Skyward Sword tips and tricks

Hero mode

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After winning the final fight, the game will ask you if you want to restart a new game in Hero Mode.

Be careful! If you restart, your save will be overwritten. If you want to collect the Heart Containers, the Gratitude Crystals and all the things you missed, you should refuse and copy your save on another slot. Then fight again the final boss and this time restart a new game which is a little bit different...


  • the Skyward Strike is instantly chargedThe hearts and the heart flowers don't exist anymore; however they'll be back if you carry a Heart Medal
  • Some dialogues are modified
  • All the cutscenes can be skipped
  • All of the visions of the Sheikah Stone are available at the beginning of the game
  • The enemies are stronger and deal X2 damage
  • Goddess Sword: the Skyward Strike is quickly charged (in normal mode, it is slow)
  • Master Sword: the Skyward Strike is instantly charged (in normal mode, it is fast)
  • The oxygen gauge empties twice faster when swirling
    (An Air Potion + counters this problem)
  • No hearts are available during the Boss Rush of the Thunder Dragon
  • The Boss Rush has a total of 12 bosses instead of 11
  • At the end of the game, Groose is not at the same location. He stays near his catapult and can send you to the different mini games in the Sky or on the Surface


  • Hero mode completed = Triforce added!You keep all of your treasures of the previous game, the item upgrades are thus much easier to buy
  • You keep all of your insects, the potion upgrades are thus much easier to buy
  • You keep all of your records you made in the mini games including the Thunder Dragon challenges
  • You keep your game time; on the main screen and also when asking Fi
  • You keep your enemy defeated counter; Fi gives the total of the two modes
  • When you finish the Hero Mode and you save, a Triforce appears on the slot