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Revali's Song

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Revali's song Breath of the WildNow let's go to Tabantha! Travel to the Bareeda Naag Shrine south of Rito Village, then climb the hill to the south to find another stone monument, as well as Kass. Upon approaching, the pillars reveal three other locations that you have to find, and the Rito sings the verse composed by his master:
"Wind's ally soars the land of cloud. Medoh's Champion, swift and proud.
The hero's power shall grow. Seek trials monuments show.
One, shoot the flame dragon's horn. Two, race down a peak rings adorn.
Three, shoot four targets to win. Champion, the trials begin!"

Revali's song Breath of the WildThen Kass says that in his village he talked to Teba and to elder Kaneli. Look closely at the places shown on the pillars to recognize the Flight Range, the west side of Hebra Peak and Tanagar Canyon. Travel to Rito Village's shrine and go talk to the chief. Ask him about Revali and he says that his diary was found by Teba at the Flight Range. You learn that the dragon Dinraal is often at Tanagar Canyon and that its appearance changed. Then travel to the shrine next to the Flight Range and go to this place where Teba lives. Ask him about Revali and about the four targets the song speaks of. Then talk to Tulin and show him your skills at mid-air archery, then he gives you a purple or silver rupee. Now the targets slightly changed in appearance. Start the exercise again (without talking to the little Rito), stand correctly, then very quickly shoot at any four targets. Then a new shrine emerges from the waters at the bottom of this place. Jump down and place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal.

Noe Rajee Shrine - The Four Winds

Revali's song Breath of the WildGo ahead, step on the fan, then shoot an arrow at the switch in front of you to activate it. Rise in the air and land on the platform to look at the great room and most of all its central platform with four sides. One side holds some stone blocks, when you can see them, take off and shoot a Bomb Arrow to destroy them, then go to the switch they were hiding. Hit that switch, which turns another fan on. One side holds four fans arranged in a square. Fly to these four fans, then once you're all the way to the top, turn around and shoot an arrow at the switch, which turns another fan on. A side holds a small windmill which opens a door to a switch when you rotate it. Fly into the updrafts in a corner of the room and shoot an arrow at this switch when you can reach it, which will turn another fan on. Finally, the last side holds a cage in which a switch is that you can see from one of the cage small sides. Take off and shoot an arrow at the switch through the bars. Now, you have to glide through the fans in the four corners of the room to keep going up and manage to land above the central platform. Fly counter-clockwise to keep going up until the top of the platform. For a Shield of the Mind's Eye, glide in the opposite direction to the monk's one, go behind the very high tower, fly into the fan, then open the chest. Now come back to the top of the central platform, then just fly to the monk's altar. You receive a Medoh's Emblem.

Then travel to the Goma Asaagh Shrine next to Hebra Peak. Shoot some Fire Arrows or use Revali's Gale to go out, then go south where you spot a light ring. Go through this ring, then you have to combine running with the Snow Boots, gliding with the Paraglider and shield-surfing (unavoidable for the second part of the track) to go through all of the rings within the time limit. Then a new shrine appears.

Kiah Toza Shrine - Master The Orb

Revali's song Breath of the WildCarefully look at the room to understand the path the orb has to take to fall into the container to the bottom right. Go down the steps, go round the fan, and start by generating two ice pillars next to each other on the water wall right of the seesaw. Then, fly thanks to the fan and land on the middle floor. Use Magnesis to move the two hanging metal blocks so they're close (and so the orb can take a turn), as well as two other metal blocks a bit further so the orb can roll on them. Then, when an orb gets close, stand on the switch to change the treadmill's direction, then as soon as the orb is away, glide below and use Stasis to freeze the seesaw so the orb can go on it, then on the ice pillars. As soon as the seesaw is frozen, go to the switch to the right and when the orb falls onto the mechanism, get on it to send it to the right and make it fall into the container, which lifts the bars! To reach the chest, glide into the fan and land all the way to the top. Then, create an ice pillar near the block, climb onto the block, then create another pilliar at your feet to make the block go up. Climb the ladder and find a Falcon Bow in the chest. Climb the steps to the monk's altar and receive a new Medoh's Emblem.

For the following shrine, travel to Hebra Tower, then fly southwest towards Tanagar Canyon. Look down and you'll notice a campfire. Go down there and talk to the Rito Mazli who says that the dragon comes here every night and that its horns shine with an enchanting light. If it's daytime, wait by the fire for the night to come. When the dragon arrives, put on the Flamebreaker Armor to protect yourself from its fireballs, then when it's close, take off thanks to the wind currents and shoot an arrow at one of its shiny horns. The light will disappear and a new shrine will come out! Fly across the canyon to this shrine thanks to the updrafts generated by the dragon.

Shira Gomar Shrine - Aim for Stillness

Revali's song Breath of the WildGo forward, fly through the three fans, shoot a Bomb Arrow at the stone blocks, then fly through the following fan and land. Place a bomb in the cannon's pipe, then make it explode when it's right next to the stone blocks, which frees two other fans. Glide to these fans, climb on them and land onto the platform above. Then, fly to the spinning platform and notice a small platform high above. Fly to this platform thanks to an updraft in front of one of the two cannons and find 10 Bomb Arrows. Then come back to the spinning platform and look at the bars which lower when the windmill is activated. As soon as the bars are up again, use Stasis to freeze the windmill, then when a cannon approaches the stone blocks, place a bomb and make it explode when it's right by the blocks to destroy them. Then, fly in this direction and go through when the bars are up to the following fans. Take off thanks to these fans, then go through the following fans until you reach the monk's altar, who gives you a Medoh's Emblem. He adds that you found the three emblems and that you can go to the Divine Beast Medoh.

Travel to the Beast and get close. A voice tells you that a new trial awaits you, consisting in facing your memories. You then end up in front of Windblight Ganon and as weapons you only have a Feathered Edge, three bows, 100 wooden arrows and 5 bomb arrows, but on the other hand you have the four Champions' powers :-)

Windblight Ganon - Illusory Realm

Revali's song Breath of the WildDuring the first phase, put the odds on your side by using the Duplex Bow which shoots two arrows at once and thus deals more damage. Use Cryonis to freeze him, then shoot some arrows at his eye. If he's hit enough, he'll fall down. Dash at him and hit him as much as you can with the Feathered Edge. Shield yourself from his shoots and his whirlwinds by using the main terminal, and repeat these steps to go to the second phase. This phase strongly looks like the first one, the main difference being that his attacks are harder to dodge. Now use the rising currents in the arena and shoot some Bomb Arrows at his eye. Two arrows should be enough to make him fall down. Run at him and hit him with the Feathered Edge. When it breaks down and you're short of Bomb Arrows, keep freezing him and shooting regular arrows at him until you're through with him! And if he starts to fire his red beam, protect yourself with Daruk's Protection and repel his beam back at him, which will also cause him to fall down.

After your victory, you meet Kass who composed a new song about Revali. A sequence shows Revali training to perform straight takeoffs and who gets visited by Princess Zelda. He agrees to pilot the Beast, then tries to fly again, this time performing perfectly. Zelda being in awe, Revali can't miss an occasion to boast around and warns the princess' knight! Then, you receive Revali's Gale + which now reloads faster.

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