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The fifth divine beast

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The fifth divine beast Breath of the WildAs you come back to the real world, the spirit Maz Koshia congratulates you and says that the next part of your quest awaits in the Shrine of Resurrection. Kass says that the following verse should be written with Hyrule Castle in the background. Travel to the Shrine of Resurrection, then a voice says that you have to put the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to open the final passageway. So place the slate, then the ground starts to shake and you feel the whole shrine is going underground!

The door opens again and you discover a huge room, while Maz Koshia advises you to look for the map first. Go straight ahead to the Guidance Stone, get rid of the Guardian, and place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map. Take out the map and press A, then B to activate the gear system which starts to rotate (the gears emit an orange light). Climb on the gear dipping into the lava, go right, then enter the room to the right when the opening allows you to.

Fire room

The fifth divine beast Breath of the WildNotice a terminal behind the bars to the right, then shift the gears' rotation direction. Carefully go on the spiked roll, go by the flames, then step on the switch, which causes some orbs to fall into the lava. Change the rotation again, then use Stasis on the big gear in front of you so an orb falls into this gear's pipe. When the orb is roughly halfway through, change the direction, then when it's close to the exit, change the direction again so it falls into the container. Lift the orb, backtrack and place it in the pipe to your right, which will lift the bars. Fly to the orb, go left and look at the control terminal, which will undo a lock. Go back to the main room and get rid of the four Guardians.

Go to the room in front of the previous one, look above and notice a rotating metal part. Use Magnesis on this element, push it against the wall and place it into the hole shaped the same way, which will rotate some elements in the room to the left.

Thunder room

The fifth divine beast Breath of the WildGo inside, go to the middle and look at the metal piece rotating with the gear. Use Magnesis to draw this piece towards the centre of the room, then use the big gear to reach the stairs on the right part of the room. Again, use Magnesis to grab another metal piece from the ceiling, then assemble it with the piece in the middle of the room. The gear will then drag this central piece along and rotate the rest of the room. Go all the way to the back where another control terminal is and activate it, which will open another lock. By going back to the main room, you'll spot a chest on the wheel against the wall in front of you. Get on this wheel and get a Gerudo Scimitar from the chest. Go back to the main room and get rid of a Decayed Guardian.

The fifth divine beast Breath of the WildNow, there is a rotating wheel at the back of the room. Stay in the wheel in front of the room from which you came to go up, then glide towards the middle of the room where you can find a footbridge going across. Climb the ladder, go to the centre and get rid of a Guardian Scout III. Go to the northeastern corner, use Magnesis on the chest to your right and place it in front of you to find some Bomb Arrows. Use Magnesis on the metal piece on your right (near where the chest used to be), take it from its place and assemble it with another metal piece to your left (same height). Then, use Magnesis on the metal piece to the left (the one that received the other piece) and pull it to the right so it gets in the gear on the right wall, which will cause another gear to rotate. Go down the ladder next to you and enter the room which is now reachable.

Wind room

The fifth divine beast Breath of the WildClimb the steps in front of you, climb the ladder, then fly to the platform in front of you. Climb the ladder and turn around towards the giant fan. Take out the map and change the rotation so the fan blows the other way, then glide and let go on the moving platform. When you're on the right side, use Stasis on the centre of the fan to freeze it, then fly to the control terminal at the back of the room. Look at it to deactivate another lock. Then, go left, jump below, get rid of the Guardian, and open the chest containing a Swallow Bow. Change the rotation again, freeze the fan, then go back to the main room.

Climb the ladder and get rid of the Guardian Skywatcher (at the very least destroy its three propeller blades to make it fall down). Get close to the gears on the opposite wall and notice some stone parts on the cogs of this gear against the wall. Take out the map, change the rotation, then use Stasis on one of these stone parts so it drags the gear to the right along which will lift a platform hanging by some chains. Quickly jump onto this platform, then jump through the opening towards the remaining room.

Water room

The fifth divine beast Breath of the WildGo down the ladder, then use Cryonis to generate an ice pillar below the lower part of the central element, which will rotate it. Then, go right, get on the platform, then once you're high enough, glide to the corridor on the left side. Go ahead, get close to another element and notice that its ends can be freezed with Stasis. Stand facing the back of the room, freeze the end closest to you, then hit it 3-4 times with the sword to rotate this element, which lowers the water level in the room. Fly to the chest, find a Zora Spear, then go to the other side of the room. Step on the switch, which causes a lever and a metal ball to appear. Grab the ball with Magnesis, place it on the other side of the lever, then go away and step again on the switch to make the ball fly at the element, which causes the water level to rise! Generate an ice pillar to your right, climb on it, then jump to the control terminal. Activate it to unlock the last lock, then go to the right and go back to the main room.

Go left, use Magnesis on the great gear and pull it to the left to place it into the wheel against the wall. The wall opens and lets you discover the monk Maz Koshia's altar. Look at the altar, then the monk congratulates you, stands up and asks you to face the final trial. You warp and end up on a huge round arena outside, then Maz Koshia appears and gets ready to fight you!

Maz Koshia Guide

Phase 1

Monk Maz Koshia Breath of the WildMaz Koshia sports a great number of attacks and he is very fast! Choose an armour with high defense, select a powerful sword and a solid shield. So always be on the move to avoid his attacks, protect yourself with your shield and try to hit him or reach him with some arrows. You can use Stasis, but try not to use the Champions' powers, they'll be more useful later on. On the other hand you can take off and use your bow when he's throwing balls at you like the big Yigas do. After losing a quarter of his life bar, you go to the next phase.

Phase 2

The boss decides to make about ten clones of himself who won't hesitate to attack you all at once! You can choose to focus on the true Maz Koshia or to hit them all. To locate the true one, use the Camera Rune and quickly go through them, but don't waste too much time. Don't hesitate to use a multi-arrows bow and to shoot quickly at them when they're standing in line. You can also use Revali's Gale to get out of reach and shoot at them. After losing half of his life bar, the next phase begins.

Phase 3

Monk Maz Koshia Breath of the WildThe clones trade places with a giant Maz Koshia! Avoid his projectiles and be careful not to fall down when he's tilting the arena. Use Daruk's Protection when he's firing his red beams at you and try to repel them back at him at the right moment, then use Stasis, dash at him and summon Urbosa's Fury to deal a maximum of damage. You can also shoot some Shock (or Ice) Arrows at his head. Once he's lost the three quarters of his life bar, it's the last phase.

Phase 4

The guiding monk stops hovering and sends mini-guides at you, but his attacks are similar to those of phase 3. Focus mainly on him, repel his beams back at him to make him fall down, freeze him, then perform some spin attacks with a powerful two-handed weapon to deal huge damage.

After your victory, your reward emerges from the creature, it is the Master Cycle Zero!

Upon getting out, Kass is waiting for you and suggests you hear the last verse of his song: it is called "The Champions' Ballad". As Kass is singing, you remember the ceremony during which the Champions got established by the King at Hyrule Castle. Then, in the gardens, the Champions are talking about the still mysterious Sheikah Slate. Mipha suggests to take a memorable group picture :-)

Then, Kass gifts you with this group picture that he found by searching his late master's papers. Then you hear Zelda's voice who witnessed all your feats and invites you to go face Calamity Ganon.

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