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They are very useful to carry potions, water, fishes, bugs, small fairies (not those in foutains)...

  • The first bottle is given by Kotake after finding her sister in the Lost Woods   >> To the walkthrough
  • 3DS: After saving Koume in the Lost Woods and beating the Woodfall Temple, go back to the Tourist Centre and talk to the witch. Play her game and hit at least 20 targets
  • After winning the race at the Goron Racetrack outside the village (just after defeating Goht)   >> To the walkthrough

Another victim of Skull KidAnother victim of Skull Kid

Ready... go...Romani won't have to worry now

  • 3DS: When you have the Troupe Leader Mask, on the 2nd day morning, go to the inn, in the back room on the 2nd floor and talk to Gorman on his bed wearing this mask. He's desperate by the fact that his performance at the carnival has been canceled and asks you to bring him some special milk prepared by his brothers. Go to the Gorman Track in the afternoon, talk to his brother next to the fence (always with the mask) and buy some Mystery Milk for 50 rupees. Now you have two minutes to take this milk to Gorman without the Song of Soaring. Call Epona, gallop to Clock Town, return to the inn and talk to Gorman again. Give him the milk bottle to cheer him up and he thanks you by handing you over the bottle!
  • N64: After defeating the ghost under Ikana Graveyard with the help of DampĂ© the Gravekeeper, the night of the 3rd day   >> To the walkthrough
  • After giving the Special Delivery to Mama directly to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar   >> To Anju and Kafei chapter

You need to master the zora swimming to have a chance to win!Your detective talents are rewarded!