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Lanayru Wetlands and Zora's Domain

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Lanayru Wetlands

Lanayru Wetlands Breath of the WildAlign with the closest one, jump and fly over there. Fight the Lizalfos, then pick up their Lizal Boomerang, Lizal Spear, as well as their Lizalfos Talons and Lizalfos Horns. Walk to the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and get in...

Daka Tuss - Sunken Scoop

Get close to the pool, use Magnesis to catch the bowl in the water and place it under one of the orbs. Then lift it and make the orb fall into the container on the left. The bars on the right rise. Go ahead, get close to the second pool and notice a switch at the bottom of the water. Come back left, seize the bowl and bring it to the other room. Use it to catch an orb and make it fall onto the closed cage on the right. Now put the bowl on the switch in the water, which opens the cage and makes the orb fall into the container! Come back left again, jump into the empty pool and open the chest holding a Silver Longsword. Go back into the second room, jump into the pool and go up the slope. Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Daka Tuss gives you another Spirit Orb.

Lanayru Wetlands Breath of the WildGo north, cross the log bridge and you arrive in the Goponga Village Ruins. Avoid or fire arrows at the "electric wizzard", then find 50 rupees in a chest. If you want, pick up a Rusty Halberd and/or a Rusty Claymore. Be careful if there is a storm, unequip your metallic weapons or you would attract the lightning! Go on northeast, cross another log bridge, and another two ones. Then head east, let the big Hinox be, and cross another bridge. You'll get hailed by Tona, a water creature, who asks you to go see his prince Sidon. He's on Inogo Bridge, upstream from Zora River. Then go northwest and after passing on bridges on stilts, you're hailed by Tottika, another Zora. He says to go eastwards and go up the Zora River. Go on northeast, read the signs and go right towards Zora's Domain. Talk to Douma, a traveling salesgirl. You may also meet a dark-skinned woman, a Gerudo. Keep going east, attack the Lizalfos and take its Throwing Spear, its Lizalfos Tail and everything else. Pick up some Zapshrooms, then fight or avoid another Lizalfos and pick up its Knight's Broadsword. A shrine is located close by. Climb the wall on the left to reach it. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and get in...

Soh Kofi - A Minor Test of Strenght

Lanayru Tower Breath of the WildThis is a fight against a small but quite tough Guardian. Perform jump attacks and fire shock arrows. When it destroys a stone pillar, it is a bit stunned so take advantage of this to rush at it and strike it. Sometimes it spins around and is also a bit stunned when it stops. Get away quickly when it fires its red or blue circular beam. Finally, pick up its Guardian Sword, its Guardian Shield, as well as its ancient materials, then go ahead and find a Knight's Bow in the chest. Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Soh Kofi gives you another Spirit Orb.

Lanayru Tower

Before going on, you may wish to active the local tower. To do so, climb a bit south, put on your climbing clothe(s) (specially if it's raining), then run, hover over the river and climb the wall. Head towards southwest, fight off or avoid the enemies, then climb towards the tower. Go up the high ladder, then hover to the tower. Climb it to the top, then place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to get the map of the region. Next, hover northwards where you come from.

Lanayru Great Spring

Zora Spring Breath of the WildFinally, you reach Inogo Bridge where you meet Prince Sidon. Very enthusiastic, he congratulates you, tells you about Vah Ruta, the Divine Beast of water and asks you to go to Zora's Domain. Sidon gives you an Electro Elixir. Cross Inogo Bridge, then follow the path going up with the help of the lanterns. Beware of the Octoroks throwing rocks that you can get rid of by firing arrows when they are in the water. Cross the river twice while walking on rocks, then Sidon calls you out again.

Keep going up, beware the falling rocks, and fight the Lizalfos. Then, go up to the left to avoid a group of electric arrows-shooting Lizalfos which can make you drop your weapons. Go on the path again and keep going along the river so you don't get lost. Sidon calls you out quickly again. When you spot some more Lizalfos next to a fire, you can throw a round bomb at them, have it blow up next to them, then quickly attack them. Next to the fire on the right, pick up three Roasted Bass, then cross the Oren Bridge. Sidon roots for you for the upcoming things.

Lanayru Wetlands Breath of the WildFight the Lizalfos, get some strenght back next to the fire, then climb some more. Look at the shiny stone engraved with the words of Dorephan, king of the Zoras, then fight or avoid other dangerous Lizalfos. A bit further cross Luto's Crossing, then after Sidon's words, avoid or fight the Moblin and pick up its Moblin Club. Go ahead, when the path is splitting, you can do a little sidetracking to the right to read another engraved stone, then go back and climb to the left. Carefully go forward, pick up the Lizal Fork on the left if you want to. Avoid or shoot a few arrows at the wizzard, then look at another engraved stone. Keep going up and then the path is going down. Attack the Moblin, pick up its Moblin Spear if you want to, fight the next one, then look at the engraved stone on the right. Carry on your way, cross another long bridge and you finally reach...

Zora's Domain

Zora's Domain Breath of the WildPrince Sidon welcomes you with his great smile ^^ Talk to the two guards, then to the other Zoras. There is a shop "Marot Mart" and a Zora blacksmith. In the "Seabed" inn, talk to little Finley who would like to send a letter to the Bank of Wishes. Upstairs, talk to Seggin, a rather unfriendly zora sergeant who wants to drown Ruta in Shock Arrows. As others Zora do, he holds a grudge against you for what happened 100 years ago. Left to the group of three Zoras, pick up the Zora Sword and the Zora Shield.

Finally climb the great stairs and talk to the Zora King Dorephan. He's surprised that you don't remember his late daughter Mipha and tells you that his Domain is threatened by Vah Ruta, the Divine Beast of water. You then tell him that your goal is not to defeat this beast but to calm it down so it joins the Hyrule forces. Then he gives you the Zora Armor! After Muzu and Sidon left, go down the stairs, meet them on the plaza and talk to them. You then have another memory, of a moment spent with Mipha. Put on the Zora Armor which fits perfectly and talk to Muzu. The elder says there is a monster (a Lynel) which shoots Shock Arrows at Mount Ploymus overlooked by Shatterback Point and you'll need at least 20. Sidon will wait for you at East Reservoir Lake. Down the stairs is located a shrine. Pick the Fleet-Lotus Seeds around, as well as a Razorclaw Crab and a Silver Longsword. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal and enter...

Ne'ez Yohma Shrine - Pushing Power

Ne'ez Yohma Shrine Breath of the WildSome balls are falling down following a certain pattern. Notice the container on the right, as well as a luminous orb all the way to the top. Climb until you reach the orb while avoiding the big balls. After that, the big balls should stop falling down. If you want what the chest holds (a Zora Spear), climb on the footbridge on the side, go down, then come back over there. Go down the slope and use the Cryonis Rune to create an ice block between the two platforms near a blue laser beam, then create another block lower below the left platform. Go back to the orb and create an ice block behind it to make it fall down. Break this ice block, then reach the orb, create a block beneath it to rise it up and make it go down along the platforms and the blocks. If some big balls are blocked, you have to push them aside to make them fall down. Then create a block further down against the triangle-shaped platform so the orb can't roll to the right. Create an ice block under the orb to make it fall below, then another one to make it fall (if everything goes well) into the container! Phew! Look at the Sheikah symbol and the monk Ne'ez Yohma gives you another Spirit Orb.

Go back upstairs, then follow the path on the right. From the signs, go left, enter a pond and go close to the waterfall. Press A to climb it! Do this twice more to reach the top. Pick up the Shock Arrows in the tree to the left, then keep going left and climb to Shatterback Point. The Lynel is here! Its arrows being too devastating, keep it to picking the ones stuck into the trees and the rocks to have at least 20 of them. Then go back to the waterfall and go down by hovering. At the bottom, go left and climb the many stairs to reach the...

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