Skyward Sword walkthrough

Originally written by Ariane, translated by Le Pourpre and reviewed by Sarah

This text doesn't contain all the optional actions of the game. Sections like the Goddess Cubes, Pieces of Heart and Treasures can be found in the Tips and Tricks pages.

What does the Zelda's Palace's walkthrough teach us?

A big thank you to Sanitarium026 for the pictures!

Note: The directions "north", "south", "east, "west" always refer to the map.

*** BEWARE! If you play the game without an internet connection: A serious bug that can force you to start the game all over again has been found. It's at this moment (looking for the three dragons) that it can happen. So save your game before starting searching for them. SPOIL:
At this moment you have to look for 3 elements, at first glance, in any order, but if you choose by accident the wrong order (that is starting with Lanayru), and that you talk to the old Goron again just after finding the first element, the bug takes place. What happens exactly? Some cutscenes won't go off and you won't be able to get the result of these three elements. But if you started with Lanayru (which I did - it seemed to be the most logical choice to me) but that you don't go back to the Goron, you can go on without any problem, the bug won't happen.
Thanks to those who let me know, especially Aurélien and Alex for their clarifications.
In January 2012 a Wii channel corrected this bug.