to the corridor and keep going. Look at the mechanism and rotate the platform in such a way that the six small pillars are pointing upwards and the path is going forward so you can quietly reach the monk's altar. Look at the altar, receive another Rudania's emblem and the monk says you found the three emblems and that you can now go to the Divine Beast Rudania.

Travel to the beast and get close. A voice says that a new challenge awaits you which consists in facing your memories. You then end up in front of Fireblight Ganon and as weapons you have a mere Boulder Breaker, a Knight's Bow and five Ice Arrows! but on the other hand you have the four Champions' powers :-)

Fireblight Ganon - Illusory Realm

Revali's song Breath of the WildDuring the first phase, avoid his fire attacks and when he's close to the ground, run at him and hit him with the Boulder Breaker. You can also aim at his eye and shoot an Ice Arrow, which should stun him for a few moments thus allowing you to hit him again. Repeat these steps to go on to phase two. Like during the first fight, he generates a protective shield. When he inhales a fireball, throw a bomb in his direction and make it explode after he's swallowed it. He then will fall down, use Stasis to freeze him and rush to hit him with the Boulder Breaker. Keep avoiding his fire attacks, shoot some arrows at his eye if you still have some, but most importantly, freeze him when he's close to the ground and hit him. If he starts to fire his red beam, protect yourself with Daruk's Protection and repel his beam back at him, which will also cause him to fall down and take advantage of this to defeat him!

After your victory, you meet Kass again who composed a new song about Daruk. A sequence shows Daruk getting visited by Princess Zelda and who agrees to pilot the Beast. Zelda tells him that the king will choose a knight for her, then some Bokoblins attack a dog and Daruk makes them run away with a blow from his Boulder Breaker. But what a surprise... Daruk is afraid of dogs! Then, you receive Daruk's Protection + which now reloads faster.

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