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Young Link's trading sequence - The Masks

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When you meet Malon, the little girl, she will give you the "Curious Egg". This object is the first one of the trading sequence of young Link. Later on, Zelda will give you a letter and it will open the Mask Shop at the Market Place.

Curious Egg Curious Egg / Chicken On the way to Hyrule Castle, Malon gives you the Curious Egg to help her find her dad. The next morning, the egg becomes a chicken that will wake up her dad.
Zelda's Letter Zelda's Letter At Hyrule Castle, Zelda gives you Zelda's Letter to help you in your mission.
Keaton Mask Keaton Mask At Kakariko Village, show Zelda's Letter to the guard near Death Mountain Trail. He asks you for a mask. Go to the Mask Shop and borrow the Keaton Mask.
Skull Mask Skull Mask Wear the Keaton Mask and sell it to the guard, then go back to the Mask Shop to buy the Skull Mask.
Spooky Mask Spooky Mask Go to the Lost Woods, turn left, climb on the stump and put the Skull Mask on (you need to know Saria's song at this moment). Go back to the Mask Shop and pick up the Spooky Mask.
Bunny Hood Bunny Hood Go to Kakariko Village and talk to the little boy in the graveyard while wearing the Spooky Mask. Go back to the Mask Shop and take the Bunny Hood.
Mask of Truth Mask of Truth After getting the three Spiritual Stones, go back to Hyrule Field and go right of Lon Lon Ranch. Run around the ranch until you find a runner (by day or night) and follow him until he sits on the ground. Wear the Bunny Hood and talk to him. He will buy the mask and fills your wallet! Go to the Mask Shop one last time and buy the Mask of Truth.

With the Mask of Truth, you can get information from the Gossip Stones, these big stones that tell the time when you hit them.
Once you obtained this mask, you can trade it with other masks (Goron, Zora and Gerudo), and test them in many places.