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Isle of Songs, Nayru's Silent Realm and Lanayru Sand Sea

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Isle of Songs

Isle of Songs Skyward SwordFollowing Fi's suggestion, get back to the Isle of Songs and get inside the tower. Perform the Skyward Strike while aiming at the Goddess' symbol, then Fi will repeat the Goddess' message:

He who seeks the Sacred Flames, listen well, for I guide you from my place at the edge of time.
Two Sacred Flames remain. Should you desire to possess them, you must obtain the other three Sacred Gifts.
For each trial you overcome, you shall be blessed with another gift
Harness the power of these gifts, and let there be no doubt you shall find yourself standing before the majesty Of the Sacred Flames.
Now I give you another melody. It will serve as a key, to unlocking your next trial, which awaits you within the shifting sands of Lanayru Desert.

You just learnt Nayru's Wisdom! Thanks to Fi, you can now detect the gate of the trial in Laynaru Desert. Leave this island and get to...

Laynaru Desert - North

Laynaru Desert - North Skyward SwordChoose the "Lanayru Desert - North Desert" Bird Statue, then jump down and get close to the place with a slight pink aura and butterflies, north of the Lanyru Mining Facility. Play your Harp to make a circle show up and follow the rhythm to make the rosette appear while Fi sings with her beautiful voice. Then thrust your sword into the mark to get warped to Nayru's Silent Realm, which will test your wisdom. Like you did earlier, you receive a Spirit Vessel which needs to withhold 15 Nayru's Tears.

Dash straight ahead, pick up the first tear on the stairs, then a fruit a few meters further. Go right, climb the vines, go to the other side of the tower, climb the vines and pick up the second tear on top of the building.

Laynaru Desert - North Skyward SwordAlso pick the Dusk Relic, along with another fruit, then go down three "floors" to the west side. Jump towards the green beam to pick up the third tear, then jump to the ground, climb back on the wall in front and pick up the fourth tear in front of the generator. Get back to the door of the Mining Facility, go to the other side and jump down on the crate underneath to collect the fifth tear. Jump again south, pick up the Light Fruit on the wall next to the three cages, then climb on this wall and pick up the sixth tear. Jump left, push the cart, then climb on it to climb on the cage where the seventh tear is. Jump to the ground, go southwards, pick up another Dusk Relic, then go west, climb on the very long wall, then run until the end of this wall (south). Perform a rolling attack against the tree and pick up the eighth tear. Go left (east), jump to the ground between the guardians' lanterns and dash southeast towards the ninth tear. Pick up the fruit next to you, then go back towards the Mining Facility, climb on its wall from the east side, then climb on the crate to get the tenth tear.

Laynaru Desert - North Skyward SwordNow head to the Desert Warehouse and notice the two carts on the right. Go to the farthest cart, climb on it, then climb on the wall and pick up the eleventh tear. Then jump near the first cart but not too close! Be careful not to touch the Waking Water, so as soon as it gets away, quickly push twice the cart and draw back, then push it twice again and draw back, then finally push it twice, climb on it and jump towards the twelfth tear. Go on northeast, climb on the wall and pick up the thirteenth tear. Then jump west, climb on another wall, still being careful not to be detected by the guardians and pick up the fourteenth tear at the end of the path. Finally, jump towards the beginning entrance, then go east and pick up the fifteenth Nayru's Tear! Get back to the rosette to get the Clawshots, the second relic left by the Goddess! Fi says that you now have both the spiritual strength and the artefact necessary to infuse the sacred flame into your sword, and this flame must be in a place that you never visited yet.

Check the desert map with the 15 tears

Go next to the wall on your right to test your Clawshots. Aim at the target and shoot with the Clawshots to be drawn to it. Climb on the wall and open the chest which contains another Dusk Relic. Now head southwest, towards the Bird Statue called "Lanayru Desert - West Desert". Go right, climb on the cart (or aim at the target further), follow the path along the wall, then jump on two or three flat rocks. Aim at the target above you on your left, get drawn, climb and get in the passage.

Lanayru Caves

Laynaru Caves Skyward SwordGo to the circular room and meet Golo, another Goron interested in history, who is studying the legend of the three dragons. He heard about Lanayru's Flame in the Sand Sea and will give you a Small Key to get there! Read the three information signs and open the chest which contains a Monster Horn. Fi says that you can steal the Horns from Bokoblins' belts using your Whip! Refill your bombs, then aim at the target over the locked door and open the door. Get in the tunnel.

Lanayru Sand Sea

Lanayru Sand Sea Skyward SwordFi tells you that a long time ago there was water as far as the eye could see and that this precise place was an ancient harbour. Shoot the Clawshots at the target to the right, then at the one to the left, at another to the right and at a last one to the right. Let go, walk down the slope, then fire the Clawshots at the target to cross the gap. Take a look at the Bird Statue in front of you, then go straight ahead on the old pier and hit the Timeshift Stone on the boat so that a small area comes back to life.

Talk to the small robot behind you, which is called Skipper and is the proud captain of the boat protecting Nayru's Flame! He adds that some pirates attacked his boat to steal the Flame, that they locked his crewmates away, and that his ship made to protect the Flame can become invisible at will. Accept to help him retrieve his crew and he will tell you that he owns a sea chart at home. Set sails! After giving you instructions and the position of his house, put a mark on the map with "C", then sail towards west. When you are getting close to the rocks (check on your map), sail around them from the south, and land near the pier.

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