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Urbosa's Song

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Urbosa's song Breath of the WildLast region: Gerudo Desert and Highlands! Travel to the Divine Beast Naboris, then fly southeast towards the East Gerudo Mesa to find another stone monument, as well as poet Kass. Upon getting close, the pillars reveal three other locations that you have to find and the Rito sings the verse his master composed:
"Lightning king of the desert. Naboris's Champion, the stalwart.
The hero's power shall grow. Seek trials monuments show.
One, fight the brute of the sand. Two, chase rings upon the land.
Three, throw the orb underground. Champion, trials abound!"

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildThen Kass says that Lady Riju told him about Urbosa, and so did the guard Buliara. Look closely at the places shown by the pillars to recognize the Vatorsa Snowfield, the desert west of Gerudo Town and the desert west of the South Lomei Labyrinth. Travel to the shrine next to Gerudo Town, enter the town still wearing your Gerudo clothes, then go to the palace to talk to Riju. Riju not being on her throne, talk to Buliara and ask her about the desert orb to learn it was stolen by the Yiga Clan and that it's probably in their hideout. Ask her as well where Riju is and she says she must be with her sand seal Patricia. Go left and talk to Riju. Ask her about the orb, and about Urbosa to learn that her diary was found and that she was friend with the Queen of Hyrule. Climb the stairs to Riju's room and read the diary next to the sofa. Urbosa says that the Queen of Hyrule suddenly died when Zelda was still a young child, and that later, she went with the Princess to a holy spring. Urbosa agreed to pilot a Divine Beast, and she and the other Champions were officially named. She also writes about her worries about Zelda and her relationship with Link.

Leave the palace, go rent a sand seal, then go west of Gerudo Town and look for a blue ring. Go through the ring, then through the following rings within the time limit to discover a new shrine.

Takama Shiri Shrine – Dual Purpose

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildGo ahead, use Magnesis on the metal crate on the left and make it slide to the right in front of the electric source, which lifts the bars at the back of the room. Wear the full Rubber Armor set, then go on the blocks to reach the following room. Step on the blocks, jump towards the electric source, then move the two blocks in front of the steps to the other side to lift the bars and reach the following room. There are some blocks and some metal crates arranged on three levels, as well as a light bulb all the way to the top right and another bulb at the back. Grab the block on the middle level and move it to the left while keeping it electrified. Then, move the crate on the same level to the right, then the bottom block to the right so everything is electrified, as the circuit on the ground is, which lifts the bars in front of the chest. Find a Royal Bow inside, then go back in front of the crates. Now, climb on the crate, move the middle block and crate all the way to the right, then jump towards this crate and climb on it. Climb on the top crate, stand in front of the bars, then grab this crate and move it all the way to the back (left). Then, move the middle crate so it touches the top crate, then move the middle block so it touches the crate, which will light the bulb and lift the bars next to you. Look at the monk's altar and receive a Naboris's Emblem.

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildTravel to the Misae Suma Shrine, put on the Sand Boots if you have them, then aim northeast, where numerous pillars are. You also spot some rising sand, which announces a trial: a fight against a Molduking! This monster looks a lot like a Molduga and so does the way to fight it. Climb on a pillar where you'll be safe, throw a bomb, then when it's going to it, make it explode to stun it for a moment. Then dash at it and hit it as much as you can, but be careful with its tail blows after some time. When it starts to move, you can freeze it for a little longer with Stasis. Repeat these steps until you defeat it, then a shrine emerges from the sand. Pick the weapons it left behind and open the three chests containing a Radiant Shield, a Golden Bow and a Royal Guard's Shield. Keep going southeast where the shrine appeared. Atop of the hill right next to it, Traysi saw your feat and would like to write an article.

Keive Tala Shrine – Big or Small

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildMake a few steps, notice the electric circuit along the left wall, the light bulb further and the metal crates on the right. Grab a crate with Magnesis and place it between the two boulders in the water to bring electricity to the circuit. Then, grab the other crate and make it touch the bulb, which will make the small platform rise, then place it on it. Now, grab the metal ball and place it to the right of the right bar. Go right again, generate an ice pillar between the two circuits, then backtrack, grab the great crate and place it on the ice pillar, which will bring electricity to the next part of the circuit and lift the bars in front of the monk. To reach the chest, look at the mechanism, then move the controller to place the four blocks in such a way that the circuit is in an unbroken straight line, which will lift the other bars. Take the Radiant Shield inside, then go to the monk who gives you a Naboris's Emblem.

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildTravel to the Sho Dantu Shrine, then go northeast. When you can't go on, climb higher and keep going northeast until you see a hole on the map, then glide below. The travelers Mils and Mina are waiting in front of the hideout's doors. Talk to Mina who knows that the Yiga stole the Gerudos' sacred orb and talk to Mils who says that the orb was hidden on the second floor. Enter the hideout, go left, carefully go forward and notice two Yigas in the room. Immediately stick to the left wall, climb it and get on the small roof where you've probably been during in your first visit. Then, jump on the planks and notice the orb in the back room. Go in the middle of the room, look at the Yiga, then fly to the corridor to the west, turn right, climb the ladder, go all the way to the back and take the orb. (There is a Topaz in the chest nearby.) Go back to the ladder, jump and go back to the room to the left. Hide behind the crates to the right, then when the guard on your left goes away, go straight ahead and stay close to the crates on your right. When the other guard goes away in the opposite direction, quicky go (but don't run) to the door to the right where you came from. Get out in the courtyard, go to the hole and throw the orb into the bottomless pit. A shrine emerges from the ground, while Mina and Mils rush at you and are horrified at your action!

Kihiro Moh Shrine – Inside the Box

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildClimb the steps and look at the room. Notice the four big orbs which are locked and the four small orbs of various colours, as well as the lantern groups with 1 to 5 lanterns in front of the containers. Then, look at the mechanism and rotate the box to count how many coloured orbs there are. When you're done, place the orbs in front of the lanterns dependind on their number and in front of the great orbs depending on their colour. (There is one pink orb, two green orbs, two yellow orbs and four blue orbs.) The bars being lifted, go down the slope, go right and notice the colourless orb high up. Go back to the mechanism and move it so its black side with no bars is downwards, then stand underneath it and use Magnesis on this side to move it and have the orbs fall down! Count the colourless orbs, then grab one of them with Magnesis and put it in the container facing the three lanterns, which raises the bars. Open the chest holding a Thunderspear, then look at the monk's altar and receive another Naboris's Emblem. He says you collected the three emblems and that you can go to the Divine Beast Naboris.

Travel to the Beast and get close. A voice tells you that a new trial awaits you, consisting in facing your memories. You then end up in front of Thunderblight Ganon and as weapons you only have a Scimitar of the Seven, an Edge of Duality and two shields, but on the other hand you have the four Champions' powers :-)

Thunderblight Ganon - Illusory Realm

Urbosa's song Breath of the WildLike in the first part of the adventure, he is the quickest and the most difficult boss of the game. During the first phase, protect yourself with Daruk's Protection to block his attacks. If he touches it, he will be stunned for a while, so dash at him, use Stasis on him and hit him with the scimitar. When he gets back up, keep on attacking him and if you manage to remove his shield, he will fall again and you'll be able to hit him again. Avoid his electric balls and repeat this technique two or three times to go to the second phase. During the second phase, like in the first fight, he takes off out of reach, generates some pillars that he sends near you and that he electrifies. Use Magnesis to grab one of those pillars and place it next to the Scourge so he zaps himself and falls down. Then he resumes his attacks like during the first phase. This time, don't use any shield or you would be zapped and you would drop your weapons. Keep trying to freeze him, then run to him and strike him. You can also use the Edge of Duality and perform spin attacks, but you have to be near him straight away. If he starts to fire his red beam, protect yourself with Daruk's Protection and repel his beam back at him, which will also cause him to fall down.

After your victory, you meet Kass again who composed a new song about Urbosa. A sequence shows Urbosa who gets visited by Princess Zelda and who accepts to manoeuvre the Beast. Urbosa tells her that the Yigas are trying to bring Calamity Ganon back. Then, they go for a walk out of the city and run into two male travelers. Urbosa recognizes the Yigas and fight them without difficulty. Then she talks to Zelda about her mother and tells her how much she is proud of her. Next, you receive Urbosa's Fury + which now reloads faster.

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