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Pieces of Heart

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Here are the locations of the 32 Pieces of Heart on Koholint Island. In the GameBoy versions, they are only 12. As in most Legend of Zelda games, four Pieces of Heart make one Heart Container.
Pieces of Heart shown in italics are only available on Switch.

The numbers indicate the order in which the pieces can be obtained (more or less, according to certain choices).

Mabe Village

  • 1. Jump into the well west of Mabe Village (A11)
  • 2. At Mabe Village, at the Trendy Game, pay 10 rupees to play
  • 3. North of Mabe Village, pay 10 rupees to fish and fish a simple fish
  • 4. At the same place, fish for the big fish on the right (B9)
  • 5. At the Bazar, to be bought for 200 rupees
  • 15. At Mabe Village, at the Trendy Game, there is a second piece to catch after catching four figures

piece of heart Mabe Villagepiece of heart Mabe Village

Mysterious Forest

  • 9. [Power Bracelet required] In the Mysterious Forest, enter the cave in C7 and throw the skulls away (C7)
  • 24. [Hookshot required] In the Mysterious Forest, in a cave behind three rocks, use the Hookshot to reach the piece of heart

piece of heart Mysterious Woods

Koholint Prairie (and Dampé's Shack), Tabahl Wasteland and Cemetery

  • 6. Get out of the Mysterious Woods to the east and use Roc's Feather (E5)
  • 7. [Roc's Feather required] In Tabahl Wasteland, in the northeast corner of the graveyard (south of Dampé's)
  • 14. [Pegasus Boots or Hookshot required] South of the Witch's Hut, go down the stairs surrounded by rocks, then go right. Blow up the cracked block, then use the Pegasus Boots or the Hookshot to reach the rock to the far right (F8 - exit in G8)
  • 16. At Dampé's Shack, pass the "1 shovel" challenges (4 first tests of dungeons' creation) to get the heart piece
  • 29. At Dampé's Shack, pass the "2 shovel" challenges (8 first tests of dungeons' creation) to get the heart piece

piece of heart Mysterious Woodspiece of heart Witch's Hut

Ukuku Prairie

  • 10. [Power Bacelet required] In Ukuku Prairie, in the cave located to the north when getting in the field through Mabe Village
  • 11. [Power Bracelet required] In Ukuku Prairie, go to Seashell Mansion when you found 5 seashells
  • 12. [Pegasus Boots required] East of Mabe Village, just to the right of a row of trees, blow up the wall, destroy the stones thanks to the boots, and blow up the right cracked wall (G9)
  • 13. [Pegasus Boots required] In the northeast corner of the Pothole Field (near Richard's Villa), throw a bomb near the heart to destroy the bushes, then dash and jump above the holes
  • 20. [Flippers required] In the underground tunnel leading to the Animal Village (to the northwest of this village), dive above the heart

piece of heart Mabe Village

Martha's Bay

  • 21. [Flippers required] In Martha's Bay, swim in the lake towards the mermaid's statue, then a bit more south. Dive above the heart to fish it out
  • 28. [Boomerang or Fire Rod required] In the south part of Martha's Bay, there is a spot with bushes and a set of stairs. Throw the Boomerang at the bushes to cut them, run and jump to get over the holes, go down the stairs, then pick up the heart in the water

Animal Village and Yarna Desert

  • 17. At the Animal Village, to the north of the houses near the entrance, go around by the right side
  • 18. In Yarna Desert, in the cave beneath the quicksand, blow up the north wall (O13)
  • 23. [Hookshot required] In the Animal Village, blown up the wall located northeast, get in the cave, bomb the north wall, throw a bomb at the cracked stone (press the Bomb button twice), then go around and use the Hookshot (N13)

piece of heart Yarna Desertpiece of heart Animal Village

Kanalet Castle

  • 22. [Flippers required] Get into the water from the north of Kanalet Castle, swim towards southwest and dive near the bridge (I8)

piece of heart Kanalet Castle

Tal Tal Heights, Rapids Ride and Ancient Ruins

  • 19. [Flippers required] To the east when leaving Angler's Tunnel, dive in the middle of the pond (O3)
  • 25. [Hookshot required] At the Rapids Ride, pay 100 rupees and choose the item trip, surf to the far left, then as soon as the raft goes down, cling to the roots on the left to ride along the left wall and reach the platform where the heart lies
  • 26. [Hookshot required] At the Rapids Ride, pay 100 rupees, choose the race against time and finish the trip in less than 45 seconds. Use the Hookshot to cling and ride faster
  • 27. [Hookshot required] North of the Ancient Ruins, get into the water, swim towards northeast and get into the cave. Use the Hookshot to reach the heart piece

piece of heart Angler's Tunnel

Tal Tal Mountain Range

  • 8. [Power Bracelet required] At Tal Tal Mountain Range, get in the cave located behind three rocks (right of Mount Tamaranch), go right, jump, break some crystals and push some stones to reach the piece
  • 30. After crossing the broken bridge, walk down the stairs under the bush, bomb the bottom wall and go right (H1)
  • 31. [Hookshot required] In the Mountain, west part, after getting through the rock falls, go left, jump down, and go to the far west
  • 32. In Turtle Rock (see the walkthrough)

At Dampé's Shack, pass the "3 shovel" challenges (12 first tests of dungeons' creation) to get a heart container!

piece of heart Tal Tal Mountain Rangepiece of heart Turtle Rock

Thanks to Maella, Snow09 and Samchi for their information!