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Hateno Village and Hateno's Ancient Tech Lab

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Hateno Tower

Hateno Village Breath of the WildOnce arrived there, shoot a fire arrow at the brambles on the tower. Start to climb it and shoot another one or two arrows to burn more brambles and reach the top. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map of the area, then fly northeast to resume your way. At the crossing, signs point to Hateno Village on the left and the Horse Riding Centre Ruins on the right. Keep going to Hateno. If you ever meet Teli, a traveller with a gray bun, talk to him. He says you can sell ancient materials found near Guardians for a good price. Soon after that you finally reach your destination!

Hateno Village

Go around the village and talk to the inhabitants. There are a clothing shop "Ventest Clothing Boutique", a general store "East Wind" selling food and arrows, the "Kochi Dye Shop", and the Ton Pu Inn. Talk to Medda in his field who tells you about the Lanayru Heights and the Spring of Wisdom where the princess used to go. At the south on higher grounds are located a group of new-looking houses and a shrine. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and enter...

Myahm Agana Shrine - Myahm Agana Apparatus

Myahm Agana Shrine Breath of the WildClimb all the steps then take a look at the terminal on the right. The goal is to move the ball on the plate to make it go all the way to the left. Once in the corridor in front of the goal, tilt the plate on the left, then right before it falls down, adjust it slightly to the right so the ball jumps above the hole and gets to the container further. To get the chest on the plate, tilt it heavily to the left, get away from the terminal, then go back to the start, go straight ahead, then follow the corridor in which the ball went. At the end, run, jump, take out the Paraglider and grab the edge of the plate. Pick up a Phrenic Bow in the chest, then go in the opposite corner and hover towards the ball's container. Take a look at the Sheikah Symbol and the monk Myahm Agana gives you another Spirit Orb.

Go between the houses, cross the bridge and talk to the workers. Pick up the Iron Sledgehammer if you need it. Talk to their effeminate boss and tell him you want to buy the house. He offers it for 3000 rupees and 30 bundles of Wood. On the other side of the village are located two mills, an inn and some other houses. Enter the "The Great Ton Pu Inn", go upstairs and talk to the young man, who travelled a lot. Get out and go right. Next to a donkey, a young man is in love with the receptionist and wants to give her something... Go up the path behind the two mills, then follow the signs pointing to the Ancient Tech Lab, and go in.

Hateno's Ancient Tech Lab Breath of the WildHateno's Ancient Tech Lab

Talk to Symin who notices your Sheikah Slate and studies it, then he introduces you to the director Ms. Purha. Talk to the Lab director who says she took you to the Shrine of Resurrection 100 years ago and turned into a little girl after a failed experience. She proposes to give your Sheikah Slate its basic runes back, but in order to do so you have to light her furnace with the village's furnace's blue flame. Get out, pick up the Sunshroom behind the house, as well as a Farming Hoe and a Farmer's Pitchfork if needed. Go back to the village. Along the way you can meet a young woman, Ralera, who tells you about her birthplace Lurelin Village. West of the inn is a big house with a goddess statue against a wall. Go to the bedroom of this house and read the book which tells the Baked Fortified Pumpkin's secret recipe.

Hateno's Ancient Tech Lab Breath of the WildBehind this house you meet the village chief Reede, then a bit further the antique furnace is hidden. Place a Wooden Arrow on your bow, tip it into the fire, then shoot this arrow at the lantern behind you to light it. Then do the same from this lantern to light the one next to the tree on the other side of the river. Cross the river, then put a Tree Branch on (blue) fire. If you don't have one, chop a tree, and if it's raining, you'll have to wait for the weather to clear up! Run towards the mill (without dashing) and light another lantern behind it. Go up the path with your tree branch on fire, light the lanterns along the way and go back to the Ancient Tech Lab. When your branch breaks, chop other trees to get more branches. When you light the fire in the Lab's cauldron, this one is acknowledged as a warping point.

Hateno's Ancient Tech Lab Breath of the WildGet in and talk to Purha, the "Guidance Stone" is functional again. That way, the Sheikah Slate receives the "Camera", "Hyrule Compendium", "Album" and "Sheikah Sensor" runes. Then take a picture of Purha and show it to her, she tells you about the other pictures in the album and suggests you to go back to see Impa. And after that, you can bring her some Ancient materials. Read the two books on the table next to her which tell you more about the slate's runes, then warp to the shrine next to...

Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village Breath of the WildGo back into the house of Lady Impa, talk to her and show her the pictures in your album. She gives you the mission to find one of the places on those pictures to help you get back your memories. Leave her house and talk to the man next to the statue. He'd love a picture of the Fairy Fountain. Go back to the shrine nearby, then climb the path to the right until you see a gigantic plant in front of you. Climb the mushroom-steps and take a look at the plant. The great fairy Cotera needs 100 rupees. Pick the Silent Princess flowers, some Endura Carrots, and try to catch one or two Fairies. If you don't have 100 rupees, go back to the village and sell some food at the vegetables shop, then come back here. Give 100 rupees to the fairy for her to make an explosive appearance and she suggests to improve your clothes. For 5 Bokoblin Horns, she will enhance your Hylian Trousers. Take a picture of the fountain, then go back to the village and show the picture to Pikango. He recognizes one of your pictures and shows you the way to Mount Lanayru and the Naydra Snowfield. Go back in front of the shrine, then climb the path to the left, go to the edge and look below. You see a huge lake along with two shrines.

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