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Pieces of Heart

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Here are the locations of the 12 Pieces of Heart on Koholint Island. As in most Legend of Zelda games, four Pieces of Heart make one Heart Container.

piece of heart Mabe Village
Jump into the well west of Mabe Village (A11)
piece of heart Mabe Village
Fish for the big fish on the right, northwest of Mabe Village (B9)
piece of heart Mysterious Woods
Get out of the Mysterious Woods to the east and use Roc's Feather (E5)
piece of heart Mysterious Woods
[Power Bracelet required] In the Mysterious Woods, enter the cave in C7 and throw the skulls away (C7)
piece of heart Mabe Village
[Pegasus Boots required] Blow up the wall east of Mabe Village in G9, go up and blow up the right wall (G9)
piece of heart Yarna Desert
Blow up the north wall in the cave beneath the quicksand in Yarna Desert (O13)
piece of heart Angler's Tunnel
[Flippers required] To the east when leaving Angler's Tunnel, dive in the middle of the pond (O3)
piece of heart Kanalet Castle
[Flippers required] Swim from the north of Kanalet Castle towards southwest and dive in (I8)
piece of heart Animal Village
[Hookshot required] In the Animal Village, in the cave to be blown up to the east, bomb the north wall, throw a bomb at the cracked stone (press the Bomb button twice), then go around using the Hookshot (N13)
piece of heart Witch's Hut
[Pegasus Boots or Hookshot required] South of the Witch's Hut, go downstairs, then right, and blow up a block (F8 - exit in G8)
piece of heart Tal Tal Mountain Range
After crossing the broken bridge in Tal Tal Mountain Range, walk down the stairs under the bush, bomb the bottom wall and go right (H1)
piece of heart Turtle Rock
In Turtle Rock (see the walkthrough)
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