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Pieces of Heart

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Here are the locations of the Pieces of Heart. Like in most of the Zelda games, four Heart Pieces will create an additional Heart Container.

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Young Link


  • A stout lady has lost her dog. Leave the village, then at night, come back, and look for the white dog near a booth in a corner of the plaza, then bring it back to her (it will follow you). She lives in the back alley, the door faces you.
  • [Bombs required] Go to the Market and play at the Bombchu Bowling Alley (the building near the stairs leading to the second floor). You can win, among other things, a Piece of Heart.
  • At night, play the Treasure Chest game (the building right to the left of Link when you enter the Marketplace), the first prize being a Piece of Heart.
    Tip: Once you got the Lens of Truth, use this item to see the chests' contents before you open them.

Lon Lon Ranch

  • At the south-west end of the ranch, there is a small stone house. Get inside, move the crates to find a hole in the wall and take this passage.

Lost Woods

  • [Saria's Song required] Turn left when you enter the Lost Woods. Stand on the stump and play Saria's Song.
  • Go right from the entrance of the Lost Woods. Go down the ladder, climb onto the stump, and repeat the songs several times.

Kakariko Graveyard

  • The goron urn spits a Piece of HeartDuring the day, pay attention to which graves the boy stops in front of. Leave the village, wait for nightfall, and as soon as the skeletons appear, go back to the graveyard, speak to the gravedigger, and make him dig where the boy stopped, but only on the ground (not on the pavement).
  • At night, pull the grave in the middle of the second row (which has 7 graves in it), go down the hole, move forward, get rid of the ReDead, and play the Sun's Song in front of the wall.

Goron City

  • Light all the torches of the lower level to make the central urn spin. Go up one floor and throw Bomb Flowers into the urn. If the urn stops at the right time, you get a Piece of Heart.

Kakariko Village

  • [Hylian Shield required] Climb to the summit of Death Mountain and speak to the owl. Once on the roof, slowly climb down to the right and jump on the roof of the coop. Take the passage into the neighbouring house.

Hyrule Field

  • [Bombs required] Go all the way to the south near Lake Hylia, in a place surrounded by fences. Place a bomb in the middle, drop into the hole, then defeat the Deku Scrub and pay it 10 rupees.

Zora's River

  • Take the cucco near the entrance and bring it to the place where you can see the heart on your right and where there is a ledge in front of you. Stand so you face the ledge, then jump towards it and throw the cucco right before reaching it so you can grab the edge of the ledge. Then use the Boomerang or jump towards the platform.
  • Thank you frogs!Pick up the cucco near the entrance, go to the tall fence and throw the hen onto the other side. Walk round the fence by crossing the river, take the cucco back, head towards Zora's Domain (throw it once again and cross the river) and follow the path up to the platform facing the one where the Piece of Heart is. Fly to it thanks to the hen.

Zora's Domain

  • Go to King Zora, light a Deku stick, then go back down and light the torch at the bottom of the stairs. Then, light another stick and rush to light the torch in front of the shop, then the one in the water past the fish corner, and finally stay close to the wall and go behind the waterfall where there are two more torches. The Piece of Heart will appear in a chest.

Lake Hylia

  • Go to the pond (east on the map) and catch a 10 pound fish.

Gerudo Valley

  • Take the cucco, go to the end of the bridge and turn right. Jump, go ahead, and go behind the waterfall. Climb the ladder to find the Piece of Heart.
  • Lift the cucco, go to the far left of the cliff, and jump towards a ledge on the other side. Break the crate by rolling against it or using a bomb.

Zora's River

  • [Song of Storms required] Turn back into a child, stand on the branch in the water to meet the frogs, and play this tune for them.
  • After getting the heart mentioned above, still as a child, make the frogs appear and play five different songs for them. Use your ocarina again and help them eat the insects by playing "A, left, right, down, left, right, down, A, down, A, down, right, left, and A" (A for the green frog, L for the blue frog, R for the pink one, and Down for the yellow one).
    Advice: For each new song, the frogs will give you a purple rupee (50 rupees), so take advantage of this to buy Magic Beans from the merchant.

Adult Link

Attention! to get the Pieces of Heart marked with an (*), Young Link must have planted a Magic Bean nearby.

Kakariko Village

  • The reward for destroying 50 Golden Skulltulas is a Piece of Heart.
  • Go to the Medicine Shop, take the left corridor, then go ahead to the edge of the platform, looking at the roof of the house in front of you where a man is sitting. Use the Hookshot to grab the bottom of the roof and talk to the man.

Kakariko Graveyard

  • Pull the grave of the left row with flowers in front of it. Talk to the gravedigger, run after him, then go quickly into the dark corridor, play the Song of Time in front of the blue block and go on. Once inside the Mill, jump on the rotating blades, then jump on the platform where the Piece of Heart is.
  • [Longshot required] Race again against the gravedigger in less than a minute. Once in the last room, use the Longshot on a torch to save time.
  • * Climb on the beanstalk and break the crate.

Death Mountain Trail

  • * Go to the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern, climb on the beanstalk, then jump towards the Piece of Heart.

Death Mountain Crater

  • Touch the bottom of the pool and talk to the old man[Goron Tunic required] From the entrance at the top of the mountain, go straight on to the edge, then go down along the wall. When you see the alcove with the Piece of Heart, go round it to get there from the bottom. This heart can also be reached by using the Magic Beanstalk.
  • * Climb on the Magic Beanstalk and jump on the high platform that holds the Piece of Heart.

Lake Hylia

  • * Climb on the Magic Beanstalk, then jump on the roof of the Lakeside Laboratory and climb the ladder.
  • [Golden Scale required] Go to the Lakeside Laboratory, dive into the pool and touch the bottom. Then, talk to the old man.

Zora's Fountain

  • Jump from one ice block to another until you reach the Piece of Heart east on the map.
  • [Iron Boots required] Swim to the platform where Lord Jabu-Jabu used to be, put on the boots, then pick up the Piece of Heart at the bottom of the water.

Ice Cavern

  • From the entrance, go straight ahead, then to the right and melt the ice surrounding the Piece of Heart.

In Master Quest: From the entrance, go into the most northwest room. Place a bomb on the ground near the frozen switch to activate it, which melts the ice around the Piece of Heart.

Hyrule Field

  • Play the Scarecrow's Song and hang on to Pierre[Iron Boots or Golden Scale required] Upon leaving the market, turn right and keep going in this direction until you almost reach the borders of Hyrule. Place a bomb near the lone tree, jump down, put on the boots, and take the Piece of Heart.

Gerudo's Fortress

  • Look for a big chest on the roofs of the left fortress. Go on a neighbouring roof and play the Scarecrow's Song.
  • Win at the Horseback Archery Range.

Desert Colossus

  • * Climb on the Magic Beanstalk and just before it goes back, jump on the rock arch where you can see the Piece of Heart.