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Fairy Fountains and special Fairies

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Fairy Fountains

Go to a fountain to regain all of your energy hearts. You can also take one or several fairies in a bottle.

  • Capturing a fairy in a bottleLost Woods: At the end of the Sacred Forest Meadow, climb on the ladder facing the stairs, then go down into the hole.
  • Kakariko Graveyard: There are flowers in front of one of the gravestones in the first row. Pull this stone, go down and blow up the wall at the back.
  • Hyrule Field: West of Hyrule Castle, there is an island, blow up the rock there and get down into the hole.
  • Zora's River: With Adult Link, go on the Magic Bean, jump on the platform on which you can see a stone circle, then destroy the large rock with the Megaton Hammer.
    You can also access it with Young Link: With the hen, go behind the block on which is the hole leading to the Fairy Fountain, jump with the hen to reach a platform at the bottom of the block, with a ladder that leads to the top of the block. Finally, blow up the rock in the middle of the stone circle.
  • Zora's Domain: Go on the platform where a Zora is standing near the entrance, and play the Song of Storms.
  • Gerudo Fortress: Find the four crates in front of the first row of houses. Stand behind the ones on the right and play the Song of Storms.
  • Desert Colossus: South-east on the map, there is a drained oasis. Climb on the rock right next to it and play the Song of Storms.

Special Fairies

Those fairies are a little bigger than the small fairies we can find in pots or in the Fairy Fountains. Pink in the N64 version and yellow in the 3D version, they fully restore your heart containers and magic meter when you touch them, but can't be "caught".

To find them, you need to play the Sun's Song (or the Song of Storms) when Navi moves towards the ground and becomes green (and you can see some kind of sparks - only in the 3D version???). Here are their locations:

  • At Lake Hylia: On the small island where two steles are (between those steles) (Sun's Song)
  • At the Forest Stage (in the Lost Woods): After beating the two Deku Scrubs (Sun's Song)
  • In the Lost Woods: Next to the path leading to Zora's Domain (right, left, right) (Song of Storms)
  • In Hyrule Field: Near Lake Hylia's entrance, place a bomb in the middle of four fences (Song of Storms)
  • In Hyrule Field: Between the Kokiri Forest's entrance and the Zora's River's one, notice a twinkling in the river (Song of Storms) - only in the 3D version???
  • At Zora's River: In front of Zora's Domain's entrance, on the Triforce symbol (Song of Storms)
  • At Kakariko Graveyard: In the Royal Family's Tomb, near a skeleton (Sun's Song)
  • On the way leading to Goron City, near the wooden post (Sun's Song)
  • In the Ice Cavern: In the first square room of this mini-temple (Song of Storms)
  • In Gerudo's Fortress: Near the stove (Song of Storms)
  • In Gerudo's Training Ground's entrance hall (Song of Storms)
  • In the Shadow Temple (1st visit): In a small room with a Beamos in the centre (which contains the fairy) (Song of Storms)
  • In the Shadow Temple (1st visit): In a huge room with several guillotines, play the Song of Storms on a platform where a Stalfos is
  • In the Shadow Temple (1st visit): In a room with two Redeads, after the room with the fans (Song of Storms)
  • In the Shadow Temple (1st visit): In the mini-boss room (where the Hover Boots are) (Song of Storms)
  • In the Shadow Temple (2nd visit): In a room with a Like-Like (after the room with the rolling rocks) (Sun's Song)
  • In the Shadow Temple (2nd visit): In the room with the four Armos statues (next to the mini-boss one) (Sun's Song)
  • In Ganon's Tower: In the Spirit Room, where the Beamos was, after detroying it with a bomb

You can also play the Song of Storms near every Gossip Stone to make one fairy appear.